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Donuts for everyone!

Just came from Dr. O’s office. After waiting an hour for my latest PSA results, I walked up to the desk to let them know I was leaving. I had waited an hour already and it was 5 o’clock.

Could you please just call or mail me with the results?” I requested.

She agreed but first checked on them. She came back around the corner and gave me a casual thumbs up, “You’re good” she said.

Good?” I questioned.

She said, “Yes, your PSA’s are less than 0.1, you are good!

Ladies and gentlemen, my tests say I have no more cancer in my body!

Last test.

Last checkup!

Ladies and gentlemen….

Donuts For Everyone!

donutsExcept for my initial drop in my PSA’s, that was the biggest drop yet.

Know what?

I largely cut out my diet sodas for the last 6 weeks….I’m just saying.

But based on those tests I am cancer free!

…and back to working on my immortality!

So how do we celebrate great doctor visits at my house? (at least me)

With Dunkin Donuts...

And you all are invited too! I have plenty for everyone!

Know what?

Tonight I might celebrate a little bit more!

While I never ever felt sick from the cancer, I am feeling pretty good tonight!


First round of donuts are on me!


No, its not my time..

Princesses For A Day…

...smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

You can’t walk into Disney World without hearing the word “Magical“! They are trying to incorporate the word Magical into their brand at Disney. And I tell you they truly succeed at this. From the moments BEFORE you enter the Disney World park, they builds suspense and anticipation…while you are just killing time waiting for the gates to open. Take a look:

That takes place everyday about 10 minutes before the park opens

Well would be more magical than for our two little Princesses to meet the real-live Disney Princesses? Yes, there is a ride for that!

So while we were not on time enough to get the Disney Fast Pass for this attraction we were able to race to the other side of the park the Magic Castle, where it all takes place.

Magic_Kingdom_Magic Castle

Once there, we arranged for our little Princesses to get a room so one by one their adoring Disney Princesses could come by and greet their biggest fans.

Who do you think arrived first?

They were Giddy with excitement!

Anna and Elsa were Giddy with excitement!

The shock or adrenaline of meeting the one and only Elsa and Anna was actually too much for little Skylar at first. She had a meltdown at meeting her favorite celebrity.

Dare I say Froze on the spot!

Dylan was able to compose herself for the task though as Elsa made her appearance:

Magic_Kingdom_Park_D Elsa and AnnaThe joy was evident when they both got to share hugs with their very favorite Princess Anna.

Magic_Kingdom_Park_elsa and anna warm hugsYou could tell Princess Anna was equally thrilled!

Kingdom_Park_d elsa and anna both Frozen

Next came Rapunzel to meet our very own royalty. She bent down to humble herself before our girls:

Magic_Kingdom Rapunzel

Seizing the moment, I broke into my Smolder for Rapunzel:

Carpe Diem!

Carpe Diem!

You could tell she was curiously having fun with the idea but I could tell she had her mind on this guy…

Magic_Kingdom_Park_Rapunzel and Flynn

Next, arriving at our Disney Princess Meet and Greet was none other than Cinderella!

Cindy looks Star-Struck!

Cindy looks Star-Struck!

Our girls were all smiles at meeting the one and only Cinderella.

Magic_Kingdom_Park_Cinderella n Skye

She is simply in awe while meeting Dylan; and rightfully so

She is simply in awe while meeting Dylan; and rightfully so

Treated like royalty, they were presented with the Disney Glass Slipper Award for living their lives (and wardrobes) in “all things Disney”.

Magical Slipper Award!

Disney Glass Slipper Award!

It was really a big deal! They were very excited!

Our girls never did get a chance to meet their first love in Princesses, Princess Ariel. I hear she was some where out to sea.

Magic_Kingdom_Little Mermaid and Prince Eric

The Magic didn’t end with this Meet and Greet though!

When word got around the Magical Kingdom that our girls, were visiting for the first time, the cast from the Briar Patch tracked them down at a Magical Restaurant, the Crystal Palace.

(Folks, if you visit Disney World, Get the Meal Plan, I’ll explain later)

One by one the list of characters dropped by to say hello to our girls during dinner, including you know Pooh…..

Magic_Kingdom_Crystal Palace Winne

Magic_Kingdom_Crystal Palace Tigger

Piglet asked what the girls were wearing?

Piglet asked what the girls were wearing?

Magic_Kingdom_Crystal Palace Eor

And that was just dinner one night!

All in all, Disney World takes the art of ‘making dreams and magical wishes come true‘ an everyday evident. As you can see, our girls were nothing but smiles, thanks to Disney generosity and ingenuity.

Maybe the best example of Disney Magical genius came to life on our last day.

I guess everyone knows about the Frozen phenomenon that has entranced almost every female girl, ages 2 -22 on the planet. It has become a gold mine for its creators. Adding to that is the Frozen songs and soundtrack that most every girl in grade school and Junior High know by heart.


Does every child know these songs?

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_Frozen sing a long

So what could be more Magical to a young girl than singing her favorite Frozen songs along with the Frozen Princesses?  …at the top of her lungs

Would that not be Shangri La for any girl 2-10?

Well Disney took these ‘two great tastes that taste great together’ and made a show out of them in one of their less popular parks, Disney Hollywood Studios.

Do think it is hard to get a ticket for this one? Even the Fast Pass line took 20 minutes to get in.

But could anything be more memorable, more Magical then singing along with Elsa and Anna during their famous movie?

Look for the unbridled smiles on our girls and everyone else at the end of this one:


And our girls got to sing, and smile (did you see those smiles?) and feel like Princesses every day we were there!

Thanks Disney!

You are Magical!

Isn’t this worth it?

A strange thing happened at our house last week.

A fancy, jigunda teal lawn ornament waiting for me when I got home from work

A fancy, jigunda teal lawn ornament waiting for me when I got home from work

What the heck?

And then I found this!

..and the dog out did himself in the hole he dug this time

..,the dog out did himself in the hole he dug this time

I think I need to sit down!

The kids didn't seem to mind!

The kids didn’t seem to mind!

They just like to climb

They just like to climb

Now what?

Enter Mr. Crane

Enter Mr. Crane. Girls, you better get out of the pool!

Up, Up and away...

Up, Up and away…

Navigating through the houses

Navigating through the houses

Opps! someone forgot to open the gate for Mr. Crane

Opps! Someone forgot to open the gate for Mr. Crane

Touch down!

Touch down!

leveling the pool. I didn't plan on my backyard quite looking like this!

Leveling the pool. I didn’t plan on my backyard quite looking like this!

Leveling it already? Really? When the backyard looks like this?

You want me to sod this rough backyard? I didn't feel like smiling

You want me to sod this rough backyard? I didn’t feel like smiling. I felt like crying!

I'm starting to feel better.

I’m starting to feel a little better now.

And that is the evolution of a smile!

And isn't this worth it?

Isn’t this worth it?

And this is just the beginning of our Spring week with the Great Aunt Sue!

The Star (Wars) Treatment


to bring you up to speed on our Magical Disney trip…

First, our girls seemed to disappear on the Tower Of Terror ride. Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_Tower Of Terror Scared !

It turned out that some of the Disney magic fairy dust only shrunk them; they were never really lost.

In order to prevent some sort of a law suit Disney allowed us to star in their upcoming 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride commercial.

Which we did!

They liked us so much for our happy smiles and marketable potential they signed us to contracts to star in future Disney sparfs flicks.


So, on our final day at Disney, they whisked us on a very quick Star Wars promo spot, also a cameo featuring yours truly, and a photo shoot for future auditions.

They paraded us off as our new adoring fans looked on...

They paraded us off like stars as our new adoring fans looked on…

For some reason they thought I was the Yoda character!

As if….

Here we are at our very special Star Wars photo shoot before the scenes were ready to begin…

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_ EntranceIt was awesome! We were treated like Stars! Like Royalty!  With dignity and respect!

Here is more from our Imperial shoot:

OK, well we are still paying our dues in the Star Wars saga it appears.

Then it was off to lunch with the rest of the Star Wars stars a the local Disney studios’ canteen.

Try rushing ahead of that guy in the lunch line! He will give you the look of death; and actually breaths like that ALL THE TIME!

But we couldn’t stay past lunch cause we were trying to get Dylan back for her last day of school.

Disney seemed duly disappointed.

Caught off guard, they didn’t know how to pay us for our work that week on short notice. So they ushered us over to the Future Track building and paid us with some little sports car to tie us over until our next scenes.

Epcot Test Track D

…and on the way out they gave us each a prototype Action Figure set they started working on that morning, telling us they hoped to get them on the shelves before the Christmas holiday.

In Toy Stores by the Christmas rush

In Toy Stores by the Christmas rush

Those cute girls should blow away those Ewok sales figures

My little diva was still not satisfied however. Her new popularity gone to her head evidently. And so we had to put her in Time-Out, Star Wars style, before we hit the road.

Disneys_Hollywood_Studios_handcuffedSo begins hour Disney Hollywood (Studios) career!

I would be happy to sign photos or do guest posts at the going Star Wars cast rates….

Have a great week knuckleheads!

Don’t worry, I only have 200 more Disney pics to drop on you.

I told you I we had a great time for our first visit!

Disney Commercial

Well I know some of you figured out what happened to our kids in the last episode of 3D.

Yes, we were in Disney World so there was a very good chance they were shrunk, with all the magic dust flying  around.

Do you here a buzz?

Do you here a buzz?

Well we spoke to the park managers about our situation to see how they could fix our predicament.

We were not happy at the time!

In an effort to appease us (and they did) they asked us if we would like to be part of a Disney World commercial and some marketing advertising for one of their popular family rides, the 7 Dwarfs Mine Shaft ride.

Somehow I got tagged as the 8th Dwarf!

With out hesitation we agreed. They restored our kids to their original heights. They rushed us off to be with all the other high-priced Disney actors. And we became Disney World stars!

So, ‘Hi-Ho, Hi Ho, its off on an acting adventure we go’ for my family and I now! THIS is really exciting!

And really, who wouldn’t want this good-looking group of big happy smiles advertising their products?

All Smiles!

All Smiles!

Any serious offers please speak to my agent…..

Dylan is counting the offers already!

Dylan is counting the offers already!

 Have a great weekend Knuckleheads!

Enjoy your summer time weather!

I’ll let you know how it is enjoying ‘the Star Treatment’ in the next episode of 3D.


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