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Christmas in the rearview mirror

WARNING: The following post contains explicit family pictures and videos, some of which may not be appropriate for non-family members or other non-parent followers. Non-parental guidance is suggested.

We all have been busy here in 3D the past 10 days. But the family has gone home. The decorations are down and put away. The tree is by the curb. Which brings us to that special time, the customary Christmas summary.

Our Christmas holiday was a special one this year. My wife and I  both agreed it was a great memory: like taking a step out of time, and the hustle and bustle, for some pure joy, fun and relaxation. So I wanted to offer a picture post summarizing some of the joys that made our Christmas special for us.

Christmas this year started the weekend after Thanksgiving when we decked the halls and dressed the tree…


By the following week we were practically ready to welcome Santa.

Christmas 2012 005The joy of the Holiday actually started the week before Christmas. I had a vacation from work that week. So we decided to make an impromptu trip to the zoo one day to see how the animals were going to celebrate Christmas.

IMAG0416We had a great time, as you may have seen, visiting the animals from around the world…


By the end of the week, with Christmas only a few days away, the girls were getting pretty excited.


Who does she get this need for attention from we frequently wonder?


Mom says it isn’t much of a mystery.

The Friday, Saturday and even Monday before Christmas the girls received very generous and thoughtful boxes, if not crates, from their two very extra special grandmothers and families.The girls and I are very fortunate to have you in our lives. Really!

Also, the weekend before Christmas my family checked in to our Bed and Breakfast; the REAL Santas. The kids didn’t seem to mind too much.


Christmas eve the girls each had a wee small part in our church’s youth Christmas message. Its OK girls, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t have any speaking lines in his first movies and he did OK for himself.

After church we came home, had some snacks, then sent the kids to bed. We told them Santa may visit here later that night. He may even leave them some presents. And that good little girls and boys would be asleep when he arrives…


Christmas morning started calm enough. The girls actually stayed in bed until 7:00am.

That really was NOT me playing with a Winks Club doll!

But then Grandma and Grandpa woke up and the excess began!


Dylan just got wiped out opening so many presents that morning from Santa, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents.


The girls got some GREAT clothes, especially dresses this year.



Plus a very special ‘pretend’ dress…


She just told me she looks all grown up in that picture. OMG! Slow down Dylan, slow down!

Two days after Christmas the girls got to wear some of their fantastic new outfits for my parent’s 53 anniversary dinner. They enjoy looking pretty!

Later that week we crammed everyone in a car and made it to our local Festival Of Lights displays at a county park…


The girls ‘ooo’ed and awe’ed’ even though it was a bit chilly…


So we got out of the car and stood by the fire and warmed some marshmallows..


OK they might have had a hard time reaching their stick over the coals. But after a few s’mores and some marshmallows the girls were all sugar primed and ready to have some fun.


So, all in all, the girls had a memorable time it seems. They were all smiles and never looked cuter…

DSC_0346        DSC_0418

The kids and Santas were all smiles and definitely not disappointed this year!

That is until today…when we had to finally put our tree by the curb.

Everyone here in 3D hopes you had a memorable Christmas too. We extend our best wishes for your best new year yet!

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22 thoughts on “Christmas in the rearview mirror

  1. Thank you Nadia. These girls are getting heavier every day too! …and cuter, you’re right. I know this New Year has big things in store for you. I can’t wait to read about them. All the best…

  2. I hope your Christmas was memorable too. Wishes for the best New Year to you too Ms. Angie! Make it a good one! Thanks for dropping by…

  3. The girls are getting more beautiful by the day. Loved the pictures and really enjoyed reading up on your adventures. Happy New Year!! 😀

  4. Awww the Christmas photos are lovely ^_^ and Happy New Year !

  5. We did and thank you. We hope you did the same! Although now I have nothing to write about. 😦 I see what you say about our kids, and they are, and thank you. It reminds me of your guest post last year. ~ It was # 3 on the all-time best seller list here at 3D! Happy New Year my friend!

  6. Absolutely PRECIOUS! Your kids are just so adorable. I say it everytime, but they are *melting*

    Glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas, Andy! 🙂

  7. aw, no, I feel you will do great by her. Just that line shows that much!!

  8. And, its true, the oldest a ‘Daddy’s Girl’. But as I look at the future I don’t worry about her letting me down so much as myself letting her down.

  9. AHAHAHA good realization 🙂

  10. Working on the Charm. I gave up on the Luck…

  11. AHAHAHA the “booty” phase will stay there sometime! And the cupcake phase is a life time thing; but I know what you are going through. I saw my father and now my brother going through it. It’s hard to watch them grow up and independent, but for me no matter where or who I am, I will always be daddy’s little girl. And with pride. Daughters are usually like that.
    But another thing is true, you will need a lot of charm and luck to make it through with them! 😉

  12. Gull, they are growing up right before my eyes! I see it every day. And now they think it is funny to “shake their booty”! What’s a dad to do? Each day I see them older and older in their faces.

    ~ Thanks for the welll wishes Ms. Gull! I hope you have a very healthy and super happy 2013 as well. PS….my girls can’t get enough cupcakes…..I’m just saying….

  13. oh, and let me tell you this, girls grow up too fast!!;-)

  14. hey, great posts, and such cute pictures.
    Also, happy New Year!!
    Stay blessed!! 🙂

  15. Wishes for great health for you and your family and all the happiness you can handle Karen. I will catch you next year…

  16. LOVE! Peace & good health to you all for 2013 and always! Happy New Year, Andy!

  17. Christmas is about the only time we use the fireplace all year. Kinda another family tradition I guess. Its where all the wrapping paper goes so we don’t overflow the trash can. Lisa, thanks for dropping by. Warm wishes for a very healthy and happy New Year.

  18. They are too cute! (yes, I made it past the warning:) )
    …and that fire is awesome!

  19. Thank you for the well wishes Mei! I can’t wait to see what the New Year holds too. I hope 2013 fills your hopes and blessings and everything that is important to you as well. Keep up your great work!

  20. It was a special day and week. ~ I was just checking out the wings on this Winks doll to see if they would stay on during some heavy duty playing. She did OK! Happy New Year SSM! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Happy New Year Andy, hopefully in the coming years you and your family be happier and be more successful.

    All best,

  22. What wonderful memories! Don’t worry about the Winks Club doll – we won’t tell! Love the natural Santa, too – nothing like family to fit the bill.

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