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Have you heard about the change the Optometrist s are trying to make?

They want to change the term 20/20 to something else when you are seeing well.

Cause who wants to see 2020 again?

We usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, as some long time readers might know.

But this year…..Covid restrictions and all we decided to just stay home.

We decided to research our ancestry a little bit imstead.

Low and behold it turns out I have royalty in my blood some how.

I uncovered this picture in my research ….

What do you make of that?? Who would have thought?

There’s not a lot of information on the picture but what does my great great great great grandfather look like?

A Barron?

A Lord?

A railroad tycoon?

It’s crazy thinking what or who this guy was.

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