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My First Picture Blog

So today my oldest and I set out on a 600 mile journey on a family matter.

For the first hour of our trip her favorite subject was her favorite YouTubers, as she calls them. She follows them, is impressed with how many followers they have (so many more than moi), and tries to emulate them in her new YouTube site (she is creative and off to a good start).

She was telling me about her one favorite YouTuber and how she has a Video Blog on YouTube or V Blog for short.


It gave me an idea.

If she is impressed with these V Blogs maybe her old man could impress her by doing his own Picture Blog of our trip. I am not really set up for taking and editing a lot of videos but I can sure take some pictures I thought. Why not impress her with a P Blog of our trip?

So I hurriedly started taking some pictures of our trip for the P Blog and start a P Stream of the adventure.

Here is the first pic, as we sped up US 95.

As you can see we were all smiles…..

Next in the P Stream  was more fun and a little foolishness…

My next P came at lunch as we made a quick stop for some sustenance….

And trying to keep the P Stream going, she got me as I checked my teeth after lunch.

I tried to hold the P’s back a little as we approached DC. It is always tricky there and I needed to focus and keep both hands on the wheel.

We eventually made it to our destination some 4 hours later.

Exhausted, we picked my Mom up and took her to her favorite restaurant in her home town.

And so after we ordered I had time to take another overdue P for the blog…..

But I wasn’t done yet!

I took another P after dinner with my mother in the car….

Somewhat tired after dinner and the long 11 hour trip I did find the energy to take one more P in the car as I parked in front of our destination…..

You can see on my face how satisfying it felt; to get this long day and the P thing behind me.

So that is it!

Some of the highlights captured of our 11 hour car ride back to my hometown .


My very first Picture Blog. It was actually fun (as you can see).

I think it came out OK.

What do you think?


I wanted to do one more shout out to a long time Follower/ Followee, Anna Lee West.

I often try to be funny in my blogs or write for effect. Anna IS funny!

Really funny I think.

And while her posts are getting fewer and fewer these days, like some of us, her latest post does show you that she hasn’t lost a stitch of her sense of humor.

So at the risk of losing even more followers (after this last post) I would like to invite you to check out  her latest post, I Am Not Fit For Calamity, as she struggles to keep it together during a power outage…in the middle of the day.

I hope everyone enjoys the best week.

Thanks for dropping by.

I will try to do better next time…

What Not to Say to a Cancer Survivor

I could write a blog post on my thoughts on Susie and her Wild Ride. She is the illustration and the definition of the word LIFE.

Yet the gods seemed to strike us both down with Cancer (the c word) about the same time. My readers often applauded my optimistic view on my journey with the c word, and how I even could joke about it.. Well, I took my cues from Susie (not to be confused with Susie Q). She was as serious as Purple Pansies.

My cancer, while serious enough, amounted to a Pop Quiz while Suzie had closer to a real full mid-term exam. (sorry, I just broke rule #3) We both are alive and well now, some 5 or so years later. And one of us is (still) traveling the globe and the other still wishes he was. 

Live Life folks!

Make this day and every day awesome!

Thanks to Susie for educating us all about what to say and not to say as well as the life of a cancer patient and survivor….

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

susie lindau boob report picture with plants in front of her boobs before double mastectomies breast cancer

I’m almost five years cancer-free and have survived all kinds of off-hand comments. Everyone wants to say the right thing to a cancer survivor, but sometimes not saying anything would have been better. Some were well-intentioned while others seemed like heat-seeking missiles. When that would happen, I would go to a very dark place. A place filled with fear. A place without hope. A place I called The Hole. Dread and worry would swallow me. Sometimes for days. All because of some stupid remark.

It seems silly and yet there were times when I felt as if a giant C for Cancer appeared on my shirt. Some people avoided the topic altogether. Some avoided me like I was contagious. Others only wanted to talk about it.

Here’s the delio. Most survivors are cancer-free after surgery with or without chemo and/or radiation. We want to keep it that way. It’s funny…

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What’s up?

I received an email from WordPress saying if I do not post something very soon they will consider 3D dead or abandoned

and shut me down since I have not posted in a while.

I told them I was busy.

~ actually my kids have just been hogging the computer….its been hard to get on.

They replied: see my WordPress contract, Article 19, section 5, paragraph 8, where it mentions the consequences of an existing blog without a pulse.

So here I am, (remember me?) with a few pictures so I don’t lose my 3D blog.

The last time I left you we were midway through birthday season.

Last month was youngest daughter’s birthday. She enjoys helping her mom in the kitchen so she decided to have a cooking birthday party.

Ever heard of that?

Her and her friends produce a three course meal, over two hours, that they get to make and then eat.


First, was a really yummy and refreshing cranberry/grape fizzy drink.

Then they made their own pizzas, cutting up fresh vegetables.

And then they got to decide on what ingredients they wanted to put on their flat cookie-type cake.

Being some hungry creative youngsters you know it was delicious!

Her Skye-pie. it was AWEEEESOME!!

It was an innovative and different kind of b-day party and we think Skye had a lot of fun with her buds.

Along the lines of other blogs never gotten around to, I was considering doing another consumer advocate post on the company installed our solar panels (Vivant). But they stepped up and ended up making the situation right.

My gym also closed so I found a new one. But they altered the details of their contract within a week, which was making me want to do post on that outfit, if only to vent.

But they made it right too.

My oldest enjoys following me to the gym now

Another pretty girl getting buffed up for the summer.

Speaking of…. she just got her braces off after 14 months of restructuring her mouth and smile (and getting her to stop sucking her fingers). She was a bit apprehensive and nervous, not only about the routine but the outcome.

She did great and our movie star was all smiles when it was over.

This is her new smile.

She will probably need more braces in a few years after her molars come in. 

Kids…don’t suck your fingers!

Birthday season wound up last night as we ‘acknowledged’ my birthday.

Some not-so-sexy underwear and PJs 🙂

I am no longer celebrating it. In fact, the thought of getting older brings a tear to my eye as I think of all the things I have not done yet.

So, going forward, I am going to start subtracting a year on the date of my birth.

…and see if that helps my shoulders and knees feel any younger.


The summer is right around the corner!!

 Are YOU ready?

Work on some tans? Fun in the sun? Trips to the beach and pool parties?

I will leave you with one of my summertime-dance-poolside-beachside favs as we raise a toast to SUMMER..

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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