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Stairclimb Recap

Just a quick Summary of our Stairclimb last Saturday.

Stretching for her climb

Stretching for her climb

Dylan did a great job! She conquered all 1500 stairs in just over 13 minutes; good enough for 17th place Overall. She stayed focused, didn’t go out to fast, and didn’t miss a step. Here is how she finished the Stairclimb (chase)….

ala 7

ala 8

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

Waving her timing bracelet at the Finish Line

She doesn’t even look tired does she?

Yes, since she was under the age of 12 a parent or guardian had to run with her. And if I look a lot more sweaty than she does its because I just finished the Stairclimb course right before she took off.

ala 6

Yes I ran the course by myself first to see what kind of wind I have left in my lungs. I got about half way around the coliseum and thought this is crazy! I have to finish this and then try to keep up with a very energetic Dylan as she does her thing.  ~ My legs still are tight and sore!

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

I should have thought of a better strategy before my race..

We were even joined by some local celebrities doing the Stairclimb

ala 10

Most importantly it all was for a great cause….fresh air, healthy lungs!

Our team raised $650 for the Climb For Air Stairclimb, thanks in a large part to Dylan. That was part of the $34,265 that the Stairclimb raised for the Lung Association. Sadly the Lung Association did not hit there goal of $45,000. We may have to enter the 5K Run For Air in the fall then. But Dylan did her part!

Thanks again everybody for your interest, support, generosity and love!

ala climb

Post Card: Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC has become known as one of America’s top tourist destinations as well as a Top destination in the world (sorry Nat). I fell in love with the town 30 years ago. Funny, now that we have moved here, we don’t do all the touristy things anymore. But with the help of Dylan’s cousin Nikki and her family, who came down to visit and see her climb stairs, we had an opportunity to be a tourist this wonderful Saturday afternoon and go for a walk downtown.

Historic Charleston is a peninsula, at least the downtown historic part is. It is bordered by the Cooper River to the north and the Ashley River to the south. Both rivers converge with the Atlantic in Charleston’s Harbor. The tip of the peninsula is called the Battery. Here is where cannons aimed at a Union fort in the harbor, Fort Sumter, fired on it, starting America’s 4 year Civil War. But that is only a smidgen of the history that has took place is this beautiful historic town.

Charleston was home to much of the South’s super wealthy plantation owners, and cotton tycoons in the 1700 and 1800’s. Charleston was often a mecca for these rich families to live or ‘summer in’ where they can meet and socialize with much of the other upper crust in this new nation. Accordingly, the Charleston peninsula, was described to me as “2000 mansions side by side” on my first trip to the Holy City, or Chucktown as it is called locally.

So without further commentary let me take you on a walk from the historic Charleston Battery up East Bay Street on a sunny summer afternoon.

First, the Battery has always been one of my favorite places to run.

the Battery is the home to my favorite running course(s)

the Battery is the home to my favorite running course(s)

White Point Gardens at the Battery

the Battery Gardens and another wedding

the Battery Gardens and another wedding

So let’s go out to the water and take a left up East Bay Street and take a look at some magnificent houses..

Let's take a walk up East Bay Street from the Battery

Let’s take a walk up East Bay Street from the Battery

Virtually all these houses have some historical significance. If you like history you would find this place very interesting..

A nice little number with all the Square footage you could want

A nice little number with all the Square footage you could want

As I said, about 2000 mansions side by side…

..where the mansions are literally side by side

..where the mansions are literally side by side downtown

They range in all types of architectural styles….

Various styles of architecture to appreciate

Various styles of architecture to appreciate

..and colors!

A pink flamingo colored property, reminiscent of the plantation owners in the Caribbean

A pink flamingo colored property, reminiscent of the plantation owners in the Caribbean

The Charleston “Single House” and especially the porches, or Piazza’s. …

The front of the house is actually the side of the house

The front of the house is actually the side of the house

Wealthy homeowners could build massive mansions on narrow lots. But the idea for the Piazza’s is to capture the coastal breeze in the house (no a/c back then) as well as shade on their porches from the hot summer sun.

IMG_20150725_110419597But common tourists really pass by the real beauty of these homes if they simply drive or walk by. The detail each homeowner puts into their house to make it unique is what I love. If you take the time to look down manicured allies, or backyard or front gates (I’m such a nosy tourist) the love for Charleston can really kick in!

IMG_20150725_131648286Whether it is the landscaping…

IMG_20150725_131627733 1Iron gates…

IMG_20150725_131349141or private courtyards…

IMG_20150725_130837398 1Even curious signs warning too curious travelers…

Beware Ye Butt!

Beware Ye Butt!

Each home is really worth taking the time to see individually. It’s quite a nice neighborhood to visit!

Yea, its a nice neighborhood to call home.

Yes, it’s a nice neighborhood to call home.

 Here is a building worth seeing, the old Exchange and Provost Dungeon…all those flags have flown over it.

the Custom House and Provost Dungeon

the Old Exchange Provost Dungeon

It once was a prison (dungeon) holding American prisoners during our Revolutionary War; as well as famous (Blackbeard) and not so famous pirates. George Washington read a copy of the Declaration of Independence to  Charlestonians from it balcony. And it was used as an ammunition stock pile during our Civil War as well as many other uses over its 200+ year life.

We decided to take a side street…

taking a right down a side street to the Waterfront Park

taking a right down a side street to the Waterfront Park

Ahhhh…. shade in the summer afternoon sun!

Lots of shade at the Waterfront Park

Lots of shade at the Waterfront Park

The Waterfront park has been made famous (check these out) through pictures from its two fountains…

 a few water fountains at the Waterfront Park

a few water fountains at the Waterfront Park

Our kids found one that suited them…


The park does face the Cooper River though as it meets the sea, where you can see two forts from our Civil War…

Castle Pinkney and Fort Sumter on the right, start of America's Civil War

Castle Pinkney and Fort Sumter on the right, start of America’s Civil War

More modern attractions can be seen at the port, including Cruise ships, the Cooper river Bridge, home to the very popular Cooper River Bridgerun 10K, and the retired aircraft carrier the USS Yorktown.

Carnival Fantasy, Cooper River Bridge (Arthur Ravenel Bridge), Yorktown battleship

Carnival Fantasy, Cooper River Bridge (Arthur Ravenel Bridge), USS Yorktown across the river

We then decided to get some lunch….

Something is always brewing here...

Something is always brewing here…

At the Southend Brewery and head back to our car. Travelers remember, this is just walking up one street in Charleston. There are many other spectacular views on the other less traveled streets, side streets, and even allies. The town is really easy to fall in love with!

It was a great afternoon with family sightseeing, topping off a great morning when my daughter carted off two great awards from our Stairclimb…

stairclimbShe received the medal for winning her age group (there were only 2 7-year olds there) and the giant Hershey Bar for bringing in $500 to the Lung Association (thank again to all you showing her some love and support for a great cause). All the other $500 fundraisers got a bottle of Champagne.


The Hershey bar promptly turned to soup in the car as we toured East Bay Street.

Today was a good day….

What’s next?

Hey gang!

I wanted to share something that appeared in my Inbox this morning from the American Lung Association’s Event Planner, Margaret Ann Mabry:

‘Hey Andy! I hope you all are having a great week! I just looked at the stats for the Climb, and Dylan is only $15 away from $500!! I’m so impressed. Please let her know that everyone who raises $500 gets a special recognition at the Climb. I appreciate all you guys are doing! Can’t wait to see you both on Saturday.”

Margaret Ann Mabry | Development Manager

American Lung Association in South Carolina

44-A Markfield Drive | Charleston, SC 29407

Isn’t that so cool?

So I wanted to take a minute a publicly thank all our family and friends who have supported little Dylan in her fundraising efforts for the Lung Association. There have been several very very generous gifts to Dylan that have really ‘Wow’d’ us. So thank you to everyone for your kindness and love!

And $15.00 more dollars till she hits the $500 donation mark!

Can you believe that?

I have never done that. It would take me 3 years to raise that much for the ALA. She currently is the 4th highest fundraiser (follow her goal HERE or you can add to it HERE) of all the participating climbers this year. As a team, I Can Beat My Daddy is currently in 6th place, thanks largely to the love shown to Dylan.

Not bad for her first year.

And if you haven’t been following along closely, she actually did that promo spot on the local country music station,

…along with Margaret, the station DJ Garrett Doll and me. It was quite an experience and a lot of fun.

Kickin 92.5

If you are interested you can listen to it here.

But her first radio experience didn’t end there. She was given a tour of the radio station, shown how a radio station actually runs its music on air (very interesting I thought) and then given some radio swag like a Taylor Swift concert t-shirt….

ala concert tee

…and the promise to go out on the radio’s customer appreciation catamaran that Sunday.

Again, pretty cool for a little 7 year old.

What Is next for this girl?

Thanks to Garrett and Margaret Ann for getting Dylan on the air!  A few of you have suggested, with her fun smile and charm,  she would actually be better suited for TV.  Hmmmmmmm….

Wish her, I mean, us well on Saturday. And thanks again for all your generosity and the love!

YOU are awesome!

high 5


If you are interested on where all the donations go to for our Lung Association Stairclimb you can check here for the good news it brings to lung cancer suffers, clean air lovers and kids with asthma.

Tax Return Weekend!

OK, who out there would like to have more money next year on your 2015 tax returns?

Good! I see you, and you, and you over there.

How many of you enjoy fitness, or being active, or outdoor activities?

Good! I see some more hands.

Now everyone, take deep breath.


Doesn’t that feel good?

I love that feeling!

Nothing gives you the feeling of being alive, or healthy, or being energized like a breath of fresh air to me.

This weekend is made for everyone that raised your hands.

Its that time of year, where I try to raise money for one of my favorite and worthwhile charities, The Lung Association

Next weekend July 25th, I am running up and down stairs of our local coliseum to raise money for the Lung Association.

And I need your help…


In order to participate in all this huffing and puffing, with my now antique lungs, I first have to raise $100.

If any of you value your health and your healthy lungs, or value clean air for that matter, or know someone suffering from asthma, would you like to help me raise money this clean air / healthy lungs initiative?

You can check out my Stairclimb web page and make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE (add $ to your tax return) donation here. Please check it out!

Do some of you remember this little girl?

Dylan awards assemblyWell she likes to race Daddy up the stairs every morning after breakfast. I stopped letting her win about 6 months ago.

Now, she flat-out beats me!

So little Dylan wants to race me in the Lung Association Stairclimb too! And why not? She loves to climb…

Dylan 3At Disney World we constantly had to remind her that they did not build Disney for her to climb on!

And so she really thinks she can beat me on my Stairclimb!

Who wants to make a bet?

We went to a practice last Saturday and she actually ran the course twice! Of course she was huffing and puffing too! Nothing like climbing a bunch of stairs to help you appreciate your lungs!

So she is now registered to climb next Saturday. She set up her own Stairclimb web page here, if you would like to sponsor her. She will need to raise $100 too though in order to participate.

We both do!

(not just her)

UPDATE: So we made a Team for the Stairclimb. You can check out my team, “I Can Beat My Daddy“.

and Thank YOU to all incredible sponsors so far! Wow!

Thank you so much! Your generosity really touched Dylan and myself.

The Stairclimb people were so excited to have Dylan climbing at her age that she was actually interviewed on the radio Friday by one of our sponsors!

Pretty cool, huh?

Kickin 92.5

Check out her radio promo spot Here.

Good advertising for the Stairclimb! Good advertising for her fund-raising. I wish they would interview her Daddy too so he can raise some money 😦

So all you people out there that raised your hands (you can put them down now). Please consider donating to Dylan, or I, to help us try to improve the quality of breathing in air in our life times. Any amount, $5, $10,  or so one would be so appreciated. Dylan said she would even send a personalized thank you letter to all of her contributors.

I will too but I don’t see that as much of a selling point as one from a second grader.

AND, you can add to your tax return for the entire amount of your contribution.

It’s a Win, Win, Win!

The good feeling inside will have you soaring!


Here is our local Stairclimb FB Web page. Look back in a few days to see if Dylan’s radio interview is on there.

Thanks for considering this!

We love you all!

Or some of us just take the stairs Kevin...

Or some of us will just take the stairs Kevin…

 Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

Breathe in, Breathe out, move on…

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