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So since it ’tis the season, and its snowing everywhere, I thought I would offer Snowball for all you kids and searchers.


One of our favorite books to read to the kids is Shel Silversteins’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends“. Every night at bedtime we take a few minutes and read some of our girl’s favorite pages to them.  Its fun. We act them out or exaggerate the stories, laugh and bond.


Why bring this up you may be wondering? Because my page, Bedtime Stories, at the top of this blog has been blowing up lately from searches of one of Shel’s fun poems and timely poems, Snowball, in the “…Sidewalk Ends” book. See it there on the Hit List on the right? Or maybe this post, Brrr is over there now as being popular? Cause it sure is Brrrrrr around here!

This has always been Dylan's favorite....

This has always been Dylan’s favorite…

If you like the poem a smidgen and curious about other Shel Silverstein poems you can check out a few on my Bedtime Stories page above. If you think your kids would enjoy  them, the book makes a great gift.

Readings Lucky for Me

Reading(s) Lucky For Me

Especially if you want them to like reading books and learn some things later in life.


Thank you Shel!

Have a great weekend!

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Monday morning! What can happen next?

Monday morning! Blah!

This morning kicks off another week. More importantly it is the end of the weekend. Hmph! It was a nice weekend too.

So I turned on the computer with my expectations down around the “Monday Morning Blues” level. Then what do my drowsy eyes see but a ‘ping back’ from a blog that is very dear to my heart (Write). The blog was about an organization that is very dear to my heart as well, a charitable group I volunteer for, The Lowcountry Orphan Relief. Wow! What a nice surprise? I was so taken back on various levels.

First, what a great thing Pat from PA does. Her blog, Project 365, is about organizations that she sees trying to make a difference in our world. Her blog is never about her weekend or how she is feeling on a Monday morning. It is about some special company doing benevolent work. Awesome! Please check out her blog, Write On Target,  and say Hello while you are there. I am sure she would appreciate it. What a great thing she does.

Write On Target

In her beautifully written blog today she mentions the Lowcountry Orphan Relief. About a week ago I offered this group to her as a charity I find very noteworthy in my community. I gave her a link to their web site and maybe a contact address and not much more. Pat took this info, did her own research, and came up with this write up. Amazing!

In the professional life I just exited, Monday mornings were about ‘watch your back, stuck in traffic, what more can you do for my company, people taking parking spaces, go, go, go and so on. Caught up in this world of beating last year, I never considered their were nice people out there, going out of their way to make a difference. This blogging stuff has opened so many windows for me! And I keep noticing Angels here on earth, one after another.

If you know me or my family you may have an idea why the Lowcountry Orphan Relief group (LOR) is so dear to my heart. Our kids are such miracles to us in a sense. Our experience has opened my eyes to the amount of kids out there that can’t go it alone, but are forced to. The LOR defends these kids in our little part of the world, clothing, sheltering, sponsoring the poor, abused or forgotten kids, trying to make theirs a world worth living. And sadly, each year the need becomes even greater. So thanks LOR and the other groups out there that look after these kids.

Pat’s research also uncovered another great blog from my home town that also recently featured a post on the LOR in their online publication. This blog I was completely unaware of (like soooo many other things in this world I suppose). It was a great, professional looking blog (I wish my skills were this good!), filled with many aspects of life here in the Lowcountry. If you have a passion for Arts or Fashion, Food & Wine, or other Loves checkCharlie out. Its one of those ‘time-suckers’ where you keep looking around and you just don’t want to leave. ~I still have an open window to it for when I am done here.

Before I move on I just want to say thanks again.  Thanks Pat! Thanks LOR! Thanks Charlie! And, thanks to those others reading this that take parts of their valuable time and try to make the world a little bit better. You so Rock!

Today I was going to talk about (and ask for your suggestions) our ‘grand experiment’. I was going to try to start teaching our kids to read this week. The kids got this great Christmas gift, that was highly recommended, “Your Baby Can Read”.

The challenge is trying to teach two kids, at two different levels, how to read. The greater challenge, I am afraid, is how to maintain these two kid’s attention, while trying to accomplish varying tasks. Dylan is pretty advanced for her age, not only knowing her colors, numbers and letters, but also her phonics pretty good as well. All these things are being in introduced to our youngest for the first time. So we’ll see how this experiment goes.

And then I think, I am not trained to be a teacher. I do not have the skills for this! Then I am forced to realize, thru my job search efforts, that I was a trainer in many of my prior jobs.    If I claim to be a trainer in my professional life I darn well oughta be a trainer in my personal life. A life where my success is far more valuable and far reaching.

Howabout you?

Do you have any ideas, or successes to pass along, in educating your children?

What worked best for you?

Our kids, and ALL kids, deserve to be taught to be the best that they can be!

Wash away the old…..

Yesterday I was dressing Dylan. I found a warm shirt for her and then a matching pair of pants. She came back to me about an hour later. She stood in front of me sad because the pair of pants she was wearing did not go all the way down to her feet (they were too small).

And she says, “Daddy I think I am too small for these pants!” I knew what she meant. It was my mistake. I thought the pants might have been a pair of capris or something. Haven’t I told you I need help dressing these kids?

So Mommy gets home and she looks at Dylan and then looks at me and then looks back to Dylan and asks, “Dylan who dressed you today child?” Maybe I need to reevaluate my dressing standards? Wash away the old and open up to some new ones.

Speaking of, it is the beginning of the year again and I hear a lot about new resolutions or changes. It is that time of year. I am not averse to the resolutions. I think it’s a great idea! Only I have not been one for making resolutions for several years.

My history was the resolutions were a good idea in January but often forgotten by Valentines day. I never wrote them down or made a plan. I am a procrastinator after all! I do my best work under pressure. Well, that may be OK in school and maybe allowed sometimes at work but when it comes making changes in ones life, waiting until the last minute is NOT the way to go.

I once held a favorite quote at work….

“Goals are just wishes, unless we make a plan.”

There’s always a lot of people saying, “I wish I could stop smoking”. Or, “I want to lose weight.” Until you commit to it, and make a plan, it will be nothing better than a Christmas wish. If these same people are serious they would make a plan, write it down, and use it as a benchmark for their progress in attaining their goal.

A few weeks ago I read a great post by Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell   about building the future. I wish I had time to write all of it here.  He starts off with:
  “The past is the future for most of us. We cling to misguided notions that persistence, endurance, and more of the same will result in a new future. It won’t. “

The quote reminded me of the saying, “ If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. So, wash away the old and start fresh in 2012 with some brash, concrete ideas, written down.

Dan suggests an idea for changes in his conclusion:

“Focus on your values. Creating a new future is disruptive and disorienting. Determine three or four guiding ideals. Without them, you’re adrift.”

Guiding ideals = benchmarks. I think you should write them down, so you don’t waiver from them and keep you focused on your initial goal.

One final thought that came to mind about turning resolutions into reality was an article I read back in college on management. It was from the Time Management author, Dr. Ken Blanchard, entitled, “Achievement Doesn’t Depend On Talent.”

He poses the question, “What does it take to be a high achiever?”

In his article Dr. Blanchard says, “high achievers are different; they have a plan. …If you have a goal, you’re bound to be heading upwards. Study after study, book after book, all say the same thing about high achievers. They have clear goals and are focused on what they want.”

So I want to conclude with Dr. Blanchard’s conclusion, “This is as good a time as any to set goals for yourself. Decide where you want to go and how you want to get their. Such a strategy will definitely improve your odds of success.”

So stick to those resolutions my friends! Write them down and make a plan. Its really nice being surrounded by all you successful people!


Let us know in the comments. We are all here to help

I hafta go dress my little girls now. Hmmmm? Dylan just came over dressed as Tinker Bell!

Leave The Dirt To Me…

Before I became a dad I had never changed a diaper before. People always talked about how horrible it was. I heard all the ‘urban legends’ and detailed stories. So, when I was finally pushed into my moment of truth I opened up the tabs and was utterly disappointed. Being a restaurant manager in the past I had cleaned up far worse messes than this. I said, “Is that all you got”?

I had nooo idea how resourceful these girls can be!

Which brings me back to Cleaning Tip # 1 MUST HAVE’s two and three.

The second MUST HAVE for a DDD  is a hand-held Black and Decker cordless Flex portable vacuum.  When the kids look like they left more lunch on the floor than in their bellies, whip out this Flex! When doing crafts turns into a glitter disaster, its Flex time! When the kids have a food fight with a large bag of  Goldfish, while you’re in the shower, the portable Flex can actually save lives! Don’t lug out the portable vac in the closet. Flex instead.

Finally, the Roomba! This is the robot vacuum cleaner that works by itself. I confess it is not the best vacuum cleaner I have used BUT  it can vacuum while you sleep. Cool! I can vacuum and be at the park at the same time. It can clean the kid’s room while we all play outside. Simply this gadget saves you time when time is one thing you don’t have enough of.

They actually make Roombas for carpets, hard wood floors and even swimming pools. My Christmas Wish is they come up with one that does the LEAVES outside. My Festivis Miracle!

So I know what you are thinking, “How many vacuum cleaners does DDD really need”?

We actually collected five (!)  by now. I told my wife I would not tease her anymore about the need to have five vacuum cleaners. So I will stop here. Please don’t tell her I brought it up…again .

On a side note, we actually named our Roomba “Rosie”. When we came home one day Dylan asked who cleaned the living room. Mommy said, “errrr Rosie the Roomba.

And remember, if you like what you heard…spread the word… Our Life In 3D. Thanks!

Now its time for some dirt…

First I have to preface this blog. Its kinda dirty! In fact, its not at all professional, like the image I am trying to create here. Its just a warning, proceed with caution.

I think I told you the girls got an exciting package in the mail Monday from some of their special friends. It was filled with all sorts of gifts and  Christmas stockings (Dylan calls then ‘socks’) just packed with toys and stickers.

Well one of the toys Dylan got was a super cool toy watch with Tinker Bell on the face. When you open the watch up it becomes a pool of lip gloss for kids. She loved it!

Well yesterday afternoon I came out and our 18mth had the sparkly lavender gloss all over her face! It turns out she liked it too. Literally! She ate what little bit of lip gloss goop she didn’t get all over her face! And she just smiled like nothing was wrong.

And where was I?        

I was checking behind Dylan as she had just offered a daddy size dookie in the crapper! It is truly amazing what comes out of this girl sometimes! And I am not talking “DYLANism” here! Its sooo good she is out of diapers!

Sorry…you were warned.

So with dirty messes in mind, I wanted to offer a Daddy Day Dare tip #1 for cleaning up messes. These are my MUST HAVES for taking care of toddlers. Anybody who has had toddlers before knows your house will never be absolutely clean again! But these items can help keep your clean up times to a minimum.

The first MUST HAVE is the Magic Eraser. This thing works just like an eraser in school but it ‘erases’ all sorts of marks, graffiti and damage done to walls, tables and furniture. It removes the pen marks, crayons, dried food stains and most markers cleaners can’t. Truly magic! It has saved these kids several times from being forced to get a job to replace a piece of furniture. I was not a believer at first but now I am. Its cheap and easy and does not require water to clean. Magic!

But I think this blog is long enough today. Check back tomorrow as I clean this mess up with MUST HAVE tips #2 and 3.

And remember, if you like what you heard…spread the word… Our Life In 3D. Thanks!

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