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Blog of somewhere Hot…..

Friends, this Christmas season may be tougher than I thought. We just received displays for chocolate drizzled popcorn at work. And if that wasn’t bad enough we also received some white chocolate and cinnamon drizzled popcorn. (sigh)

Forget the chocolate covered pretzels. I will be up a pant size by Thanksgiving! I’ll be the turkey!

You may have heard me sing my theme song “King of Somewhere Hot” from time to time.

“…where I can truly reign supreme,

Somewhere fresh and clean,

Where a man can claim…

I’m the King…

King of somewhere Hot.

Well evidently I may sing it maybe too much?

Saturday, Skylar, my 3 year old, had a cardboard crown from a Burger King happy meal. You know the kind. You piece it together and a tab on the back.

Well she was feeling very friendly Saturday morning and so she went over to our greyhound and put the royal crown on top of his head. And she says,’ You’re the king of somewhere hot Chumley.”


Chumley was ecstatic!

Well no, not really. You see he, our black greyhound,  had just had a duel, a face to face bout, with Skylar’s 2 foot blow up Shark. And he won! So his day had already been made!

Jaws has been caged!

Jaws has been caged!

Compounding the issue of my 3 year old picking up Jimmy Buffett songs is my 5 year old who sings Buffett songs on the way ‘Back to school’.

If the parent police ever find out about my little girls already becoming Parrotheads they may just take my Parent card; or World’s Coolest Dad coffee mug from me.

Another point of interest this weekend is, after much hard work, rearranging, unpacking and tossing out, I  was finally able to park my car in the garage this weekend. No metaphor intended this time.

Getting both our cars in the garage has been a goal, a challenge, or quest ever since we moved in last May. I frankly thought the garage too small. But it fit! Cross it off the list! It fit!

And that, my friends, is the kind of extravagant family activities that have earned me the WordPress Family Award this week!

Presented by: Turquoise Compass

Presented by: Turquoise Compass

Yes, Jessica, at Turquoise Compass really flattered, surprised, and completely dazzled me with the WordPress Family Award.

Since I will probably never get ‘Freshly Pressed’ this may be the closest I get to an award with a WordPress logo.

If you enjoy travel or a coastal read and pictures of turquoise blue water, Jessica has a blog for you! She is a well credited teacher taking a year off to explore the turquoise waters around the globe…I am sooo jealous.


Similarly, another new friend, although she never has told me her name, PeaceLove&GreatCountryMusic honored me with a comparable thrill in recommending me for a Sunshine Award last week.

Thanks Peace Love & Great  Music!

I am smiling over here and happy to know that a few people actually enjoy reading about me and my girls and their crazy shenanigans. I know not everyone can stomach hearing about other people’s kids.

So thank you ladies so much!

And thanks to all of you that drop by and leave a comment to let me know you were here. These things keep me going.  high 5

Now I normally don’t really do awards. For me, they take a lot of my time, as you know how chatty I can be. I have told you everything worth knowing about myself already in previous award speeches. And I really hate passing out an award to a limited number or recipients when all of you are more deserving than I.

But this tribute is to ‘Family’ Bloggers I suppose and so the 50 other coastal, or fitness, or funny, or motivational or Stylish other favorite bloggers I love so much shouldn’t get too offended if I don’t nominate them this one time? Right?

So here are my nominations for favorite Family bloggers that rightfully deserve this award too. You all do a great job where I look forward to hearing about you and your families. And I am sorry I can’t pick all you great moms and dads out there….

Dances with Chaos: This is probably the best mommy / family writer out there in a world of great writers IMHO. Always amusing never dull.

Momma Gets Real: A very funny and candid mother who shares some of the highs and lows of raising her clan.

Don’t We Look Alike: This is a mom and daughter tag team (mostly mom) that write on all the various issues in adoption. The mom, an adoptive mother and the daughter a very talented singer and dancer.

Cuckoo’s Nest : One of my favorites.  Mom does great illustrations of fun in her young family and her future heiress. She is equally gifted in front of as well as behind the camera. And in the kitchen!

Taking The World On With A Smile: Karen is a multiple award winner here in 3D. I probably annoy her with this stuff. She has two great teens that serve as an illustration of what I have to look forward to…if I do things right.

Leeanne Shirtliffe ~ the Ironic Mom: Leeanne is just a very, very funny writer and author of the hilarious new book, “Don’t Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids”.  Her motto is ‘if you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids. She is my go-to source for funny ideas to steal borrow when I have none of my own.

Southern Sea Muse: This is a blog by a southern lady living on the coast. It is not so much about her family but ideas and conversations with ‘the Big Guy‘. Although I truly enjoy when she adds stories about her kids.

Talk To Diana:  Another great read, that is not so much about family and more on business, philanthropy, and helping others. But then I read about the relationship she has with her kids and I know it is all worth it.

Swimming Into My 50’s: Here is a kindred spirit in more ways than one. We both hate being 50. Where I like to Salsa she is actually good at it. Her kids are an extension of her great personality.

Dirty Rotten Parenting: Don’t let the title fool you. She is a great and caring mom who just happens to put a funny spin on things, pointing out we all share the same things with our kids

So Congratulations and thanks to you 10 greaterable (Dylan’s word) Family blogs. I enjoy what you do and look forward to you doing it the next time. If you would like to pay your award forward, let me list a few of the rules:

For the WordPress Family award:

  1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your Blog.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself. (anything)
  4. Nominate 10 Bloggers.
  5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their Blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

Now, if you don’t want to do parts of the above rules I get it. As you can see I am not really a ‘Rules’ guy either. I know it takes time. I know many blogs out there don’t even acknowledge their awards.

On the other hand, why ignore some of your favorite blogs? Why not reach out somewhere and touch someone that touches you? I am sure that would make their day! Right? Its always cool to get (and give) an award.

Or, like my daughter Skylar, or my friend Paris, might say:


“…I don’t care how hard you look.

You won’t find me in a book.

Cause I’m here right on this spot!

The King of somewhere Hot….

**Thanks again Ms. Turquoise and Ms. Country Music!

This is so crazy…

Stop me if you have heard this one before….

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of year… for holiday traditions, gift giving, family, nostalgic songs, the Spirit of Christmas, plus some warm surprises. I hope you are beginning to get in the Spirit! Last year we were surprised with generosity from some very special angels. This year the surprises started this past weekend.

As I scrolled down my Inbox I saw a comment posted in my About page from a very gifted blogger saying I had been nominated for an award. 🙂 I was thrilled to think there was another that actually enjoys what I am doing here, if the thrill of getting a real-live comment was not enough. I click on the link to find out more finding out it is “Blog Of The Year Award“! Wow! Thank you so much Meiro! That’s amazing!

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

As I scrolled down Mei’s Nomination page I actually scrolled past an award she won prior to her winning the Blog Of The Year Award, the Lovely Blog Award (much deserved again Mei) only to find she had nominated this award for my blog as well. I never got the memo! “This is crazy“, I thought. There must be some mistake.

I was sitting here trying to think what nice words to say back to Mei, blushing the whole time. What an honor! I thought, please, my stuff is not that good. Everyone’s blog I read is better than mine; from creativity to punctuation. For someone that has out grown what other people think this made me feel very humble and appreciative.

I don’t read books or poetry. I hated English. My wife proofread all my essays in school. But people in the past have always encouraged me to write. So this, in a world of expert writers in WordPress, most have which have been Freshly Pressed,


this kinda was like some sort of badge of honor, so to speak, being  nominated from someone with so much more of a special gift than I do. I’m still glowing.

So, if I haven’t lost you, I had to think how I was going to graciously accept these awards. I know a lot of people don’t. But, ‘Badge of Honor’ and all that stuff, plus the fantasy that someday I might actually get paid to write means I would love to accept these awards as well as acknowledge and honor Meiro for her gracious nominations. But how can you do two different awards at once? Hmmm?

Take a look at the award responsibilities:

The Lovely Blog Award:

The Rules are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. <http://meirozavian.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/nominated-for-awards/. >
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

and the Blog Of The Year Award:


1.  Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2.  Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen
there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required
and ‘present’ them with their award.

3.  Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award


and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4.  Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award
and share the ‘rules’ with them

5.  You can now also join our Facebook group
click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then
you can share your blog with an even wider audience

6.  As a winner of the award
– please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award
– and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Unlike other awards which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ‘1 star’ award
and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star.

There are a total of 6 stars to collect.

Which means that you can check out your favorite blogs
and even if they have already been given the award by someone else
you can still bestow it on them again and help them to reach the maximum 6 stars!

 For more information check FAQ on The Thought Palette 

Got all that?

So, the following are 7 things about me. I think I also need to nominate at least 15 bloggers too, some of which have been nominated before, hence giving them another star. If you see your blog mentioned please consider yourself nominated for one or more of these awards above…and collect some stars. I would love to nominate ALL the great blogs I follow, as you are all deserving. You really are. But would take all week!

1. I actually have stolen some things. I have been following various blogs for over a year and realized people are on WordPress for various reasons. Some like to write and some like to actually blog, which can be  different a skill. To me, some of the very best bloggers are Leeanne at Ironic Mom and Susie Lindau and her Wild Ride. These ladies are fun and funny and you can’t wait to see what they concoct next. I’ve stolen several ideas from Leeanne. I was going to steal something from Susie very shortly. Thanks ladies!I have stolen so many ideas and reblogs from the Ironic Mom..Shhh, she doesn't need to know!

2. I hate to read. I think I covered this. If it has pictures it will draw me in. There are a few great blogs with some stunning imagery backed with equally illustrative words. These blogs I followed just by finding their home page. Congratulations Esenga’s Voice, Meiro and Southern Sea Muse. You achieved what school, parents and spouses failed to do, creating images in my mind with words.Mei's blog is very captivating...

Mei’s blog is very captivating…

3. My Hobbies include Travel, Finance, Ball Card collections, Writing and Fitness, from weights to running to biking. My age, lack of time and some shoulder deterioration have affected my fitness goals in recent years. When it seems easy to just throw in the towel and accept my mortality, I remember the following two great examples that prove amazing fitness can be still be achieved at my age. Cassie at 43Fitness and Gym Rock Star I really admire and look up to.

4. This blog was started to share the stories of my two amazing daughters. Many of you may not know I have 2 since the oldest is the main character here; the fun talker and attention getter.

exhibitionist . dancing during parade

My youngest may be her opposite yet still a gem; loving, super photogenic, and smart. When she begins speaking clearly watch out!


There was a time we thought we would never have kids. Through series of IVF’s I prayed for years. Reluctantly, I decided to stop praying for one more year. My prayers were never answered. Instead, they were blown away beyond any ideas of what being a Dad could be. I never knew you could love a child this much!

The ‘brand’ of my blog has led to other similar blogs that illustrate their love for their kids. Karen, at Taking On Life With A Smile, Laura at Parenting Creative Kids, Don’t We Look Alike and A Happy Mess are all great blogs from parents that also cherish their kids.

5. I Really Love Christmas! I do love the fall with the cooler air and outdoor activities. Being a beach bum, I love the summer too. I love the winter and its cold air. But I really love Christmas! I’m not satisfied until my house looks like a Christmas Village. I would give gifts to everyone I know if it was possible. I found 2 blogs that actually echo my love for Christmas. They are both by the same person I believe. If you want some Christmas ideas, meanings, imagery, and spirit check out Christ!  Christmas and Christ! X-Mas. They She does a great job and I go back everyday to see whats new. chateau-default

6. This time last year I was unemployed.  I was unemployed for our youngest’s first Christmas. In the spirit of the season, we were visited by two ANGELS. Yes, two different people gave us more resources to spend on our two little girl’s Christmas than we would have spent on them ourselves. We were amazed and touched at their generosity. Yes, they do exist! Plus the girls were blessed with gifts from 4 grandmothers. I wasn’t working but these girls did not miss a thing.

the kids' Christmas

Similarly, in this wonderful Holiday season, tragedy has struck two of my favorite bloggers, Erin and Derek. Knowing things seem to happen in threes, Lets all say a prayer for these two writers as we move forward in this season of love, family and giving.

7. I love to help people. I’m a ‘helper’…to a fault. If there is something I can do to lend a hand I will lend both. Similar to the Angels above, I love to help make people smile. There are so many down things going on that can get you , ah…down. I would rather smile and be contagious.One group I volunteer for, the Lowcountry Orphan Relief. If you look closely that word is 'pencils'.

Christmas card from the Lowcountry Orphan Relief  charity

But I am an amateur compared to one special blogger, Sufey at sufey@SufeySuryananadi. Her whole blog is happy and smiles. There isn’t any one blog with more smiles then hers. Check out her ray of sunshine some rainy day. You’re gonna smile!

No blog I have seen has more smiles, from more places than Sufey

No blog I have seen has more smiles, from more places than Sufey

That’s it my friends! If you made it all the way here to the end, thank you. If any of these blogs match an interest of yours, please check out their blog.

Have a great week and weekend! You do great work! Keep it up…


~Thanks again Ms. Mei!

It happened one dark and stormy night (part II)

It happened one dark and stormy night. Everything was still. There was an eerie silence throughout the house. Rain hit the glass like a mad man tapping on the panes. The only light visible was that emitted from the computer screen. There was this one hip lady, and a coupla of her band kids. Her hair looked like a James Bond heroine. Her smile said there was more to the book than the glossy cover. She was completely unaware I was reading her! And then it happened.

There, at the bottom of her page I saw it. It was my name. She had actually found me. Me! My blog! Someone actually noticed! And this hip lady decided to tell everyone about herself and then about me….and all the others.

I clenched my shoulders from the naked feeling I was getting. I felt defenseless. Everyone had to have seen this by now; or will see this…..and what she had given me; what we shared.  It wouldn’t be a secret any longer. And few people will understand. Everyone now will know about (sigh)…..my Liebster Award.

My friend and fellow fellow blogger, Laura Lamere surprised and honored me with a Liebster Award. Laura writes Parenting Creative Kids, a great blog about managing, encouraging, and supporting her teenagers as they explore their creative sides in bands and other activities. She literally built a great resource for parents that wish to support their kids in the arts.

In receiving the award Laura notes that the Liebster Award is usually given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers and that “liebster” is a German word meaning “dearest”. There has to be a mistake here….

Well, I don’t feel like an up and comer. I just finished my first year. More like a down and treading water(er). I don’t have the time to promote a blog, write something interesting everyday, nor make any money off this stuff. So this is as good as its gonna get. That’s why I really appreciate Laura choosing my blog for this great award. I am honored, humbled (she writes so much better than me), and very, very appreciative. Dang, she makes at least 6 people now that might enjoy this blog!

To accept the award, I must follow these rules:

  1. Post 10 things about myself;
  2. Answer the 10 questions the person giving the award has set;
  3. Create 10 questions for the people I have chosen to receive the award;
  4. Choose  people to award, send them a link to my post, and go to their page and tell them;

Answers from Laura’s blog for the Award nominees:   

What is your most cherished possession?
I think you know the answer to this. They are my kids. They completely scramble your list of priorities and what’s really  important. You are probably getting tired of hearing this, aren’t you?

    What song(s) would you choose as the soundtrack to your life?

Rush ~ Working Man    

 Billy CurringtonPeople Are Crazy
ELO’s ~ Hold On Tight (To Your Dreams)
Jimmy Buffett’sOne Tin Chalice
Jimmy Buffett’s ~ We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
Jimmy Buffett’s ~ Chansons Pour le Petites Enfants

    At what moment did you realize you weren’t a kid anymore?

I am still a kid, much to the frustration of my spouse! I actually received some AARP spam mail last year when I turned 50. What a bubble burster! That added a lot of weight to my wife’s argument.

    Which of Shakespeare’s plays is your favorite and why?
This is embarrassing, and please don’t take away my blog card, but I don’t know any Shakespeare. I think I may have read Shakespeare in way back in college. I would say the Iliad and the Odyssey, since the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou” is based off of it? That’s one of my favorites. Or did someone else write that?

    What is your key to happiness?
This will sound funny, but my key is when everything is crossed off my list. When there are not more things to get done I can be a better husband. A better father. And be an easier me on me. Then I can relax and be happy. Of course…. it would be nice if I were relaxing in 5000 sq foot house……along the coast……in the Caribbean. My happiness could be happier then!

This would make me happy

     Horror or Science Fiction?
Luv ‘em both but Sci Fi all the way. Funny story about how I knew I was a decent writer. Back in high school we had to write an alternative ending to an Isaac Asimov sci-fi book. My English teacher liked mine so much he gave me an ‘A’ and wrote on the back of the paper…”This is excellent! Where have you been all my life”. I didn’t write again for years!

    Did you take piano lessons and do you still play? Why or why not?
I was horrible at music as a kid. I flunked the trials of Violin and the flutaphone in grade school. Never the piano. I did sing a duo over the radio in my church choir as a youngster.

     Favorite grilled food?

Mmmm…food! My default answer is chicken of some sort or sauce. Its most of anything I ever eat off the grill. Possibly, if I was at the restaurant of my choice, it might be a big piece of Blackened Tuna

     What is the most unusual thing that’s ever happened to you?

Another tough one. Most of the really bizarre stuff is kinda negative and you really don’t want to hear about that. I literally had a mysterious male stalker one time that was pretty bizarre. Howabout Ghosts? One time in the middle of the night, before we had kids, my wife and I were woke up to the sound of the bath tub filling up at a record pace. The spout was wide open and the noise woke us up from two rooms away. It was 3:00am. WTH? Another time a picture hanging on the wall fell off in the middle of the night. We were baffled. I am sure there are other more interesting things than that though. …I’m not really that exciting, huh?

     How do you communicate with family?

Emails and phone calls. I may be looking at emails at night and instead of showing or asking my wife about one I will  actually email her work. We get phone calls from my parents once a week. And emails from my brother and sister occasionally. We are not great communicators.

What is the first thing on your bucket list? Why?

I don’t know if by first thing it’s the most important listing or the next one to accomplish. The most important one is to own a B&B. I love to cook especially some fancy breakfasts, entertain, and put on a show. I get that from my Hospitality background. Most importantly I love meeting nice, fun, interesting people. Some of you may know this by now. How better to have all these things than by running a brothel B&B by the sea? Or in the mountains? Possibly the next thing on the list to accomplish might be our trip to Scotland….in a few years though.

Now I am supposed to tell you 10 interesting things about myself. But I have offered this on previous awards and a series of ‘Tagged’ that went around last year. I just don’t have anything else to offer that you haven’t heard before. I’m not that interesting!

Instead, on the one year anniversary of 3D this week, I thought it might be fun to see what sheer Liebster brilliance has evolved and view some of the 10 quasi-interesting facts from of my Stats:

  1. The most viewed post of the past year came from someone other than me. Breezyk’s post on her love for the treadmill was my most viewed post last year. ~ Check her out at the Camel Life. She’s great! In fact, her guest post was also my highest viewed day in 3D. My second most popular post came from another guest blogger, Janice of Daily Dose. Posts I actually write come in after 6 or 7 on the chart…on my own blog. 😦  Thank goodness for celebrity bloggers and these two young ladies from Toronto!
  2.  After you take away my deux celebrity posts, and clicks on my Categories pages, the second most viewed posts I have are actually pictures! Lol, I must really suck. These pages pop up as they are the result of my two top ‘Searches’: ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills Wedding’ photo appeared on a post Tightwad Tuesdays: Aim For a Soft Landing, where I preach financial advice,

The Beverly Hills Housewives will bring fancy guests to your blog


Another blatant attempt at more viewers

Weekend at Bernie’s’ picture where I resemble the cadaver that spends a weekend with some teens. It just screams, “somebody whack me in the head”!

3.  My third most viewed post was actually a ‘reblog’ from Ironic Mom on finding you blues alter ego, Fat Sugar Lee.

4.  When you get down to a post I actually wrote, the most viewed post is a DYLANism called What a Surprise. I am glad people liked this. It’s one of my all-time favorite DYLANisms and really showed her worth to this blog.

5.  Searches: the most popular Search Term was the ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ followed by 3 variations of the ‘Housewives of BH’. Then people found my blog because somebody out there was looking for Poppy Montgomery Naked; a lot!

Yet another sleazy attempt for more views

Sorry, I have her mostly clothed in my Tagged II post.  Bedtime Stories and Shel Silverstein’s poem snowball was a real popular search term also. ‘Belle and Beast sex’ led someone to me, as well as: ‘get on the bed while i check your bare bottom then give you a smacked bottom’. Yes, that was a search term that found me.

6.  My favorite Search Term however was: ‘does andy at “our life in 3d” have a tight wad’. Thanks Ironic Mom! She search bombed me. At least I think it was her. A close second search was, ‘andy of “our life in 3d” is a great dad.’ Awww. Truly a Liebster moment! What? I didn’t google that!

7.  The top 3 countries with the most views come from Canada, the UK and India. Canada does contain some of my favorite bloggers BreezyK and Janice are but a few. It does look like my blog has reached a good 75% of the world in over 66 countries. Who would have thought ‘Poppy Montgomery’s legs naked’ would be so popular?

8.  The most used ‘click’ from inside my blog was for nothrowaways.wordpress.com, a regular follower and great Dad too. More people clicked on his gravatar and visited his blog than any other link on my site.

And now for a word from  our sponsor:

9. The person leaving me the most Comments (that I did not bribe or stalk) is Derek Mansker from the blog ..drum roll please…nothrowaways.wordpress.com! What?

Bloggers, there is something to be learned here. If you want people to visit your blog more often all you have to do is leave ME a comment or a ‘like’ and they will come running! See how well it worked for Derek? And there is no charge for this great marketing for your blog.

10. The post with the Most Comments on was Tagged II’. But I used a subtle trick, that I apparently forgot about since. At the end of the post I offered Two Truths and a Dare, borrowed from Master Blogger, Ironic Mom, where I offer readers two truths and a lie and invited them to decide which one was the lie.

So, in breaking with the rules of the Liebster I would like to invite 10 Liebster nominees to do 2 Truths and a Dare on your blog. ~ It is sooo much less time consuming.

The rules are you write two things about yourself that are true and one thing that is false and then you (the readers) have to guess which one is false. Can you do that?

I will start off. Readers, which one of these to you think is false?

1) I am good friends with the drummer in Godsmack
2) I have more speeding tickets than you and your whole family and actually lost my license once because of speeding.
3) My two wonderful daughters are not mine.

Which one is false?

Now this is the part I hate. I read many more blogs than 10. It is hard nominating only 10 bloggers for any award. I am using the “less than 200 followers” as a filter here to help narrow down some choices. And if I have nominated you before I may skip you this time. Again, if I missed you I am sorry. Ten blogs I would nominate for the Liebster Award and complete the Two Truths and a Dare are:

Still Learning To Be ~ Smart and Stronger than nails! Plus the closest thing to a celebrity that I know

Running Around In The Land Of Lincoln ~ a fun Lawyer, Mom and Runner

What Up Chickenbutt ~ she’s fun, fitness and a restaurant manager. So was I

Little Bit Of This and That ~ because I owe here

Meiro ~ Very visual and poetic

Purple Calabash ~ A cooking blog from South Africa, glossier than you could imagine. check out her Chillers!

Esenga’s Voice ~ wonderful pictures with a well written meaning

43 Fitness / Lifting My Spirit ~ Two inspiringly fit moms (at my age) making waves on stage

Analyfe ~ an up-and-coming business whiz and great writer

Southern Sea Muse ~ Coastal living in a blog. I love it!

Parenting Creative Kids  (gotcha anyway!)

Congratulations on your Leibster Awards and doing the great job that you do! And thanks again Laura for reading my stuff.

Do you know which line in my 2 Truths and a Dare is false?


A Beautiful Surprise!

Surprises can be good. And sometimes surprises can be horrible. It has been awhile since I received any sort of good surprise from my writing or blog. However Nadia, at “A Little Bit Of This And That”, changed all that as she included and surprised me in her handing out her “Beautiful Blogger Awards”.

Yes, I was surprised, delighted, kinda amazed, embarrassed, flattered, and ever so grateful to know someone likes what I am trying to do in this blog. Thanks so much Ms. Nadia!

If you have never visited Nadia at “A Little Bit Of This And That” please check her out. She is a fairly new blogger. She is younger (than me) and writing about all the new, fresh observances from her part of the world, the UK. It’s amazing how much we still have in common. ~ After all, she’s a “Beautiful Blogger” herself 🙂 . Check her out!

So now there are some obligations I need to take care of in order to fully embrace this award. These duties, as I’ve been told are that I must:

A) Write ten interesting things about myself, B) Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve this award, C) Let them know about the nomination!

First, I understand the word “Interesting” is a subjective term, so please bear with me. You really don’t want to know what my favorite movies, songs or artists are, do you? Second, I now need to come up with 7 ‘interesting’ things about me that you don’t already know (I’m such an open book). So let me think about this a second…….hmmm. Let me get started:

10 Things about me:

1)     I love to travel. So it was with great joy when our two daughter’s Passports arrived in the mail this week. My next project might be a travel blog.

World travelers

2)     Yes, I am a beach bum. I love the coast. I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love the sun on my skin and a cool breeze running through my hair. I love the colors of the ocean; and the sea / sand combination. I love the coastal way of life. We have traveled to many scenic places and loved everyone. Ireland was unforgettable! But we always find time to travel to the Caribbean each year.

3)     I am actually an Introvert. I rate INTJ on the Myers / Briggs Personality Test. Conversely, I love to cook and write as some of my creative outlets which some would call extroversive. I love creativity in any size, shape, or form. That’s why I read your blogs! They are really the only thing that I actually read as I hate to read. Reading is like work to me.

4)     I used to make my own beer, which goes hand in hand with loving to cook, as you had to follow detailed instructions. It was closer to a chemistry experiment. Honey Raspberry, Belgium Wheat, and Maple Oatmeal Stout were my favorites. Now, with two young ones, my hobby has turned to making ice cream. Oreo Cookie Mint is my new favorite along with a lemon sorbet in the summer.

Part of the set, carboy and returnable bottles. Everything has to be sanitized

5)     I would love to be a standup comedian but I have the same problem with speaking in front of crowds as most people.

6)     I had 4 high school track records when I graduated high school. I also played football and wrestled in high school.  I think wrestling is the best sport in high school and kept at it until my shoulders started to go bad.

7)     In 1998 the Bone Doctor said I had the shoulders of a 70 year old man. I have no cartilage in them now and my rotator cuff has to navigate through a channel of bone spurs. If it sounds painful it was. He said my shoulders would need replaced but I was too young to do it at the time. He told me “my days in the gym, as I know them, were over”.  I was crushed! I was never to lift anything over my head again. Never being one to listen to authority, I continue to go to the gym but listen to my body. I don’t lift anything over my head but can still do 35lb front dumbbell raises and push 225lbs on a seated bench-press, which I am kinda proud of with these old man shoulders. ~ Glucosamine really, really does work!

8)     As far as a ‘Beautiful Blogger’ goes, my feet have been a well-kept secret! I have a beat up big toe on my left foot from work. I have a monkey-looking small toe on my right foot that was broken last year while I was cleaning up the kid’s toys. And an arthritis knot behind my big toe on my right foot that makes me buy shoes a size bigger than what I need. In a word ‘scarey-looking‘. But these feet ‘of a 70 year old’ are the only thing I have that keep me running!

I thought I might ride my bike for a while

9)     Personally, I found being a parent is the greatest joy you can experience. It changes you. It really does. I cried more the first month of being a father than I ever did. For no reason! I was never like that….about kids. Things that used to matter to you aren’t as important any more.

We’ll keep you safe…

But it isn’t all fun and games! It can be very bi-polar at times.

Eating the lip gloss again!

But our two really are gifts from God. They found us. Literally.

Kids are a gift!

10) I am soooo not hip anymore. I thought they said in the song, “I got the moves like that, I got the moves like that” in that one new song. My wife explained to me they actually sing, “I got the moves like Jagger. I got the moves like Jagger”. I am so not hip anymore!

I have been doing this blog for going on 9 months now. I have ran across many blogs that I enjoy reading and following myself along this time. As I said, they are the only thing I read.

Some of the reasons I follow some blogs are that they parallel my interests or hobbies, mostly around fitness. I follow others because the writers are just very fun, interesting people. A few others are some great people I am cheering for or otherwise trying to support. Also I find there are some very good writers out there that  have a great command and creative use of the English language, where they can offer blogs that always are fun, optimistic and upbeat.

All these (you) bloggers are great at what they (you) do. You are All Award Winners for your great writing skills you have! But I wanted to recognize a few of my favorites (it’s the Award duty) from that last group symbolizes Beautiful Bloggers to me. They are the ones I look forward to reading each day. So here are some of my choices for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I bowel down to their awesomeness :

Life, Underestimated & Overanalysed: written by a talented young lady that loves to travel, jot down her own ideas on writing, and even writes some original material…when she’s not buying shoes. Her blog flows like a professional of paperback novels. This Brown-eyed miracle girl first caught my attention when she was describing some daily activities while in Italy last year. She literally made me feel like I was there…and want to visit sometime soon! This is who I would like to do a travel blog with!

Southern Sea Muse: One click shows why I enjoy this blog. She is another take on coastal living. She’s fun, upbeat, always scenic and helps take me to her little part of the coast. Its just the blog for me when I want to get away.

idrankthecfkoolaid: actually has parts of all the reasons I follow blogs I listed above. It is done by a young lady doing the Cross Fit Challenge. Additionally, she is a wife and mother and still finds time to do the fitness and then write about it. Phew! What I like is it’s not all  peppy and cheery all the time. She has her up days and down days just like the rest of us. And she’ll let you know. What I like most about her blog is that she finds 101 ways to be awesome, reminding us we all have our awesome moments. A more recent gem: Sweat is just liquid awesomeness! Check her out and find YOUR Awesomeness!

Taking The World On With A Smile!: Is a blog I think I honored once before. She does a great blog in her part of New York; her observances, thoughts, pet peeves, and kids. She writes every Sunday. And then, every week, everyone one of her ‘Commenters’ literally wants to give her a hug. Really! I do too! But then people would talk.

Lolabees: One click on her web site and you can see why I like it. But the coastal pic isn’t it. It’s like looking out an open window on a spring afternoon. Lola enjoys traveling, great dining and a tequila connoisseur  (more passions of mine). Plus, she is in search of a new career path, which I can empathize with too. She’s fun and fresh, upbeat and optimistic. She leaves a Dental background and has lots of fun with that topic, i.e. “Ten Reasons Why Your Dentist Hates You”. Or “Ten Reasons Dental School….ahh….was not for her.”

If  / when you check out any of these blogs tell them 3D says Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Thanks again to Ms. Nadia for this honor. I hope everyone has the best weekend yet! Keep up your beautifulness!

It was a dark and stormy night

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain bounced off the windows like dozens of Skittles hitting the floor. The aroma of the dinner I prepared hung in the air like a paper mill’s bouquet at daybreak. The house creaked eerily with the pounding of the rain and the wind. It was late. It was dark. As my eyes scanned all around, one could only wonder what would happen next.

Then ‘next’ happened. A mysterious message from a Goddess came across the phone lines proclaiming some good news. She told me…….she chose ME to receive her version of the Liebster award!

Yes, SWM, Domestic Goddess (or at least pretending to be), liked my stuff enough to offer her award to 3D! I was both honored and surprised. The Domestic Goddess was one of the very first blogs I signed on for when I joined WordPress. She was a stay at home parent, like I was. I hoped to learn from her ideas, routine, innovations and kid activities to survive in my new role. And, like many others I follow, was also involved in some fitness and health activities creating another area of mutual interest. I hope you are still doing great there as well SWM! I am so honored for her to have chosen me as she writes so much better than me. She creates a fun, easy read that I look forward to in hopes of gaining some of a Goddess’s Godly insight into my mortal problems issues with the raising the kids.

So thank you SWM, Domestic Goddess! I really appreciate it! And I want to say to you “keep up your good work.”  Do yourself a favor and check her blog out if you haven’t already. It’s my first writing recognition…positive writing recognition that is! Thank goodness for this thing called ‘spell check’ and a wife that’s a English minor or else these blogs would make no sense!

So  in going with the tradition of the Liebster Award I have to follow some rules:

The rules of the Liebster Award are:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog

2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you

3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog

4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed (see below!)

5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

Like SWM said, Rule # 4 is hard since I really don’t know how many readers the blogs I follow have.  So I am going to name a few here. In genera,l I really don’t follow the high volume blogs. Don’t know why.

Another part to Rule 4 is that some of the blogs I would recommend at this point I have done so already in past week’s Tagged posts. While they are still some of my favorites, funny, creative, and motivating, I really don’t feel like I should embarrass Cafe 23, The Camel Life or  The Healthy Fit Diva, again. Trust me, there stuff is good and I look forward to each new post. Give these ladies some applause!

So I have a wide variety in my family of blogs that I read and look forward to. A gothic seamtress, a pastor, a Mom with teenagers (capital M), a nomad, and another Mom with grown ones that I sometimes defer to for answers.I read several other fun, motivational blogs t be sure. However I just feel I have gotten to know these bloggers a little bit over the last few months from comments here and at there blog. They are all great people and I feel I have something in common with all of them, which is part of the draw

So here they are, my fav. five blogs worth a visit. Give them a big ‘hello’ at their blogs:

1)  NoThrowaways, This blog is written by a Pastor. Now I can tell you I do not have the relationship with God as I should. Derek’s blogs can help a bit with those voids.  He is also a Dad with four happy and amazing kids. I often think of him when my energy runs out. How could I ever handle four? He does a great job with four and a job and a blog and more. He does a great job, with some great stories and pictures of smiling happy kids.

2) Taking The World On With A Smile, I don’t know Karen as much as some others I blog with.  But knowing her as much as I do I feel like she is so much like myself. Or someone I grew up with. She sounds like people at home. Her local pictures remind me of home. She has two great kids in their early teens and I hope mine turn out as level headed as hers. She blogs once a week (which is another thing I may have in common with her) , writes very inspiring and upbeat posts. Check her out!

3) Lazy Subcultural Girl, is possibly the most diverse blogger I follow. She’s a sewing addict, which I know nothing about. She has a great, yet sarcastic sense of humor, which I love. My favorite features of hers are…….’Headbanging Fridays’ (gotcha), which I love and ‘Sci-fi Sundays’, which I love. Quite possibly my WordPress soul mate here. She has a few kids but they are not much more than some speed bumps in her blogs and a husband which she lovingly refers to as “the Hubs”. Oh, and she currently has purple hair. Too cool!

4) Raw Emotional Writer, is a straight forward, honest writer. That is the best I can describe her as I am not quite sure who she is yet. I do know she is a bit a of a nomad that has lived in Jamaica, the US and Germany. She doesn’t paint rosey pictures all the time (life is not rosey all the time) but does speak her mind. She has very interesting posts and if you ever want a friend on WordPress she would be a good choice.

5) Jing Hu, is a new blog I follow. I find that she doesn’t post that often but when she does its really interesting things. Most recently I just stole a HITT running workout from her web site and loved it the next weekend in the gym. She has other interesting travel pics in a fun, easy to read blog. “加油!” (Go for it!)

and last but not least,

6) Worry Warts Guide to Sex, Weight, and Marriage, first of all, if the title to her blog doesn’t grab your interest from the start, her pen name will, Diary of a Wimpy Mom. But I don’t see this lady as wimpy. She talks about all topics, has some great travel pictures stories, and occasionally talks about her great kids and the road to getting them there. If there is a blog that I read to learn things or gain more knowledge, it would be hers. And yet, I still have not learned read about anything about Sex, Weight, and Marriage from this blog. Hmmmm?

Thanks again SWM for your consideration of my blog! I apologize for the length of time its taken me to acknowledge this wonderful award. You have inspired me to try to live up to your praise. Thanks!

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