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Who is 3D

Welcome to Life in 3D; Daddy Day Dare (3D).

Do you think you can handle two brand new little girls without any training or preparation?

Well that’s how I felt.

Through running in circles and trial and errors, getting fussed at, sometimes you just have to laugh. So I fumble through this blog to share some experiences and get some help! Hopefully you can find this site entertaining, amusing, and maybe a reminder that we all share the same story. Its fun and surprising and more than a few times embarrassing.

Climb on and enjoy the ride!

That’s my crew above.  They look innocent enough.  My daughters are 2 3 now 8 and 4 5 and 10 years old. The girls enrich me and are the joy of my life.

But it doesn’t mean it is always easy.

That is what Daddy’s Day Dare is all about.

In Our Life In 3D I will tell you how I cope, share some hilarious things leaving these kid’s mouths in ‘DYLANisms’, talk personal finance to fund these girls education, eccentricities, as well as ideas on how to become a millionaire (I was a Financial Advisor),  talk some fitness so I can maintain some energy to keep up with them, and hopefully offer some videos and an occasional picture or two that illustrate my predicament.  Wait and see what pranks they concoct for me next.

Thanks for dropping in!

And please offer any comments, ideas, or tips you have.

(This pic appears to be about 6 years old by now)

Cause they have all aged..

but me!  🙂

(I am older than dirt now)

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87 thoughts on “Who is 3D

  1. Thanks Carolee. I started the blog when I was on leave and enjoyed writing creatively. When the girls were young they said such cute things for blog fodder. Now that they are older I’m busy again and all they can do is sass me. 🙂 So there are less things to write about. I’m still working on my Christmas post, speaking of busy. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to your creative writing too.

  2. Carolee Croft on said:

    Thanks for visiting my author site! I’ve seen a lot of mom blogs but not so many dad blogs, so this is exciting. Looking forward to hearing more about your family 🙂

  3. What a lovely site! Your family is beautiful. I’m enjoying your adventures shared here and excited to dive in more!

  4. That title sounds familiar actually. Will check it out more closely when I settle from travelling…enjoy your day 🌞

  5. I was in Columbia, SC many years ago. Loved the weather! I’m travelling tomorrow morning, making my way via car, ferry, bus, plane, then train to my folks back in Maine. It will be a wonderful adventure for myself and my two oldest children.

    It would be great to meet one day…I’ll have to look up those posts as well as the others that caught my eye while visiting you. Sadly, it may wait until I return in a week and a half as preparing and packing need all my attention right now!

    So lovely to chat with you and just know there will be many more conversations in our future!

  6. We live in Charleston, SC, arguably a town with as much US history in it as any. Yes, we try do have fun, or write fun. You can find more about our town as well as our trip to YOUR island on the right hand margin in the section under TRAVEL. So glad you visited and along for the ride Melissa! We should pencil in a date for our families to meet one day … anything for an excuse to visit the land you now call home again.

  7. So happy to be a new follower of yours! I think you have fun here and I love fun 😀 Where in the world do you write from? Cheers, Melissa

  8. Thanks for your kind words Ms. Kash! They are quite ‘adorable’ (sometimes) They are truly miracles in our eyes. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. You have adorable children. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.
    Happy travels !

  10. Hello Dylan! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #9! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging!

  11. What a surprise and an honor! Thank you so much for this nomination Ms. Ale’s Mom. So you are the one that actually reads my blog, huh? I am humbled to think someone may think my stuff is award worthy. Thank you, thank you thank you! You have me smiling!

  12. Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Come and check it out! http://runningafterale.wordpress.com/?p=1388&preview=true&preview_id=1388

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  14. Hi Andy! I’ve got another award for you.:) I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership award! Thanks so much for all your support over the last few months. Your comments and feedback really mean a lot! For details on the award, check out my post here: http://donzwebb.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/wonderful-team-member-readership-award/

  15. You’re welcome, Andy!

  16. TYou make me smile Ms. Donna! Thank you so much for your nomination and support!

  17. Hi Andy! Thanks for being such a great blogger friend.:) I nominated you for the Shine On award! Keep up the good work! http://donzwebb.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/shine-on-award/

  18. You deserve the “Shine on Award” http://turquoisecompass.com/2013/12/15/shine-on-award/
    Congratulations! -Jessica

  19. That is maybe my best Comment ever! Thanks Anna! YOU are one of the funniest ladies I know on the WP and motivate me to do a better job. I always look forward to your posts. I hope your sister is feeling better. Mine was so easy, compared to what you make it out to be in your head. I feel guilty calling it cancer. I am sure your sis had a much harder time with it. Thanks again Anna! Looking forward to your next one!

  20. For some reason, I wasn’t able to comment on the blog post you sent me about being immortal … so I came over here. I feel terrible that I missed this whole prostate cancer CRAP! Get it? I know you do. Dang it … I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through. I just read them all and I’m caught up. Please hang in there and keep the humor going … you’ve just GOT to. I enjoyed every post—although I was cringing for you in so many ways. Grr. Keep writing!

  21. I have to check out your Blogzone. I see that at other’s sites and I still don’t know what it is. Just one’s Blog roll? I enjoy your posts and creative /innovative approaches to fitness. With some aging shortcomings these things are important! Thanks for all your good work Mike! ..and dropping by 3D.

  22. Just added you to my WordPress Community Blogzone (blogroll) at Farm Your Training Day. I should’ve done that a long time ago!

  23. Outer Banks is on our list! We have been trying to go there for years! You might want to fly the couple and families down to a Sandals in St Lucia and skip all that other stuff. Let them do the cooking…its an all-inclusive. Although at a Sandals it may not be that less expensive. But you won’t have to go crazy with the details…https://ourlifein3d.com/2013/09/08/postcard-from-st-lucia/ I am sure your wedding will be dazzling! When is the date?

    What a beautiful town.
    Outer banks here my friend!

    Save BIG NOW…big. This event has become just that. An event. For everyone else but us. The justice of the peace is looking better and better all the time with a McDonalds drive thru! Is evenake them both wedding rings out of a French fry……

  25. Bring some of your sunny Turquoise! 🙂

  26. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment. Good to know! I will let you know if I am in the area.

  27. This made my day Ms. Jessica! Thank you so much.Its glad to be part of your family here in WordPress. It seems like your experience on WordPress is just getting started. …lots of nice people to meet. And good luck in your travels. I am looking forward to reading them. We are here on the east coast in SC if you make it this way. Thanks again my friend!

  28. Hi again Ms. Lisa. thanks for the kind words. If I can answer any financial questions for you I will try or if you just want to bounce one of your good ideas off someone. Your oldest’s wedding, huh? Yes, I just started another DRiP account for our two and their wedding. I hope it has a nice long time to grow! Looking forward to following you; nothing more intriguing than a southern gal on the coast. Although I think I read you are from the North..
    Carolina. I am down along the coast in SC in Charleston. Good luck with that wedding! Cheers to you!

  29. Thanks for the follow Andy! I am loving your blog. Especially the financial area. I need all the help I can get. My next blog actually is on money with the upcoming nuptials of my oldest daughter..lol..so I found it interesting reading through your posts.
    Thanks again and I like to follow back…SO…CHEERS!

  30. Congratulations! I am excited to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the WordPress Family Award! You can read the article here: http://turquoisecompass.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/the-wordpress-family-award/ Thank you for helping making my WordPress experience a positive one!

  31. Thank YOU Ms. D-Anna for dropping by and following our 3D. Drop by anytime for a smile or to say Hello. I think you will fit right in here as I am trying to raise two models, er……..’Princesses’ of my own. I’ld welcome any tips you can think of. 🙂 Thanks again!

  32. Thanks for following my blog and I adore yours!

  33. and has anybody asked th question on your blog, What happened to Coach Brady? We / I so miss him!

  34. Thanks EyeDoc, I will check that out? I may spend too much time there right now! Where are you from in PA? We grew up in Hanover, snack country. Here is a silly pic of my JoePa parapheniella from a bowl trip to Orlando several moons ago. https://ourlifein3d.com/2013/01/11/toys-in-the-attic/andyforsale/ Thanks for dropping by and following!

  35. Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW, I also have another blog dedicated to Penn State at http://psulionsden.wordpress.com/ if you’re interested.

  36. Thank you Ms. Wayfarer. This may be just what I need to get back on track again, after I get past this obstacle. I will read it and consider. Please don’t hesitate for any more coaching and cheerleading. Sometimes that’s all we need!. All the best to you as well and thanks for dropping by and saying Hello!

  37. Thx for the like on my About the Wayfarer. VIBRANCE and CARPE DIEM are what come to mind here. Good for you! In light of some of your posts on physical health, I thought you’d take to these:



    Are you familiar with the title? Will transform your running physically and mentally.

    Cheerleading your way. Thanks for your time.

  38. Hey B! So glad to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my family. I know its not alwasy easy looking at someone else’s kids. 🙂 I have always enjoyed meeting different, interesting people from far away…so stay close! Thanks for commenting… 🙂

  39. Came across your blog and it looks rather interesting!! Good luck raising your gorgeous girls..!

  40. Thanks Ms. Sherrey! I enjoyed your post and am a big fan of Don’t We Look Alike. My girls and her’s share the same theme. Come back soon!

  41. Thanks for stopping by my book blog and “liking” the post on Two Hearts by Linda Hoye. Love the photos of your family and what you’re about here.

  42. I am glad I found your blog Mama! Its nice to know someone else goes through these things too. You too…don’t be a stranger and thanks for dropping by!

  43. Hey there! Thank you for following my blog- I hope you’ll swing by again soon! Peace Mama!

  44. Mine is ‘Desparately Strong Like Susan’

  45. Great! The title for mine will read, *Susie Strong* 🙂

  46. I’m in! I was actually doing a post on the status of my cancer so Susan Strong will fit right in there! Great Idea!

  47. Hi Andy,
    Would you be willing to participate in something we are doing for Susie Lindau on Friday morning? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible. My thought is that we all post on our own blogs on Friday with the same title, “Susie Strong”. The content would say something simple like, We are thinking of you. I haven’t known Susie for long but this blogging world is such a family. I thought it would be nice for her to see this message from as many of us as possible. Her husband is going to be updating us after her surgery. He can tell her or she can see it once she is up to it. Are you in? Thanks, Maria aka brickhousechick

  48. MikeW on said:

    Great blog and good phrasing!

  49. Hello Mr. 3D,

    Thanks so much for the recent blog follow. It has led me to your blog, which I am now following.

    Your little girls are so cute. They are lucky to have such a wonderful Dad as you.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Happy blogging 🙂


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  51. Thank you Dr. Lynn! You’re a big inspiration!

  52. Had a chance to read some of your entries. What wonderful posts! Looking forward to following you!

  53. Well then I do hope you drop by and offer me some tips or funny stories! I’m making a lot of this ‘parenting’ up as I go. Thanks fro dropping by. I look forward to seeing your ‘unique’ print in WordPress.

  54. Hi! I enjoy reading your entries. I look forward to hearing more about your crew:-) My kids are grown now and I must admit that I miss their growing up years.

  55. You will have all those great stories too Heather. Did you take a look at the Dylanisms? Too cute! I didn’t realize when I first posted at your site that you had not completed your adoption yet, by way of your time line. You know, the period prior to that was so trying. We didn’t know what to expect. And I prayed so hard during our IVF’s, only to be disappointed, that I swore I would never pray again. Now, looking back I see it was all part of our journey and I can’t thank God enough. If we can ever be of any help to you or answer any questions please never hesitate to get in touch. It was not an easy journey but soooo worth the ride in the end.

  56. Thanks for checking out my blog Terry. You’ve inspired me to add that Travel section this week when I get a chance. I LUV what youhave down with your Travel blog and hope to send lots of travellers your way.

  57. Thanks for visiting! The name of your blog really caught my eye as I hit the big five oh this past year. I hope to ‘grace’ though it as well as you have. What are the secrets?

  58. I love the mermaid story! How fun! How exciting and cute to let your daughters imagination soar like that. I appreciate your stories on open adoption. We are so new to the process and it seems like God blesses us everyday with peace as we learn from people like you. Thank you for sharing your story and for this great blog.

  59. Great Blog! I really enjoyed reading! I hope I can learn from you to keep my blog going! Congratulations! http://terrytreks.wordpress.com/about-2/

  60. You have a lovely family!

  61. Hello Andy 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and as a token of my sincere appreciation, kindly accept my gift for you here: http://allaboutlemon.com/le-cadeau/ Just simply because you’re one of a kind 3D and You Are Loved!

  62. One Fit Mama on said:

    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You’re a great blogger and a huge support. http://mamaisfit.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  63. It is really an honor to nominate you for Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
    Please check on; http://meirozavian.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/nominated-for-awards/.


  64. Hi and Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award – given to the “dearest” up and coming bloggers! If you’d like to participate you can learn more here: http://lauralamere.com/2012/11/01/blogging-is-experience/

  65. I have nominated you for ‘The beautiful blogger award’. If you’re willing to play the game,check out the rules on my blog. If not, don’t feel any compulsion to follow through.
    Take care! 🙂

  66. And I enjoy learning more about yours! You are doing an awesome job in your fitness drive! I wish I had that much drive. Keep up your great work…I am cheering for you. You may not hear it all the time but I am…

  67. Curse you Red Baron! : P I’ll get you back now….

  68. You’ve been search bombed. Check your stats!

  69. Hey there! Thanks for the comment and finding me in the land o’ blogs. You have a great looking family. I look forward to learning about your world.

  70. (Shhhhh, I am following several others as we speak. I’m hoping not to creep them out too!) 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words on my family. My girls are so important right now. I hope we can stay in touch so you will know how special kids can be. I don’t think it coincidence that I ran into you here. Thanks for stopping in and subscribing! Good Luck to you!

  71. Hi Andy,

    thank you so much for stopping by my place earlier and taking the time to hear a bit of my story and share your thoughts – it really means a lot.

    Since I don’t want to spam your place (which I absolutely love and am now suscribing too – this does sound a bit less creepy than following, don’t you agree?), I’m going to keep this short (well relatively) 🙂

    One last thing I’d like to add is, that you have a gorgeous family – my b.f. (who usually can’t be bothered with my blogging adventures) said he’s never seen a cuter picture than the one of you and your daughter swimming (and he’s right!)

    Great running in to you here – thanks again,

    K. 🙂

  72. My 2012 has been inspiring so far. I found your site amazing too. I was really impressed by all your publications in all the various media. I am taking notes! Thanks for stopping by Ms. Jing! “加油!”

  73. Hi Andy,

    How is your 2012 coming along? 🙂 I hope it is going well. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for following. I must say you blog is quite amazing. You’re daughters are very cute. They are also very lucky to have such a devoted and loving father as you. I’ll be sure follow off course. 🙂

    I hope your new resolutions goes well!
    “加油!” (Go for it!) 🙂
    Take care.

  74. Nikki, I am so old school. I haven’t even started Tweeting yet. So you must be a head of me! Let me know when you find the days with more hours in them, I want some. Thanks for stopping by! Drop in anytime….I am learning as I go here.

  75. Thank you for stopping by my blog, too! PS – I *doubt* you could be any less savvy than I am on these kinds of things… you should’ve been there when I tried to figure out twitter! I still haven’t even attempted Google+, even though I am technically on it and it’s supposed to be great for blogging… er… Maybe when there are more hours in a day? 😀

  76. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you have two girls as I seem to do much better with the raising of girls than boys so it will be easier for me to pass along what I know works….although, the older I get the more I come to know that I don’t know that much at all. With no guide book to lead us and each child’s personality different, it can be a crazy ride sometimes, this parenting thing. It as you know, however can also be unbelievably rewarding as well, which makes it all worth while….. I look forward to hearing and sharing experiences!

  77. PINGBACK above: Pat from PA mentioned an organization that is very dear to my heart in her Project 365 blog :

    […] thanks to fellow WordPress blogger Andy who nominated Lowcountry Orphan Relief and whose posts make me […]

    Thanks Pat for the great things you do and illuminating a wonderful organization trying to aid orphaned and abused kids. God bless you!

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  79. Enjoy Rome then Karishma! I can’t imagine the food is too awful there either? come back and see us in 3D!

  80. I’m still here in Rome and am leaving on Sunday the 8th of January to go back and back to work (ugh). I will definitely attempt to share more pics! After you mentioned it I realised how unfair it is to talk about the city and show such few pics. Stopping by was my pleasure…I had some great laughs!

  81. I am looking forward to your travels as well. Are you still in Rome? Tell us more…and more pics of your visit! Thanks for stopping by Karishma!

  82. I love your blog, especially the Dylanisms. They’re hilarious! Looking forward to reading more here! So glad you found my blog, because it led me to yours. Thank you for taking the time to leave (much appreciated) thoughts there! 🙂

  83. Hi, I lefta comment on “Little Miss Everything” about being uncertain how to proceed in life (no job…passion for writing..but need job stability…wondering if I ought to pursue my interests in nutrition but fear it will lead me off my writing path; yet want to continue writing while having steady, great income). Email me if you think you have tips. I live in Canada by the way.

  84. Hey BBA!
    I’m happy that I found your blog here, the girls are very cute 🙂
    Keep up with the updates, Mr. 3D!

  85. Thanks Jerome, I am learning as I go here. I am never too proud to take some pointers since you have a bit more experience! I signed up for your blog too and am looking at some of your links.

    I was a restaurant manager for over 15 years. Thats what drew me to your site. How do you do it? The biz is very time consuming!

  86. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog http://www.daddyohome.blogspot.com
    Your girls are adorable. I like your blog, very entertaining, just signed up as a follower.

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