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Look for some hilarious remarks and perceptions from our oldest daughter Dylan under “Table of Contents



Our two year old was in her bedroom. Mommy was trying to undress her and get her PJ’s on. Resisting all of Mom’s coaching, our two year old finally threw something at her sister.

Mommy immediately corrected Skylar saying, “There is no throwing things in the house” as she smacked Skylar’s hand. Skylar instantly began to cry.

Dylan, being the great and caring big sister that she has been, walked over to the wailing Skylar. In a comforting manner, she patted her little sister’s hand and told her, “Life’s tough sweetie.”


We were cleaning up the living room today when Dylan came over to hand me something to throw away. I held out my hand to transfer whatever she had in her hand to the trash.

When I didn’t immediately see anything I said, “What do you have here?”

She says, “Can you throw this away for me?”

I said, ” I don’t see anything” becoming more curious. “Where’d you find it?

Innocently Dylan says, “My nose.”


My wife had to spend an ‘overnight’ for her job in Jacksonville, FLA. I spoke to her on the phone that night to summarize the day from both sides. I hung up when we were done and asked Dylan, “Do you know who that was?”

She said, “No.”

I said that was mommy. Dylan asks, “Well where’s mommy?”.

I replied, “Jacksonville.”

And without hesitation Dylan responds, “Jacksonville went up the hill to fetch a pail of water….”

Check these quotes out and many more in the DYLANisms on the right…

She is amazing sometimes!

11 thoughts on “DYLANism’s

  1. Ah is are you close to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey arena?

  2. No we are on our east coast, South of you in the Carolinas

  3. Yes! Are you guys in California? Where in ontario wich is Canada I like it here because it’s cold.

  4. I think it is the way of the future!

  5. No problem! My dad is actually the reason I am here today I started homeschooling a year before covid and homeschooling technically save me. It made life way more great and easy.

  6. No such thing as a hockey nerd! Hockey is cool! Looks like your dad likes hockey too. Thanks for following my blog

  7. Hi thanks for following my blog! I’m am Emma/TheTractorGirls big brother Jake I am the hockey and tractor nerd in the family. You got a nice conversation going on with Emma there she doesn’t normally chat that much. I am also twelve.

  8. Hi Ms. Runner, thaks for dropping by and commenting! Yes, sometimes she is too cute not to share in her perceptions. I am happy I found your blog. I am an old runnr from Hanover, PA. still trying to maintain my stride in South Carolina. I wish you continued success in your passion!

  9. Love these. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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