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A Million and One Things To Do With Leftover Pumpkin

What? You want more pumpkin? Here are some ideas for your leftover pumpkin from the creative and always amusing BreezyK. From Pumpkin Pie Smoothies to pumpkin facials, Breezy has you covered to get the most out of your great pumpkin!

Thanks Briana for a fun read as i stuff down one more slice of pie.


The Latest Fad

Hey everyone! Want to be let in on the latest fad?

Want to see what is sweeping our area; that all of my friends and family are looking at?

It is a crazy, fun, generous fad that all the cool, hip people are doing. Wanna see? 

But first, here is a commercial that Dylan did for YOU to tell you about it….

(you don’t want to miss this)

Yes, I am pimping this blog once again to encourage one of our kids. But hey, the kids get little rewards for the more pledges they bring in! After her very first night of receiving a few $1 and $2 pledges she received a Fun Run lunch bag, cool water bottle, and a trendy bracelet for her rewards. 

Now, after a few more pledges, she only needs one more pledge to win a pair of Fun Run sneakers. Three more pledges allows her (and her class) to participate in “No Shoes Day” where they can take off their shoes at school and just wear their socks in her classroom for the day. How cool is that? 

Dylan actually has more dollars per lap donated than all the rest of her class combined. She is a Leader!

 And if she gets another pledge like she did from my buddy Jay she may just have her name broadcast across the morning announcements. Gosh I would hate for that to happen 🙂

The goal of the Fun Run, besides raising money for their school is for the individuals to develop some interest in Fitness, Leadership, and build some Character. Not bad ideas for our young people these days.


If you would like to participate in this fast growing fad, here is a link to Dylan’s homepage at school for the event where you can look around and find out more. If you care to make a pledge to support Dylan in her Fun there is a pledge tab to jump on.

To my friends in Canada, or Switzerland, or Mexico or else where and abroad if you want to participate in this X-tremely fun (and rewarding) trend email me or let me know in a comment. Hopefully we can work something out. 🙂

Thanks for considering Dylan’s Fun Run drive!

Its for a good cause and brings smiles to lots of kids faces.

(like mine)

Isn’t that infectious smile in the video worth a dollar a lap in itself?

Yes, they grow up so fast!

Charlie's Angels

 Have a great weekend everyone!

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blogs


This week in Sunday School our kid’s teacher drew a frowny face on the palm of each child’s hand. She explained that the frowny face represented sin.

The kids took a good hard look at it.


She would later go on and wipe off the frowny face on each child’s hand and told the analogy of this is what Jesus did for us by dieing on the cross; He ‘wiped away’ all our sins.

Only Skylar’s frowny face wouldn’t wipe off!

The teacher tried and tried to wipe off the frowny face from Skylar’s hand but it wouldn’t come off. The teacher, feeling sorry for Skylar, apologized to her for making her hand dirty.

Skylar shrugged her shoulders and  conceded,

“Its OK. I’ve been a little mean sometimes.



We and Jesus still love ya Skylar!

If it makes you feel any better Skylar, my frowny face doesn’t always wipe off either.


Have a great week everyone!

Turn that frown upside down!


Trick or Treats (conclusion)

Happy Movember everyone! 


Can you believe the Holidays are just a stone’s throw away?

I hope everyone had a good Halloween and great Tricks and Treats!

I have been sorting through all the Halloween candy Halloween photos looking for some that were blog worthy. I was more the ‘protecting Dad’ this year than the kid’s paparazzi, so I didn’t get as many pics. So to all my family and friends reading this, “Sorry!”

I did come across some that were too cute not to share. So if want to grab a Reese’s or a Milky Way (do you have any around the house?), I have another photo album to subject you too.

Well, the most pressing question was, ‘What did your kids go as?”


 They were Frozen’s Princess Ana and Princess Elsa ‘Kitty Kat’ (don’t ask me ~ she wanted to be different)

OK, that was the pic for my parent’s picture frame for Christmas. Here are a few more shots of my Princesses offering some personality:

WP_20141031_002 WP_20141031_003

They are learning to ham it up a bit for the camera, aren’t they?

My girls ended up Trick or Treating with our swashbuckling neighbor…

I think they are ready to go!

I think they are ready to go!

So I had to keep up with them!

My girls are still relatively new to this whole Trick or Treating thing. I had to continually prompt them to go to the door and yell “Trick or Treat”. Likewise making sure they say a “thank you” loud enough for the hosts to hear. Sometimes they don’t know when to say “Thank you” and they just keep on enjoying their plunder!


 Skylar ended up going home early as one of the hosts told her the Pixie Stick she gave her was a Magic Pixie Stick! The parent really sold her on this of it being ‘magical’ and so Skylar believed and wanted to go home and see for herself.

So Dylan and Ms. Jack Sparrow and I kept scouring the neighborhood in search of more candied treasure.

Dylan actually had a ghost following her at one point:  WP_20141031_012
But everyone had a great time storming the castles. We made it home safely and everyone counted their loot. We They all sampled some of their prizes, in search of favorites and new tastes from some curious new treats.

And oh, how those Reese’s Cups were really calling me…  

eat me, eat me, eat me

eat me, eat me, eat me

 Eventually it was bedtime and our little Princesses had to put their candy stash away, clean up their empty sugar wrappers, and head up to bed. Skylar took it well… 
halloween meltdown

Gone are the days when our little girls so politely shared their Halloween treats and tried to save them for a special event . Do you remember this from when Dylan was 3? 

Did you see those baby curls on her?

Dylan has always been a good responsible soul. She received straight A’s again on her first report card this year in First Grade. She was actually in an Awards Assembly at school today….
dylan waiting

..where she earned awards for Reading and Responsibility. Atta girl Dylan! She will be smarter than me in a few years! She already beats me in memory board games…

from the school Principle no less...

from the school Principle no less…

Do you guys ever get tired of me doting on these girls?

Well we continue to remain proud of both of them! 

Here girls, have another piece of candy. 

Have a great weekend knuckleheads!

I will try to do a better job next week…


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