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The Great Aunt Sue

Well,if you have been following many of you have mentioned the nice pictures lately. They are due to the Great Aunt Sue!

My sister Sue loves to come down and spoil the girls (and be a kid) as often as she can. She checked into our B&B about 2 weeks ago and every one had a blast! We love it when she visits as its kinda a vacation for my wife and I…

Catching some zzz's at the beach

Catching some zzz’s at the beach

as she takes over entertaining the kids (and we don’t have to pay her!)

Rather than bore you with my commentary, poor jokes and bad typing I thought I would just tell the story with a few more of her pictures.

First, Aunt Sue is an amateur photographer, with a camera that puts mine to shame. Her’s takes pictures when you press the button! She loves to take pictures and we are the benefactors of them. I mean she took 100’s of pictures! And that was just at dinner the first night.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to the Great Sue!

Welcome to our house Aunt Sue!

Welcome to our house Aunt Sue!

The girls got to practice their dancing…


And they also went to the park a few times.


Dylan literally climbes like a monkey…


…dress or no dress!

The girls also got a chance to go to the local pool.

Being the beginning of summer Dylan had lost some of her nerve in swimming that she had from last fall in Jamaica…


But it didn’t take long to get it back!


It wasn’t long before that fearless, crazy girl showed up again!

Five years old an Fearless!

Five years old and Fearless!

You do remember that fearless girl from Jamaica last fall, right?

Skylar had never been the water lover Dylan is, although she loves it too!


She just hasn’t had as many opportunities to practice her swimming, being 2 years younger.


But with the help of our Great Aunt Sue new Nanny she found her inner fish too!


The girls also got to play dress up!


Then! Dress up like divas!


Don’t know who to blame for this, Great Aunt Sue or the new nanny!


There was even a Gladys Knight sighting….

Her Supreme's imitation: "Stop! In the name of love..."

Her Supreme’s imitation: “Stop! In the name of love…”

The girls were all smiles and hated to see her go!

"You're the BEST sister ever!"

“You’re the BEST sister ever!”

Everyone kid should have a Great Aunt Sue!


That's all folks! Come back and see us....

That’s all folks! Come back and see us….

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath. Its something most of us take for granted.

But not all of us.

A few years ago I ran in a local 5K, ironically sponsored by the American Lung Association (ALA). Not only was I running in the event, I was also doing a race summary article for the local running club.

In interviewing the winners and some other participants, I talked with a young lady that was the third place female finisher in the race. This young collegiate runner also had asthma. It had hindered her running career. In fact, she collapsed at the finish line shortly after completing the race. She told me she had picked up asthma after her father had quit smoking a few years back.

At that same race I met and interviewed some of the ladies running our local chapter of the ALA. They gave me some story lines. Then they invited me to be on the Leadership Board for the ALA to help promote a new event they were planning, the Fight For Air Stair Climb. Given my recent new awareness to asthma as well as my appreciation for my own good health I signed on immediately.

You see I do try to stay physically active and have been for many, many years. Like many of you fit and active runners, bikers, and lifters, without clean air in our lungs and efficient lungs to utilize the oxygen where would we be at?

Me? Clean lungs are a big deal to me. Without the use of healthy lungs I would have missed out on many great moments in my life. I never would have won that race in Stone Harbor in 1976. I never would have enjoyed going on the many scenic bike rides years ago. I never would have enjoyed the honors or joy in my running and track successes. And I never would have had the strength or energy to rehabilitate my bad shoulder; or ride my bike  to work like I do now.

My new wheels! The C-word isn't going to slow me down!

My new wheels! The C-word isn’t going to slow me down!

In fact, I’d probably be a 200 pound couch potato! Without the efficient handling of oxygen to my lungs and then in my blood I would have been finished a long time ago!

Where would you be if you couldn’t breath in and breath out easily?

I don’t want to lose you with statistics so I just want to leave you with a few areas that the Lung Association helps.

1) Lung Cancer: This past year we lost a college football legend, Joe Paterno. For close to 50 years he was a competitor. He coached elite athletes at a high level in college football.  In late October of 2011 he ran onto the football field and his team won his 412th game as a head college football coach, more than anyone else in his sport. In mid November we were told he had an “operable” form of lung cancer. In mid January, just 2 months later, he passed away, falling victim to the very aggressive lung cancer. Yes the C-word.

2) Air Quality: Most of you that are runners probably run outside along the streets and roads mapped out for a good run. Did you know that the air you breathe along the roads is actually bad for you? Air close to any car exhaust in it can burn your lungs, much a like sunburn from the inside. In fact, most major cities don’t have a great quality of air for anyone; runner, worker, Mom, or child.

3) Asthma: Did you know asthma is the leading reason kids miss school and actually be hospitalized? Its true. More kids miss school from dealing with their asthma than any other reason. How many kids, or adults do you know with asthma?

Our local ALA sponsors a summer kids camp every year, Camp Puff and Stuff. With some of the proceeds from our annual events the ALA puts on a week long summer camp teaching young kids how to deal with their asthma. And it works!

Kids and counselors from this year’s Camp Puff and Stuff

Rebecca Downs, a director at our local Lung Association, told me about a victory from this year’s camp when I asked her if she could elaborate on what the camp does.

Rebecca and other counselors at Camp Puff and Stuff

Rebecca told me, “I do have a good story from this year’s camp.  A school nurse shared with us that one particular child used to visit her room 2 or 3 times a week due to his asthma the year before he attended camp.  The child attended camp last summer, and he only visited the nursing room 2 to 3 times the whole year last year!”

Kids with asthma have a hard time, playing baseball, enjoying a Zumba class, or running half as far; at least in a comfortable manner.

So, I am helping to organize and also participate in this year’s Fight For Air Stair Climb, being held on Saturday July 20th. I am not only helping to organize but I am running climbing in it too, trying to raise a bit of money for the ALA myself.

And this is a big deal to me, based on my past experiences and these recent local successes. I strive to be healthy for a long, long time. I think you may know what the miracle of life means to me by now.

We are trying to raise money for the local Camp Puff and Stuff, as well as research and care for lung cancer patients, and national clean air and non smoking initiatives.

Who wants to join me?

You’re not afraid of a healty challenge, are you?

Checking our results after the stair climb

If you are inclined to help charities I would welcome any support. Any good will donation would be very appreciated and, as I mentioned earlier, actually gets results. Any amount, large or small, goes to helping people breathe easier and lead healthier lives, something we all take for granted. In fact, I will send anyone donating $20.00 or more one of our event’s silky event t-shirts (they really feel great!) with a big “Thank- you”!

If you are interested in supporting my healthy air initiatives please click on my image on the right. Or, this link takes you to my web page for the Lung Association. Each bank draft is safe and tax deductible. More importantly, they can actually help to save lives!

Later this week, when you are running or biking, swimming or lifting and you are breathing hard trying to catch your breath. Thank your lungs!


Without the efficient use of your lungs, you might just be an uncomfortable spectator.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Thank you!

Thank you! You're Awesome


Art for Art’s Sake

And now for something completely different…

Flyingcircus_2No, this is not a post on Monty Python. Nor is it a nostalgic reflection on the hits of 10CC

Every now and again I might get a little commercial, for a blog. I am not above good causes, or supporting a fellow blogger with one, such as launching her own book.

So readers take note, I am not so high-and-mighty that I can’t pimp out my own blog for you or something important.  OK? ~ Just write your request down on the back of a $20 bill, send it to me and I’ll give it my best shot.

So…do you like art? Do you like looking at art?

I was behind my computer the other night looking at my favorite artist’s website, Steve Jordan. I was looking for ideas on how to fill some walls of our new abode, since it is a bit larger than our last house. I am not really an art lover but I just love Mr. Jordan’s work.

When I first moved out of my house after high school, I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC. Here is where I became familiar with Steve Jordan. It was not unusual to see some of his work hanging in hotel lobbies or doctor’s waiting rooms.

Steve does water color scenes of coastal areas. I had no idea Steve was a local artist when I bought my first print. I noticed he did a scene depicting every beach from Charleston, SC to Myrtle Beach in my early years. He currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, SC. If you are interested in a better introduction you could click here.

Now I am not an art critic, so don’t hold me to this, but what I enjoy about his work is his use of the primary colors to make bright scenes, his ability to use shadows or lines, as well as his personality in choosing the idea for his work. It is not unusual for him to create a humorous scene to keep things light.

Here is an ‘editorial’ of Steve’s view of the Hurricane Floyd evacuation in 1999 and how unprepared our infrastructure was for it. We ALL felt this!


His water colors are then processed into prints, for the most part, and distributed across the south east in many art stores.

I was getting ready to move away from Myrtle Beach when I bought my first Steve Jordan print. I wanted something to summarize my years spent there. I had my eye on one that I thought captured my experience to a T, “Laid Back”.

laid back

I bought it at a frame shop, had everyone that I worked or lived with sign it and I moved on to try to grow up, away from the beach.

I grew up (that’s right, I said it), got married, and fortunately, he is one artist or art genre that my wife and I both can agree on. We bought a few other beach prints to color our walls like Dog Days of Summer for our dog.

If you have ever taken a dog to the beach you gotta love this….


as well as a Cool Cat,  for an identical image of our kitty resting under a chair that Steve actually signed for us.


We also have the Floor Show, a southern porch and rocking chairs scene,


Here are a few other of my favorites or his most popular ones.

I think this “End of Summer“, with the 96.1 Wave towel on the back of the one lounge chair, is still my favorite one (that we don’t have yet)

steve jordan

and would be a great belated Father’s Day or ‘pimp my blog’ gift if you have your own cause I could advertise to the dozen or so people that read 3D. It is very Laid Back as well.

Ocean Spray is one of his most popular ones that you see around town…


and After The Race is a popular one as well. Steve has several of these colorful catamaran themes:


Another one of Steve’s popular ones you see around the native beach bars is his Sand and Suds, which capitalizes on the popular beach dance, ‘the Shag’ which was born and raised in these Carolinas.


And so, always going with a proven winner, here appears to be Steve’s newest version, Sun and Moon, in keeping up with the latest tastes. Of course the Sand Dollar does it for me:


One final sample that I could also see hanging on the walls of our living room, in keeping with our coastal theme is Palm…


I know nothing about art other than if it doesn’t make you think, its not art. Palm makes me think of walking the streets of Charleston at dusk on a summery night. To me, he captured it!

If any of these pictures speak to you, let me know, we’ll have you checked or you just enjoy looking at art for art’s sake, take an Art Walk over to Steve’s web site.

Steve is a down to earth guy that would love to hear from you. You can buy the affordable prints you see from his web site and he can mail them to you, probably signed. So please check him out if you have a few minutes.

Steve? If you see this post, I still really have my eye on that one, End of Summer print. Can we talk about it?

Have a great beachy weekend everyone!

ALL the paintings illustrated in this post are the work of Steve Jordan. They are his creations. All rights and privileges belong to Steve.

PS: while I still don’t own End of Summer (yet) the girls don’t have anything for their rooms either.

I’m just saying…..

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

I had this crazy, horrible, Alice-in-wonderland type of dream last night. It seemed so real yet still only my imagination.

You have always heard the phrase, “They grow up so quickly” . Well after this dream I made a deal with Dylan that she is not allowed to grow any older than 5 years old; that if she could go back to 4, that would be even better still! I mean,


Slow down!

My part of the deal, that Dylan made me swear to, was I was not allowed to grow any older than 91.

Really!  That was what I was to do for her.

Judging by the way this ol’ body is throwing all these old-age kinks on me, I told her THAT was no problem!

My dream?

I dreamed my little Dylan, my Ariel, my princess wanted to get married!


Daddy, I want to get married. You don't mind do you?

Daddy, I want to get married. You don’t mind do you?

Normally, at this part of the nightmare I wake myself up, just too scared to think of the outcomes.

But after I saw a few pictures from her wedding I wanted to see how it all played out.


She looked beautiful as she walked down the stairs to her wedding!

Too cute actually for Daddy!

Her wedding was a big ceremony in a majestic cathedral!

Next came the reception.

…a point I both dread and look forward to with equal passion!

…Daddy’s last dance with his daughter…

May I have this dance?

May I have this dance?

I told her she better hold on.

That I dip sudden. I dip low. And I dip fast.

She just beamed her happy grin.


I held on and tried to make my,


OUR last dance last as long as possible


Not wanting to see that moment come to its inevitable conclusion

I decided to wake myself up!


Only a dream!

A sign, or symbol, that my little girl won’t stay little forever.

That I need to hold on and cherish all the prior years, as well as ages 5, 6, 7 and so on.

I thought, use this dream as a reminder she won’t be my little girl forever.

…that she has to grow up sometime.


I wonder what else I should prepare myself for?


Father’s Day 2013

Here’s a summary of Father’s Day at our house.

I spent the afternoon doing what I really love to do.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.

First, we had to wait as dear old Dad locked the keys in the car as we loaded up…


But we made it.

I got to do one of my favorite things…

Playing Daddy in the ocean with my girls.

Dylan’s not afraid. Her love for water has no boundaries!


She’s fearless and it does Dad’s heart good to hear her come up just laughing and giggling like she was being tickled.


I threw her and caught her. I helped her jump the big waves.

Pretended to let the big waves sweep her away.


And then just let her be herself as I tried to catch some waves before the tide turned.



 It was a beautiful day. Did you see these blue skies?  The water was actually warmer than the air temperature and that is saying something in South Carolina! I caught a few wave rides. I hated to come out.


Mommy and Skylar had their own quality time!


OK, maybe I stayed in the water a bit too long.

In the end, these girl’s could just walk all over me with these feet!


PS: speaking a ‘love for water knows no boundaries‘ Heather and Reto we are taking the girls to Ocean City, NJ in late July. If its not too late for one or both of you to join us bring Lillya and Laylani and we can all swim in the ocean and ride some rides!  Dangge! Bis spöter

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