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Turkey Leftovers

Hello, its me again, Tom Turkey in 3D,

I had to sit down after the big feast and holiday weekend we just had.


Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Me, I’m bloated.

And I seemed to have eaten so much that I can’t get my darned fave green vest closed anymore.

All us turkeys in 3D made it through last week with ease. Our B&B was only partially filled with family and friends this past holiday so it was not quite as hectic. And while we did miss seeing the normal faces around here it was nice to sit my big turkey butt down and have complete access to the…

remote control.

This turkey got smoked and then I was accompanied by some mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, some .50  stuffing and dessert.

Ahhh, dessert! That was my favorite class in school.

We made two pies all set for me to gobble for Thanksgiving.


our friendly neighbor from across the street, the one that my girls have not alienated yet by their basketball running through her flower bed, brought over her delicious, mouth-watering, too-good-to-be-true-that-I-must-have-died-cause-this-must-be-in-Heaven pumpkin pie.


With a capital Mmmmmm.

Well how can you decide on a holiday made for Thanking and Feasting which pie you should have after the big gobble-wobble?

So I made a healthy decision and didn’t have any pie after the feast!

Oh really Daddy?

I had a piece of all three!

Its true (insert frowny-face emoji)

But then…

As plump and ripe and tired and satiated as this Turkey’s family was after the feast there was still some squawking in the coop about the Christmas decorations needed to go up this (past) weekend.

What the @%&(!?

And as my friend from last week, Donald Trump would say, or tweet,

I beg your pardon?”

Apparently, it is a Tom Turkey family tradition to put up the Christmas decorations the weekend of putting the bird away. 

The relaxing 4 day holiday weekend.

The college football rivalry week weekend!

Well I told Mrs. Turkey I never ever @$%^@! of such a #%&*@ thing!….

…under my breath.

So now my living room looks like this:

Now listen….

I am Not that bad of a photographer.

Despite what you are thinking. It wasn’t my phone, er, camera either.

It was just…


I had just had a glass of Drambuie

(after yet another shameful piece of pumpkin cheesecake)

and my sight may have been a little bit, ahhh…


Just saying….

But the decorating is done and I like it and I don’t have to stress about decking the halls for anymore weekends this year.

Its done.

Cross it off the list.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here…

..But the prettiest sight to see

is the kitchen clean as can be

As my dog cleans the floor..

Yes it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.

Everywhere you go

We took a train to the Grand Hotel.

One in the park as well,

The ancient kind that doesn’t mind there’s no other place to go-o-oh..

Sorry that last Christmas Carol was just a little forced into this blog, wasn’t it?
I’m sorry.

You see, I do a lot of driving for my job and I have been listening to too many Christmas Carols all day I have been told.

Everyone I meet just seems get ambushed by the last Christmas Carol I heard that gets stuck in my head.

Does that happen to you?

You can’t get the last carol out of your head?

Like this morning …

I texted my wife, who was about ready to leave for work. The traffic was in a snarl again and so I wanted to advise her to leave extra time to get to work.

But when I spoke into my text’er machine it came out:

“Oh the traffic outside is frightful

and your bed is so delightful.

And since it moving so slow…

stay at home, stay at home, stay at home…”

Much to the amusement of my two young turkeys in the car on their way to school at my surprise Christmas rap to their mom.


Geez, I need some more material.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL, PEACEFUL, THANKFUL Thanksgiving!

Thanks for dropping by for some of these Thanksgiving leftovers.

I’ll try to do better next time knuckleheads.

Do you have a favorite Twisted Christmas Carol like the butchered one above?

I would love to hear your version of your fave.

If you do leave it in the hardly used, almost brand new Comment section below. 

I know we have a good handful of great poets that have (in the past) subscribed to this blog.

Lettuce, er, let us hear Your original twisted carol.

Love ya!

Next its time for some Christmas leftovers from Christmas reposts of Christmas past.

(cause I have finally hit my 100% memory in my media file on this post and I may have to do a fundraiser to get enough money to Upgrade with WP for some extra picture space until then~ le sigh)

Have a great weekend!

Have another Kit Kat

Well the emails have been pouring in…

What did you wear did you wear for Halloween?”

How did the door turn out?

(Okay, I embellish sometimes )

Well, first things first (delayed gratification)

Here is what the closet doors ended up looking like:

The hinges from the real doors ended up being the hinges on the French doors.

You have to use your imagination about what the door knobs blend into.

She did a good job adding detail to make the waves distinct and took nearly half an afternoon making the detail and shells on the beach.

If you look real close at the bottom you can see what looks like Dylan wrote her name in the sand.

Very cool.

In a few years we can just say she painted the whole thing and signed her name to it.  🙂

Okay, as for the costumes…

Dylan was a kitty skeleton (see the ears?) and Skye was Jyn, the new Star Wars future-Jedi, soon-to-fall-to-the-Dark side girl (spoiler alert!)

And, to answer all your questions about what moi dressed as, well I didn’t feel like dressing up this year.

I was relegated to handing out candy at the front door to all the young boys and ghouls.

I was just my usual chatty, charming self.

Some friends and family had asked about what Halloween Decorations I put up?

You know, when I was a kid, back before the Internet…. and bubble gum, we never decorated houses for Halloween.

Now, at least in our neighborhood, it is starting to get competitive.

I put out old school decorations, stuff that I grew up with, like ghosts and scarecrows on sticks that you shove into the ground.

Boring! Boring!

…is what my kids call me, er, say.

So each year I pick up another $10 Halloween decoration to add to my landscape of chills..

The Fountain of Blood was the big hit!

Little kids kept pointing at it and asking, “what is that?

Well Its blood!…from the darn cat we got last year for Christmas” WhawHaHahaHa!

See that note on the door?

That is a Dylan creation. It is a note to trick or treaters to ask for certain candy if….



Back in the day we worried about razor blades in apples. This day and age they worry about Food Allergies.

It is truly a new day.

HERE is what I tried to make the big scare up front

the risks of being a careless skateboarder

But the fierce wind the night before just shredded the cobwebs over the spider. (Le sigh)

Yes, the Pumpkin Head ghoul spoke as the kiddies went by….

Want some candy boys and girls? Any food allergies? WhawHaHaHaHa!

Also, here is last year’s $10 HALLOWEEN bonanza find…

My last two good ideas… RIP

…glowing Styrofoam Tombstones

And the Blood fountain…

…with a hand left in it from last year’s Halloween from some teenager who reached one-too-many times into the host candy bowl for another Reese’s after I had told him No!

If you noticed, or maybe you didn’t, there is a large spider theme here at the front door.

Almost invisible on these pics are the 10-12 little black plastics spiders that came in the $5 bag of make-believe cob webs.

I dangle each spider on some thread from the ceiling at the front door so the little trick-or-treaters have to walk through them to get the candy.  (WhawHaHaHaha)

The thinking is lots of people are afraid of Spiders.

We aren’t so much, except the ones that swim in the pool.

We actually had one as our first pet when we got married.

My wife named him ‘Boots’.

Meet ‘Boots’

He was shy, largely housebroken, and a real couch-potato.

Some people thought having a spider for a pet a bit odd and kinda left us alone back then.

What about you?

Are you afraid of spiders?

Do they freak you out?

Me? I kinda got used to them. You have to when you keep them as pets.

…and as the Man of the House!

I’m not afraid of them at all!

No fear. No fear


That’s about it for now knuckleheads. I will try to do a better job next time.

I hope you ALL had a fun time on Halloween and had both some scares and some sweets.

I hope you have an even better weekend! Take pictures.

I have to go throw my pile of Kit Kat wrappers away.



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