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I may need some more rest…..

Hello everyone!

How is your winter going?

If I hear one remark about ‘global warming’ this summer I may choke someone!

Yes we have been bundled up, like the rest of you this winter, and not being as busy as we would like.

But finally this past week we had a wee bit of good news. Dylan received her 3rd report card for the year.  That’s right, all A’s again. She did great! She even received the highest marks in PE and Music.

Possibly the best news on the survey though was on the back of the report card where the teacher rates everyone on Personal and Interactive skills. Dylan received all A’s there as well. Her teacher goes on to mention, “Dylan is at, or above grade level, in all areas. She shows leadership daily in all activities in the class room.”

You go girl! We are so proud of her! ~There’s some new news, right?

So Friday she asked if she could go to Chucky Cheese and help ‘celebrate with her sister and a few of her friends from school. Sure we thought? She’s earned it and she also has a big day coming up.

She had a great time! She played with her friends. Ate some pizza. Collected a gazillion tickets from playing the games. It was a lot of fun…

Its like old times here..in this ride...

Its like old times here..in this ride…

Dylan's first time to Chucky's just before her first birthday

Dylan’s first time to Chucky’s just before her first birthday

Carrying on and having fun..


girls being girls

girls being girls

Saturday she invited those same school friends to our now monthly ‘Vacation’ Bible School at our church. Again, they had a good time, making crafts, playing games and decorating cupcakes I hear. (Skylar was using the icing for lipstick). She was worn out!

Sunday was Stingray Hockey night again! Dylan had won the ‘trifecta’ by reading 3 books in one week, good enough for free tickets to the local hockey team. So she and I spent Sunday afternoon at the hockey game. Dylan claims she is getting to be quite an expert at getting around our local coliseum with so many trips that she has made there recently. .(2 hockey games, the circus, and helping daddy with an American Lung Cancer event there.) She insisted I was going the wrong way in the parking lot at one point

All in all it was a pretty fun, busy, and rewarding weekend for me. Ahhh, I mean a fun weekend for her! Lots of good clean fun! Now, the only thing she has left to look forward to is her BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

…I may need to get to bed early tonight!

DYLANism: Was that a trick question?

The other day at the book fair mommy bought Dylan and Skylar one of those discovery books, The X WHY Z Book Of Understanding. It is a cute book designed for youngsters to help them understand why certain things work the way they do but also foster the understanding that for everything there is a reason. Make sense?

For instance, on one page it talks about why we get goosebumps, why we have eye brows and why we have boogers…Yes, it says boogers!

So Mommy likes to read these to  the girls but sometimes will ask them why FIRST just to get them thinking about it. So she asks Dylan, “Why do skunks stink?

Dylan enthusiastically chimes in right away with the right answer, “Its because Skunks don’t wipe their butt! No animal wipes their butt and that’s why they stink! Hey mommy, was that a trick question?


Thursday morning I was getting ready for work and Dylan was sitting on the chair where I sit and tie my shoes. She was playing with those foam, skin colored cups that mommies sometimes where when their shirts are too thin and someone may see through them.

So I explained to Dylan what the cups were for (or at least what I THOUGHT they were for. I still can’t figure out all this girlie-girl stuff). So Dylan gets a grin and decided to put them in place under her shirt.

I smiled and went along with the idea, looking at my little girl growing up. She maneuvered  them in place, kinda overlapping each other and said, “Nah, I don’t like them. I don’t like the way they look.”

Disappointed she felt that way I helped her take them out from beneath her shirt, sensing some chagrin about attempting this in the first place.

But being the happy and optimistic kid she always has been, she places a cup on top of her head and quips, “But they sure do make a nice hat!


Like Daddy, like daughter!

My girlfriend

I have a confession to make.

I have a girlfriend. (shhhhhh) Yep, that’s right. She is thee Best! In fact we even went out on a date last night and I am not to afraid to tell you about it because we had such a GREAT time! We always do! Actually, we had a few rendezvous’ Saturday. Our dinner date was just the topper.

We regularly share a special moment each morning on my way to work (and her way to school) and I always try to make some time for her at the end of the night and ‘give her a kiss and tuck her in.’ She smiles when I do this of course and tries to think of any and all reasons for me NOT to leave her and say good night at the end. She is quite good at this actually.

Here is a copy of the last precious mail she sent me earlier this week:

daddy's card

Can’t see it too good? That’s because she is generally soft-spoken in nature. A real jewel but soft-spoken.  She is asking me if I want to share an ice cream sandwich with her. Can you make out a ‘I love you’ there towards the bottom?

Earlier in the day we had talked about upcoming summer getaways, where we would like  to go, when,  where and we also looked at some pictures of some paradise, envisioning her and her other two favorite girls coming along with us! Nice! It was fun to imagine. The plans are still in the works.

So, last night Mom’s stomach was full at dinner time and she said “why don’t you all fend for yourself”. Seeing a golden opportunity, I quickly asked my girl friend if she would like to go out on a date. All smiles, she nodded her head Yes!

Our youngest wanted to stay with Mom so off I ran out the door for a cozy date at her favorite watering hole.

We had a great time! No, the best once-in-a-lifetime time! So good in fact that I couldn’t keep this special time all to myself. So, if you can keep a secret, here are some pics from our date:

date 3


date 2

All this while we were waiting for our dinner to be served. We had a blast. Everyone should have a girlfriend like the one I got!

And this date was just the topper for the day. I mentioned how we went on another outing or two Saturday. One of our dates was to the Circus in town. We had a special time there at’ the Greatest Show on Earth‘. It was Ok!  (future blogs are in the mix).

Yes, we hit the circus on a prearranged date, along with my other girlfriend:


One can only wonder, ‘How good can this get?’

After the circus we went out to my favorite BBQ spot, the succulent and saucy Alabama BBQ of Jim and Nicks. It was D-Lish! (shhhh, it had been my secret wish to go there the whole time!)

We had such a good time everyone went home to bed afterwards…. And took some naps. I can really tire my ladies out!

Have a great week everyone! Pencil in a date with your special someone(s)!

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