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A Challenge For YOU! (Yes You)

I have a super fun challenge for you.

Yes… I am talking to YOU!

Take a look below if you are fearless, can embarrass yourself a bit, and almost sing… all for a good cause?

Are you fun?

Can you lip sync?

Meet some of my friends from the Charleston area Lung Association…


They have a message for you…

So raise your hand if you want to act crazy, raise some money, and have some fun!

Who is with me?

I know I have a lot of very creative Followers out there. A LOT!

Ones that can make a fun or funny or glam video for a good cause without breaking a sweat.

Any runners or fitness individuals out there?

That’s right I know who you are. I want to hear from you!

That’s right, YOU!

You know healthy lungs are vital part to your fitness and strength. So I want to hear from you healthy people. Find your fav song or singer or group and have at it!

Then post it on your own blog or send it back here to Lip Sync Central to help  keep this healthy party going.

I mean this!

Or run some hills, or 5 miles or climb a few stairs instead of taking the elevator at work and tell me what you think of efficient healthy lungs.

Now what about those who don’t have a chance to do that due to asthma or unhealthy lungs?

Aren’t you glad it’s not you?

So, are you thinking about it?

Thank you could have some fun with it?

Here are the videos from my bud’s above to give you some ideas on what you could do and the fun to be had.

You may get discovered!

Here is Michele.

She is awesome.

She’s an inferno…

Wait for the crystal ball..

And here is Margaret Ann.

Margaret Ann heads the area Stairclimb Dylan and I do each summer.

She’s way cooler than me….

And here is Geoff.

He shows you what you can do when you are creative, fearless, have a great vid editor as part of your posse

…..and can drive backwards without fear for life or limb…his dog? He’s not so sure.

Its awesome and over the top!

“If I was you, I would want to do this too..”

He’s way cooler than me too!

So now its YOUR turn!

Yes, I am still talking to YOU!

Think about it, have some fun by yourself, with your family or at work.

Just do it! Be fearless.

Your creative efforts and collaborations will benefit the lung association and help others breathe easier… as well as possibly propel YOU into stardom.

Let  me know which ones of you are going to participate.

Have fun with it!

And I am counting on YOU!

I Can Beat My Daughter

Just time for a quickie…

Time to see if I can beat my daughter at raising money for the American Lung Association.

She whooped me pretty bad last year.


OK, that’s last year’s banner. 

We are actually Climbing this year on Saturday July 23rd at 7:30am

So it my our time to raise some money for the Lung Association by racing running with my daughter up and down some 1500 steps at the local coliseum.

ala 7

Anyone that would like to contribute to my fundraising click Here.. 

Lord knows everyone wanted to give their generous support to her last year…

She out ‘Fund-Raised’ me by like $600 last year..her and her cute smile!

But I have the magic of ‘social media‘ where she doesn’t

(or does she?)

So with your help I think I can beat her this year…..

She was one of the Top 5 last year and won some awards

She was one of the Top 5 last year and won some awards

Any donation is very appreciated,  $5, $10, $25, anything..


its tax-deductible!

Kickin 92.5

As always, thanks for your consideration for such a great cause!

Fresh air! Clean lungs! Asthma free!

You can check out our “I Can Beat My Daddy” home page to check our progress. 

or the ALA’s Fight For Air Stairclimb here and see if Dylan, er, WE make it in the Top 5 again!

Here is our status so far…

Its that time of year again...

It’s that time of year again…

Step up to the challenge!

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

Stairclimb Recap

Just a quick Summary of our Stairclimb last Saturday.

Stretching for her climb

Stretching for her climb

Dylan did a great job! She conquered all 1500 stairs in just over 13 minutes; good enough for 17th place Overall. She stayed focused, didn’t go out to fast, and didn’t miss a step. Here is how she finished the Stairclimb (chase)….

ala 7

ala 8

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

She doesn’t even look tired does she?

Yes, since she was under the age of 12 a parent or guardian had to run with her. And if I look a lot more sweaty than she does its because I just finished the Stairclimb course right before she took off.

ala 6

Yes I ran the course by myself first to see what kind of wind I have left in my lungs. I got about half way around the coliseum and thought this is crazy! I have to finish this and then try to keep up with a very energetic Dylan as she does her thing.  ~ My legs still are tight and sore!

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

We were even joined by some local celebrities doing the Stairclimb

ala 10

Most importantly it all was for a great cause….fresh air, healthy lungs!

Our team raised $650 for the Climb For Air Stairclimb, thanks in a large part to Dylan. That was part of the $34,265 that the Stairclimb raised for the Lung Association. Sadly the Lung Association did not hit there goal of $45,000. We may have to enter the 5K Run For Air in the fall then. But Dylan did her part!

Thanks again everybody for your interest, support, generosity and love!

ala climb

What’s next?

Hey gang!

I wanted to share something that appeared in my Inbox this morning from the American Lung Association’s Event Planner, Margaret Ann Mabry:

‘Hey Andy! I hope you all are having a great week! I just looked at the stats for the Climb, and Dylan is only $15 away from $500!! I’m so impressed. Please let her know that everyone who raises $500 gets a special recognition at the Climb. I appreciate all you guys are doing! Can’t wait to see you both on Saturday.”

Margaret Ann Mabry | Development Manager

American Lung Association in South Carolina

44-A Markfield Drive | Charleston, SC 29407

Isn’t that so cool?

So I wanted to take a minute a publicly thank all our family and friends who have supported little Dylan in her fundraising efforts for the Lung Association. There have been several very very generous gifts to Dylan that have really ‘Wow’d’ us. So thank you to everyone for your kindness and love!

And $15.00 more dollars till she hits the $500 donation mark!

Can you believe that?

I have never done that. It would take me 3 years to raise that much for the ALA. She currently is the 4th highest fundraiser (follow her goal HERE or you can add to it HERE) of all the participating climbers this year. As a team, I Can Beat My Daddy is currently in 6th place, thanks largely to the love shown to Dylan.

Not bad for her first year.

And if you haven’t been following along closely, she actually did that promo spot on the local country music station,

…along with Margaret, the station DJ Garrett Doll and me. It was quite an experience and a lot of fun.

Kickin 92.5

If you are interested you can listen to it here.

But her first radio experience didn’t end there. She was given a tour of the radio station, shown how a radio station actually runs its music on air (very interesting I thought) and then given some radio swag like a Taylor Swift concert t-shirt….

ala concert tee

…and the promise to go out on the radio’s customer appreciation catamaran that Sunday.

Again, pretty cool for a little 7 year old.

What Is next for this girl?

Thanks to Garrett and Margaret Ann for getting Dylan on the air!  A few of you have suggested, with her fun smile and charm,  she would actually be better suited for TV.  Hmmmmmmm….

Wish her, I mean, us well on Saturday. And thanks again for all your generosity and the love!

YOU are awesome!

high 5


If you are interested on where all the donations go to for our Lung Association Stairclimb you can check here for the good news it brings to lung cancer suffers, clean air lovers and kids with asthma.

Celebrating 3’s in 3D

Hey, it’s me again! Remember me?

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We have been staying busy, having fun, but, unfortunately, not too many blog worthy things. We have become so average here lately. Average?


 I hate average

Yes, it’s been that kind of a ho-hum life lately. Forgive me! I will do better in the fall.

Have you ever noticed things travel in 3’s?

I guess that’s what the saying is.

Well this past weekend I had 3 quick things happen worth celebrating.

First, after years of my belt getting tighter and tighter, and using one more belt hole after another, this past Sunday I was able to comfortably us one less belt loop when getting ready for church in the morning.

(yes it’s come to that…celebrating victories in belt loop loss ~ so sad)

Anyway, this past Sunday I was able to easily use one less belt loop when putting on my Sunday best, instead of sucking in the gut, holding my breath, and working up a sweat wrestling that belt to get it latched. It was very gratifying!

I thought maybe, just maybe, I have arrested this aging issue I have had over the past 10 years or so of slowly but surely gaining weight. For the first time in many years I went back on a belt loop instead of forward! It felt great!

Maybe I lost some weight? Maybe I was looking more youthful? Maybe I wasn’t getting older after all? All that hard work was finally paying off!

So I was all smiles as I strolled downstairs to the kids to get them in the car. In fact, I felt GREAT!

I felt invincible!

I felt invincible!

I attribute this waist of a waste to my training the past month of Saturdays for this Stairclimb I was doing for the American Lung Association, which happens to be celebration number two this past weekend.

You see my second celebration came the day before this victory with the belt, I was the third fastest overall male to finish the Climb For Air Stairclimb!

That’s right!

I had a good time. While the overall amount of participants seemed to have gone down this year, I was quite proud of my accomplishment after a year of ups and downs with my health and cancer treatment. Yes, I was all smiles last Saturday.

some of the medals

some of the medals


Ok, you had to be pretty slow not to get a medal on Saturday...

Ok, you had to be pretty slow not to get a medal on Saturday…


After church was over, and I had given thanks for some completely selfish reasons, we all went out to eat for brunch. We tried a new restaurant in our area, the Bonefish Grill, which as it turns out, is part of the Outback / Carabbas chain.

The place was nice; it looked upscale and boasted of fresh fish from our local seas. The brunch menu was amazing with so many great things I wanted to try. And so, once again, I was paralyzed by alternatives, not able to decide on which brunch entrée to pick. I selfishly considered my conquest with the belt that morning and then my placing in the stairclimb the prior day and so asked the server if I could have TWO entrees?

Yes, I couldn’t decide. I wanted to taste them all! And so I chose a well written Western Omelet in the menu and some fabulous French Toast, served with  Grand Marnier crème brulee and sliced strawberries.

complete with a Grand Marnier Creme Brulee topping.....oh my goodness!

complete with a Grand Marnier Creme Brulee topping…..oh my goodness!

The server said, “Oh yes I could chose two entrees” as her check average climbs but challenged me to finish them both.

Oh no she didn’t!

Yes, I am such a pig!

Yes, I am such a pig!

So Third, not only did I finish them both, I was actually the first one done at our table.

I am such a pig! 

Take that you unbelieving restaurant server!

Score another victory for the ‘garbage can man’, as I am loving known at our dinner table for my propensity to finish the kid’s plates each night. (I had Depression Era parents and nothing was wasted at our dinner table).

And so that’s why I haven’t blogged much lately when a mild grooming victory, coupled with a mediocre athletic feat and my ability to make a pig of myself are the top events this summer in our ho-hum life.

But when you have wonderful kids, that’s all the magic you need! Right? 

We have a 5 month pregnant nanny. She is quite pronounced in her belly right now. And yesterday Dylan asked her, after thoroughly analyzing her situation, “How was the baby going to come out of her?”

Our nanny politely responds, “She will have to ask mommy that question to explain it to her. That mommy could explain it better than she could.”

Dylan chimes back, “but mommy got us a different way. They wanted a baby so bad that they asked God and they got me and my sister and they love us so much.”

it was God's stork...

it was God’s stork…

Yes Good News like that fills my summer up. Ho-hum ain’t so bad.

Say what?

School starts when?


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