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Skylar gets her first wedgie!

OK you guessed it by now…this is not about Skylar getting her first wedgie at all. But the title did get your attention.


It was her second wedgie. Actually we have been having tons of fun these last few nights, practicing our wrestling and our tickling and then outta nowhere last night, Skylar got her first wedgie. (Shhh….Mom was out of town last night)

Th first night was so funny. She didn’t know what it was or what to do. She just had a bewildered look on her face as she wondered what that feeling was. ~ I hardly laughed at all….

OK. I am a terrible Dad. So terrible in fact that when Dylan walked in the room moments later that night…she got her first wedgie too.

I never mention our youngest child as often as Dylan. For one, she is still profecting her talking. She may not be quite as smart as Dylan, yet, but I imagine she could do a lot of what they are going over in D.’s Kindergarten right now.

of course, she may still have a few things to learn

of course, she may still have a few things to learn

But she is as cute as could be. She is super friendly and loving. She has to give every one a kiss good bye. If the nanny leaves without saying good bye to Skylar, and Skylar doesn’t give her a kiss, Skylar will start to cry!

She can be quite a character at times. I don't know who who gets that from?

She can be quite a character at times. I don’t know who gets that from?

But Skye is a beautiful girl, chock full of some lovely Mediterranean features. She gets so tan in the summer I swear she can literally tan through windows.


She is really going to be the heart breaker one day! And a big source of daddy losing sleep in about 10 years.

...and  smile that could melt the poles

…and smile that could melt the poles

Wait. What am I talking about. Skye and Dylan were up at 3:45am Thursday morning looking to color. I lost two good hours right there!

So, while I have really not much to talk about this week I wanted to give a shout out to our adorable Skye. We love you! …you stinky booty-dooty butt!

No, I'm just Skylar!

No, I’m just Skylar!

Happy Good Day Skylar!


Happy Weekend to YOU out there!

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14 thoughts on “Skylar gets her first wedgie!

  1. They both are beautiful and happy girls! You and the Mrs. are definitely doing something right in spite of the wedgies!

  2. She is just precious! Love the pictures and her posing. You sure have two beauties there! No question you will NOT sleep at all with those two. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • They are going to be gorgeous and SMART…smarter than me I am afraid. What’s your secret to keeping yours on the right path in their teens? I may need you on speed dial here in a few years. Hope you are having a fun weekend Maria! Thanks for dropping by….

  3. Wedgie? revenge is sweet, time to pull that mustache!
    Very good pictures, she looks great.
    Let me guess, she wants to know why water aint coming from that one, and then it splashes while shes looking.

    • AuAu, you must have been the older big sister that kept getting in trouble, Ms. Revenge. You know if she would read this she would do it! I think she was looking for the water in that picture. Too funny…but that comes from a guy who likes giving his daughters wedgies….it wasn’t a BAD wedgie though. 😉 I hope you are having a great weekend Ms. Aurora! Thanks for stopping by…

  4. Hahaha, only a goofy dad would come up with this post! So cute!

  5. Thanks Luanne. it was all harmless and funny at the same time. I don’t devote enough space to our youngest girl so I thought this was a way to highlight her. Thanks for being goofy along with us! Have a great week!

  6. Both your girls are adorable. But, now that you’ve talked about their wedgies on a public forum, be prepared for revenge once they’re older. 😉

    • Sandy, I a soft-spoken round about way here I am getting flack from many ladies about giving the girls wedgies. Wedgies must mean something way more to ladies than what I grew up with. Its just somthing guys to do to each other. It was ment to be tongu in cheek but is this too far out of line? You are not the first comment that mentions revenge.

      • I assume by ‘wedgie’ you mean drawers up one’s bu…yes? But, now that you’ve explained it, It sounds like you are providing the girls with their wedgie….which, yes, I’ve seen guys do this to each other.
        By revenge, I merely suggested that, since you made the girls’ wedgies (in either an accidental-creeping-up or a purposeful tug from you) a public event that they will remember this in years to come. Kind of like taking a bad photo of your kid and telling his/her prom date about it 15 years later.

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