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 A few weeks ago I ventured downtown to pick up a ‘picture’ for my brother on his birthday. Now that his birthday is finally over I guess I can post about it.

The piece came from a  DELA gallery of a famous photographer Jorge de la Torriente and master framer Jeffrey Rodriguez. They hail out of Key West FL but have a a nice little gallery in my hometown too.

My brother used to go fishing in Key West by himself a few years ago and so I thought he might appreciate this pic ..

Let me preface the rest of the post that I run my life slightly off kilter and so I have a hard time leveling or centering these photos (it had nothing to do with alcohol)

Here are a few of the other Photographs that caught my eye….

Again, my Android phone nor the photographer writing this post can do justice to the brilliance of these pieces of art.

This photo was done at midnight on Miami Beach with the colored LED lights behind the stacked beach chairs.

Many of his great images were actually aerial photographs and these I thought the most stunning or intriguing….

Here is a close up of a boat carrying on in the water in the above photo…

Can you find it in the original one?

The photographer also had a series of horse photographs for the horse lover..

And, if your are wondering, here was my favorite from the gallery…

That is so me!

Beach boy in paradise!

But the wonderful thing about this evening was we actually stumbled upon a local Art Walk in our town, where all the galleries ( and we have many) have open house with finger foods and wine, which makes for a nice stroll downtown.

So we ventured into a few galleries between DELA and our parking garage.

Here are some of my favorites…

Teenage Girl Dreaming

The next one you might have to imagine, that is, it is 3D. (get it?) It actually has 4 trainglular blocks popping out, making up the painting. If you look at the painting from one side you see this image….

If you look at the painting from the others side this is what you see….

( I couldn’t afford it)

I know Tassels seem to be trendy from time to time. Here someone made figurines out of hassles.


Here is another detailed local fav…..

But I have always believed true art makes you think.

So here are a few to think about….

This artist is creative and with a sense of humor….

The top photo was titled ‘The Birds and the Bees’. The second one was titled, ‘Eve before leaving Eden.

These two were titled, left to right, ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’.

Enlarge the image and take a look.

But if any gallery made you think, it was one owned by an African American artist who made you think, using images and textures to form opinions…

An example is this blurry art that was comprised of many newspaper clippings.

Here is a close up….

Yea, its Flawsome, making an adjective and “she made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible…..” are some of the brilliant lines she captured there I think.

Take a look.

Who does it make you think of?

Another work I liked was this, again ussing textures to help illustrative the art….

If you look closer at this blurred pictures you can see the border is that made of old newspaper clippings. the clipping themselves we art and made you wonder and think….

You can also see what I mean by ‘using texture’ in her paintings if you look close.

That’s all for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better time next time.

I have a few blog posts built up behind this birthday art walk.

And thanks to YOU for being flawsome; so wonderful even if you do have flaws.

Have a great week everyone!




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