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Tips For Tight-Wads

Every Tuesday I will used to offer some things concerning personal finance, whether for around the home,  saving for college, paying off that mortgage or retiring millionaires.

I was a Financial Advisor in a previous life and a finance major in grad school. I learned some awesome ways to make or save money. They may or may not be some ideas you have heard about.

These ideas are good for anyone, at any age or income but ideal for young people or young couples just starting out.

They are ideas for the financially savvy or the financial students that want to be a little craftier with their hard earned money.  Click on Tightwad Tuesday’s under categories to save become a tighter Tightwad!

Or look in the Tight Wad Categorie for archived ideas on saving money, making money, or building some wealth. But only if you ant to retire rich! I know you have some ideas too so feel free to share them.

If you are a parent you might be looking for ways to save money like we are at DDD. Here on the T4TW page,  I will keep some links to keep handy for those money decisions.


Three great links for Personal Finance ideas and research; because three opinions are better than one:

6 thoughts on “Tips For Tight-Wads

  1. So you too were you forced to “clean your plate” too? 🙂

  2. Scott Sappenfield on said:

    Yeah, I think about that a lot and wish in some way we could get back to that…well done.

  3. I am the product of Depression era parents!

  4. Scott Sappenfield on said:

    You are so on top of it man…very nice.

  5. I think my wife saved $23 just last week at the Target on groceries with Snippy. Its great and handy…

  6. MikeW on said:

    I like Snip Snap!

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