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If only….

I was thinking Sunday night, after we put the girls to bed, if only there was a beer, or whine wine, or a tequila that tasted like….

Banana Pudding!

I absolutely love banana pudding, which helped to make Sunday so great. But I’ll get back to that.

This past weekend, Sunday included, was a To-Do list type of weekend. I really need to get some things done around the house because after my procedure in 3 weeks I won’t be much good at anything for awhile.

So Sunday, the bulk of the day revolved around yard work, organizing the garage some more and finding the stink in my car (long story)

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, weather wise, with a cool breeze blowing from the north. So I jumped on the Honey To Do list right after lunch.

The comfortable temperatures allowed me to make super fast times and so, not wanting to waste a great weather Sunday, asked Mom if I should fill up our two old kiddie pools for the girls when they get up from their naps.

She gave me a nod and it was on.

Like I said, we have two. We had one but Aunt Sue thought we could use another. So stopping short of giving each of the girls their own pool I became a little creative with these small pools and decided to make a giant water slide with the second one

Hoped its big enough

Hoped its big enough

Dylan was the first one up. She was very open to playing outside in the water and so we jumped and splashed and squirted each other for awhile. The dog did not escape the mayhem either.

We could fire a stream of water at him and he would light up around our yard, like only greyhounds can do. I literally was scared, he was going so fast in our small confined back yard.

At one point he decided to change his circle around our backyard and cut in front of the above swing set, leaping over the extended hose at one end of the swing set and soaring past the blue wading pool beneath the sliding board at the other end.

Yes, in one stretch his momentum and powerful back legs let him leap literally from one end of the swing set to the other without breaking stride. I was in awe.

Skylar was up by now. Mom had dressed her in yet another darling swim suit. Thanks Grandmas!

This one was too cute! It was a little yellow and black striped one piece. She looked like a bumble bee!

Can you see the little wings on her Bee swimsuit?

Can you see the little wings on her Bee swimsuit?

I asked her if she was a bumble bee.

She said, “No! I’m a super hero!

I asked, “Who are you then?”

She said “Super Beee. Bzzzzzzzz!

I'm going to sting you!

I’m going to sting you!

Dylan has always been our daredevil. And she had gone down the baby waterside several times already, before Skylar woke from her nap. But I thought the slide was just Skylar’s size. So I asked her ‘How about it?  Want to give it a try?’

And she looked it over, gave it some thought and walked right up those steps and had at it!

From that point on it was just a great wet and warm summer afternoon. The girls wet slid and splashed and squirted and laughed and chased. Typical kid stuff on the back end of naps on a wonderful summer afternoon.

Yes, Chum leaped over both pools in one giant stretch, but not while the girls had the hose out

Yes, Chum leaped over both pools in one giant stretch, but not while the girls had the hose out

Here is a quick window into the afternoon as Dylan shows you her Gabby Douglas type skills while Skylar shows you the true meaning of ‘Chillin’ by the pool‘ at our house…

We had a great little afternoon after naps. Everyone was out enjoying the favorable temps, getting in on the fun, and sun or just chillin’ in their own way…..ah…..ah…

Will someone bring me a menu? I'd like to place an order...

Will someone bring me a menu? I’d like to place an order…

Even Chum found time to soak up some shade and just ‘be’ in his new home….

chum chillin

But eventually the shadows got a little longer in our backyard and the tummies got a bit emptier.

So Mom wrangled the girls upstairs to get baths for school in the morning while I was left with the task of dinner.

The hour was a bit late to go out so I just went with our outdoor summer theme.

I ran down to the local Piggly Wiggly and bought something for a cookout so we could eat outside.

Now if you know the stories behind our girls, you can’t really say cookouts are part of their heritage but summer cookouts were a big part of my growing up and so I tried a cheap fast all-American version of it…Hot Dogs, Coleslaw, and (my favorite) Banana Pudding.

Skylar screams, “Happy Pool Day!” as we celebrated the simple fun we had that day at dinner.

This afternoon no one cried, or played hours on the phone, or stole the other’s doll.  Just good clean fun.

And no one saw Daddy steal seconds of the banana pudding, right out of the container, while the girls were upstairs getting stories read to them before nighttime either.

Gosh I really love this stuff! If only…..

“Hey Dylan? What are you doing here? I thought you were reading upstairs. What? You want some too?”

Have a great end-of-summer week everyone!

Oh yea, here is my new favorite commercial that I told you about last week…

I think I told you why….

Its the SONG! (chichi) Summer, Banana Pudding and Jeans On!

DYLANism: What are you hiding in there?

This morning the girls, Chum and I were in the kitchen fetching some breakfast. Dylan was standing beside me when Chum stuck his cold wet nose on the back of Dylan’s leg to sniff her.

Dylan laughed and said, “Daddy, the dog wants to smell by butt.”

I told her that is how dog’s recognize people sometimes and then rhetorically asked, “Why, whatcha got hiding in there?” as if there was a reason Chum was smelling her toosh.

Dylan shrugged her shoulders, laughed and innocently answered “Just poop and tinkle!”

As much as some things change some things can still stay the same! You have to like her innocence and honesty.

In another note, we had a present when we reached school this morning. This is what was waiting for us as we walked in together.

full rainbow

I know this blog has been getting a bit one sided this week and I want to leave the ‘Back To School’ idea alone.

After all, millions of kids are going back to school this week or month, right?

But this being my first time to experience this,  it just seems that something remarkable happens each day so far.

Maybe its this way for everyone more or less. I dunno.

I hope so!

God has a plan when he puts the end of a rainbow in the direction of school. A different kind of 'pot-of-goid'.

God has a plan when he puts the end of a rainbow in the direction of school. A different kind of ‘pot-of-goid’.

Wayback Wednesday….

Since ‘Hump Day’ is already used by a favorite blogger I follow, I have to use ‘Wayback Wednesday’ today I guess.

You see, my new school girl isn’t old enough to appreciate Hump Day yet.  Doesn’t know what it means or how it feels.

This morning our car was a bit wet due to the dew point the night before. So I rolled my window down as well as Dylan’s on the way to school so I and she could see out.

A few minutes later I hear Ms. Chirpy behind me saying in her playful voice, “Hello house. Hello swing set. Hello mailbox. Hello bird. Hello clouds.

It was cute as could be and as I turned around to say something to her I see she has her new Winkx Club doll hanging out the window, like the doll was greeting everyone she saw instead of Dylan. Can you picture that?

She continued on, “Hello sun. Hello road. Hello cat. Hello runner.”

Sorry for the blurry picture. Blue (Winkx Doll) seemed to be flying pretty fast

Sorry for the blurry picture. Blue (Winkx Doll) seemed to be flying pretty fast

Do you think she will be this happy going to school 5 years from now?

With her, probably.

Evidently this whole new going to school thing (at 6.45am) isn’t getting her down yet. She is doing great with it. And her teacher has nothing but nice things to say. ~ Her button got to stay on Green yesterday as the rest of the class had to move their buttons to Yellow for talking too much. Atta girl Dylan!

Her mood is a great transition to my Wayback Wednesdaysince Hump Day was taken.

There is a new jean commercial on TV that resurrects a lost classic from the 70’s. I saw the commercial a few times this weekend before I had to do a search on MyTube to hear the whole thing, Jeans On.

Jeans On was one of my favorite songs when I was little. It was a favorite song before I knew what music I was supposed to like, or band or singer. I just heard it on my parent’s radio and always liked it. It’s one of those lost classics that just don’t get replayed too much from that era…until now.

And Dylan’s upbeat mood this morning just replicates the kind of tempo this song carries. It carries a real cool mellow tune. It reminds me of waking up on a sunny Saturday morning in my youth when there is nothing scheduled the whole day. …A weekend of the past! My wife even liked it so it can’t be too bad!

So if you need an attitude pick me up or boost to get you through today here is Jeans On…and you can practice your “chichi’s”. Go ahead you know you will….

Did I tell you I love that song!

I used to think he sang, “Coco jeans on” which for some reason I thought was cool too when I was young

This song reminded me of a few other favorite songs that I long to hear but rarely do from this past. There are several, I am sure. But here are the other two unique songs that don’t come across my parent’s radio any more….that also get you in the day. I think I like them because they are timeless in a sense. That is they are not representative of any particular era. And that unusual beat or melody just kinda sticks with you.

This first one, I’m not quite sure she is talking about roller skating all the time. What do you think?

Ya think?

I didn’t think they did symbolism like that back in the 70’s


If you all have at least one ‘ear worm’ now my Hump Day Wayback Wednesday job here is done!

Have a GREAT rest of the week! It’s all downhill from here….

Right Dylan?

My homework

This whole experience of Dylan starting school has reminded me of that one car commercial with the little girl sitting in the car and the Dad telling her to be careful.

Do you know which one I mean?

The girl is sooo Dylan!

She says, “Daddy, OK” just like that.

Is that our (not so distant) future?

To steal a line from the comments yesterday, “yes, I clearly am the ones with the growing pains”

Several people asked for pictures of Dylan going off to school today. I imagine it was to see how she was going to handle her first day.

Would she be scared? Would she be nervous? Would she be intimidated. Would she make Dad carry her.

Here is a quick look of our girl as she prepares for her new experience:

And that last look was the same look of that teenager in the video above?

Did I you all worry for nothing? She was cool as a cucumber!

I didn’t get a lot of pics today, as I was there for her support, remind her of how proud we are of her and honestly just in awe of how well she walked into school. So here are a few pics outlining the morning from cameras on cells. Day two begins in 8 hours!

Her first "Back To School" dress

Her first “Back To School” dress

Family Hug

Family Hug

Waiting patiently while Dad gets it together

Waiting patiently while Dad gets it together

WP_20130819_005Hey, there’s a wall with my name on it!”

Waiting in line at her new class roomThat last look is Priceless to me. She is displaying ‘cool as a cucumber’ and the confidence of ‘this ain’t nuthin’ but a thing’ while she waits patiently outside her classroom waiting for school to begin.

And she will show them, the best is yet to come!

And part one of our homework has just been handed in…..


We had one more event filled weekend this past weekend as Dylan’s big day looms on the horizon.  We started off with the school’s orientation for students Friday night.

Dylan smiled when she saw her name on a poster board outside her new school room. Once inside we found Dylan’s chair at the front of the room. I don’t kow how Mommy swung that but she was a teacher’s pet in her day.

She had us signed up for the PTA already and volunteered us for snacks the first week. She knows how to play the game already.

We have this these lists of school supplies to bring in. Folks, I have like two grocery bags of things to bring in tomorrow. How long has school been like this?

I made it to the end of the evening without being asked to be quiet, sit down, or go to the principle’s office so it was a good night.

Saturday the girls had a birthday party to go to from one of their friends in Sunday school.

At a friend's birthday party this weekend. They were later spotted holding hands. What?

At a friend’s birthday party this weekend. They were later spotted holding hands. What?

Now a Mm at this party told me her 4 year old came home a few Sunday’s back talking about his new girlfriend, Skylar! That she was the cutest girl in the world to him.


I told the mom I new none of this but asked her to notify me if she is getting to many calls late at night from my little girl. If you have met her you know that she likes a phone!

About a half hour later, after I digested this story of my girl having a fling with an older boy ( I know what older boys want!) I see Dylan going walking across the backyard holding the birthday boy’s hand! I nearly lost my breath and had to sit down.

What is going on? Its raining cats and dogs outside and this ol’ world’s getting crazy on me.

My Maker is really laying the grey hairs on me this weekend!

When we got home Dylan had a package in the mail from a very, very special GrandMa and daughter. It was not one of their monumental packages this time however, just …an adorable outfit to her to wear on her first day of school! Plus a lovely card to let her know they were thinking and cheering for here. ~ Thanks so much ladies! We love you!

Sunday we had a in home visit / package delivery from yet another pair of super special GrandParents. The loved and spoiled our girls (and my wife and I) all Sunday afternoon.

You will see in a picture later how many clothes these girls have. And my wife and I have bought them very little by percentage. But they get the cutest, most adorable, wonderful outfits from all their grandparents. They, and we are blessed!

Sunday night, I was getting ready to put Dylan to bed. She was looking at some of her new clothes. She asks, “Daddy, do I look like a teenager?”

My heart double clutched as I looked up, My answer I formulated on the looking up went something like, “You will never look like a teenager sweetie if I can help it” but what came out was more like, “You look adorable sweetie!”

You see, she is not supposed to get any older!

She asked me lat night, "dad, do I look like a teenager?" Stop that Dylan! No older!

“Dad, do I look like a teenager?” Stop that Dylan! No older!

I joke about this of course. There are so many things she is mature on already. This is what she was doing before we went upstairs to bed….two nights before her first day of school…

Reading "Up" and other books she just got at the Library

Reading “Up” and other books she just got at the Library

But still usually is is every bit a kid of 4, er.. I mean 5 years

Enjoying some time with her new friend

Enjoying some time with her new friend

And so, as I prepare for this benchmark of a day, like getting married or having kids, this chapter of her life is behind her and a new one is getting ready to begin.

I thought it might be fun to take a quick look back of some pics to show a little of D’s progression with the intent or request to say, “I am still am looking need some pointers for these girls as we start all over again.

I know I have shown this before but here is a video showing Dylan’s first year from new born to walking to her first b-day party. See if you can watch it and not tear up (Jessica was sooo good at putting this together) And that song is still so appropriate, now more than ever…

4/2008 ~ Baby Shower, She's thinking I better figure this out

4/2008 ~ Baby Shower, She’s thinking I better figure this out

2008 ~ Asleep at last!

2008 ~ Asleep at last!

5/ 2008 ~ She found some strong shoulders to rely on

5/ 2008 ~ She found some strong shoulders to rely on

2008 ~ Hey! I have ten of these!

2008 ~ Hey! I have ten of these!

6/2008 ~ This picture was the first one we got have Dylan actually smiling. She moved to fast!

6/2008 ~ This picture was thee first one we got where Dylan was actually smiling. She moved to fast!

2008 ~ She's always been a 'happy child', even when teething

2008 ~ She’s always been a ‘happy child’, even when teething

8/2008 ~ the day finalizing our adoption.  We actually had the same judge for both our adoptions.

8/2008 ~ the day finalizing our adoption. We actually had the same judge for both our adoptions.

4/2009 She has always loved to smile and have a great sense of humor

4/2009 She has always loved to smile and have a great sense of humor

2009 ~ Playing with Dad

2009 ~ Playing with Dad

2010 age 3 becomes an ‘older sister’:

3/2010 ~ Don't hurt her! This is MY baby sister!

3/2010 ~ Don’t hurt her! This is MY baby sister!

7/2010 ~ She has always loved the water and playing with Dad in it

7/2010 ~ She has always loved the water and playing with Dad in it
2010 ~ She loves to dress up too, thanks to some (many) special Grandparents

2010 ~ She loves to dress up too, thanks to some (many) special Grandparents

9/2010 ~ She knows how to please her GrandMa and GrandPa from PA, throw on the ol' Blue and White

9/2011 ~ She knows how to please her GrandMa and GrandPa from PA, throw on the ol’ Blue and White

Halloween 2011 @ 3 years old. Here she rings doorbells for the first part and then shares and divides her candy in the second half. Watch for the end when she tells Mom to keep her hands of her Halloween candy; she is saving it for a special surprise!

She’s saving it for her marriage?

Can you believe that’s a 3 year old girl making those bargains?

Looking at her confidence at 3 leaves you to believe she should have no problem in school at 5.

So I’ll leave it there for today.

Thanks for taking our girl’s stories and pictures into your home each week. I know ‘other people’s kids’ can sometimes be overrated or overdone. So I appreciate you taking the time to stop by our house from time to time and leave a comment or advice when you feel like it. We love you too!



5/ 2008 ~ She found some strong shoulders to rely on



Waiting in line at her new class room


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