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Christmas Light Park

I  mentioned a festive week. How about a Festival of Lights?

With family in town and the great outdoors begging us to get outside for some Christmas cheer, last night we decided to take the kids to our James Island County Park ‘Festival of Lights‘ show.

This is our local version of the drive through light show. It is something the kids look forward to every year. For some reason they were looking forward to toasting marshmallows more than ever before.

20137This year we did the drive through as well. but, with the kids yearning for some s’mors we quickly parked the car and headed for the fires and some marshmallow toasting.

FireWe did. We melted. Our lips and fingers got awfully sticky.  So we set off to see what else we could see.

You know what? I think this Christmas light park is really for kids….

20134So we rode the carousel a time or two. We found the customary Hot chocolate and laid plans to see what else we could conquer….

hot chocolateIt was a comfortably cool night and so we decided to do something we had never attempted before…the walking path light show….

walk this wayThe bright and colorful lights were inviting. The night was young. We had our hot chocolate…and our cell phones cameras and so off we went in search of more adventure!

WP_20131226_025There was the usual fare for picture ops…


We found a gingerbread house we could get in….

Gingerbread house

We even found a dolphin among the land-locked light show…

We found some wonderfully lit trees…

201317and then we found a light display that actually talked to us. Take a listen….

…just in case you have not heard Mannheim Steamroller enough this month.

the display really caught your attention as you walked on by.

Our trail took us to a fifty ton pile of sand that was cleverly sculpted into…

sand castle

..Santa’s Castle. The kids seemed to enjoy the glorified sand castle a little…

sand Castle w D

As the path led back towards the start we came upon a giant Christmas Card display or contest from area school students. I have to admit….they are better than me at this….

Middle school

and a take off on our area’s Shrimp and Grits….

Shrimp and Gifts

and another that offers ‘Season’s Greetings from our shores to yours’

our shores to yours

All in all it was a nice night out. The walking path light show is one we have not done before so that made the whole night a bit more interesting this time too.

And MOST importantly, the kids seemed to really like the lights too, despite our repeated “No’s” to “Carry me, Carry me!


….its a Griswold Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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28 thoughts on “Christmas Light Park

  1. Thanks Amy. Merry Christmas to you and your crew as well. And a bright and healthy New Year, new horizons for you.

  2. Come join us anytime Sandy!!! it is a lot of fun especially when you get out and walk around( I think I owed you a reply) Merry Christmas Sandy!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Preetttttty!!! I want to come to the Christmas Light Park.

  5. Thanks! Right now, here in Boston, it’s a balmy 10 degrees. The forecast is for two days of snow. Thank goodness I have snowshoes to get around – lol.


  6. Happy Holidays to you Ms. D Anna! I hope your New Year is very special and bright!

  7. Happy Holidays!

  8. Nancy just tell your husband that Christmas ever felt like the perfect summer evening on our patio when the sun went down. Their was a faint breeze and about 70 degrees. Perfect to just sit out there and read a book or something Plus we know the best Realtor! 🙂

  9. Hah – my dear husband is ready to move south now! This is especially true when his Mom tells him that she is still sitting out on her patio at 5:30 am and enjoying a cup of coffee. As much as I don’t really mind the cold weather, I wouldn’t want to be outside at 5:30 am in it.


  10. Thank you Ms. Lisa. I hope 2014 is a great one for you as well! thanks for your support this year!

  11. So we are practically neighbors! I hope she enjoys the James Island area. Some nice areas around there. When you guys get tired of the cold and need a thaw come this way..I hope you two both a Happy and Healthy 2014 as well Nancy! Thanks for your support this year

  12. We live in the coastal state of South Carolina in the US. Do you have an English version of you website? It looks great!

  13. Hi,

    It really is a small world! My mother-in-law just moved near James Island and she was raving about the Christmas light display. She has driven over to see it about 4 times so far.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.


    P.S. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014!

  14. I will follow you…where are we going? 🙂 Thanks for following my blog Ms. Gil! Have the Best New Year!

  15. Thank you Ms. FPW! It was a fun night and looked forward to sharing it. Thanks for dropping by!

  16. Well I can carry you Maria but I think I may have to throw you over my shoulder. Maybe we can hook up Santa’s sleigh instead. …you would get a better view that way! it was a fun outing Maria. Perfect temp. Lot to see and ALL the girls were in good moods (I was the only male once again). I hope you have a big and bright New Year! I am looking forward to hearing all about it…..Merry Christmas week!

  17. Beautiful post and photos!

  18. Carry me, carry me! I like to be carried when we go on walks. Or, I take my wheel chair! hee,hee. I think I weigh a little more than your girls though, or so my husband says. Sounds like a fun outing. 🙂

  19. Strollers! Brilliant!
    My pleasure. Thanks for having me! 🙂

  20. oh. Oh. OH.

    GO HEAD…laugh.

    One can not put the shrimp and big G together in front a southern lady and not expect it to read GRITS. I live on the Outer Banks of nc where we think we can out shrimp in everything …including grits. 😀. And gifts. Also read about your fantastic news!!!!! Great things to come in 2014!!

  21. Ms. Karen we were talking, at $15 per car to enter the park and a line of cars further back than the eye can see waiting to get into the park, we may just create our own park next year! No reason why you guys can’t do it too. Right? Put those teens to work! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Karen and a bright, healthy and happy 2014 to come! Thanks for dropping by!

  22. Shrimp and GIFTS…but hey, no reason why you can’t get your grits on for your gift down here! Happy Holidays Ms. Lisa! I hope you had a bright one and a bright New Year to come! Thanks for stopping by…

  23. Well please come and visit us next year. We would be happy to show you around. And planning ahead we may even think to bring some strollers too. Happy Holidays Parenting Is funny! Thanks for dropping by…

  24. Wow, Andy! Wish we had something like that near us. What a great holiday place to visit. Very cool!

  25. I’m sorry….I applaud the pics. They were gorgeous.

    All I read was shrimp and grits. As a tried and true southern girl….your are talking to my SOUL BRUTHA!
    Hello. I can cool the hello outta them….

    Happy holidays my friend and to you and yours. A sweet family indeed.

  26. That place looks great. I wish we lived near it. Our kids would love it. And the youngest would undoubtedly be begging us to carry her too!

  27. Wasn’t that an amazing oak! Heaven know how many strings of lights it would take to get an oak glowing like that. but worth it. And then you could hook up a song to it1 🙂 Thanks for dropping by SSM! Have a good night!

  28. What a magical evening! That tree is magnificent, just what we’ve been threatening to do to our giant oak trees every Christmas. Wonderful to hear the glee in the girls’ voices…excellent post, Mr. 3D.

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