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One Vice Gets a New Fix

Remember all those trips to Ocean City, NJ we made in the past?

“America’s Favorite Family Resort”

And remember one of our top favorite destinations in OCNJ?

Remember Browns Donuts?

Warm, fresh, made to order donuts?

Remember them?

Well forget about them!

I found a new warm and fresh and made to order donut stop here in town and they actually have a menu for all the different combinations of ingredients. (drum roll please)

Everyone let me introduce to you the Fractured Prune!

I know, what’s in a name?

But they make warm, fresh, made to order donuts but add a sundae bar kinda thing to it.

But they dont stop there…

Fractured Prune has a whole menu

and Special Board

to help you pick your poison.

Fractured Prune is actually a Franchise out of the other Ocean City, Ocean City Maryland. They were so popular on their boardwalk that they started franchising.

Brown’s donuts never paid attention to me when I said I wanted to open up a Browns donuts.

And the concept is simple.

You come in to Fractured Prune and fill out what you want and how many on a card. Hand the card to the cashier, who hands it to the donutmeister, who makes the unique fresh donuts. mmmmmm

And viola…

So there you go,

my new vice found a home in Fractured Prune.

Where ordering and making donuts is so simple even a monkey could do it!

How can you have just one?

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

I am still trying to understand this new WP block type of writing.

There are so many things I used to do but now cannot.

Who do I complain to?

I bought my wife cooking lessons for her birthday.

Yes, I was going out on the ledge here,

hoping she wouldn’t get offended.

But she thanked me for them!

The cooking lesson was with one of Charleston’s celebrity chefs, Bob Waggoner

Chef Bob is by far more than just your average super chef.

He was trained under Great Chef Michael Roberts at Trumps (before The Donald) in Los Angeles.

He then traveled to France and worked under another dozen Michelin-starred chefs for several years, then down to Venezuela for a year to work under Jean-Paul Coupal.

In 1986 he returned to France as chef at the Hotel de la Poste in Avallon. Two years later, he opened his own restaurant, Le Monte Cristo, in Monéteau. In 1991, he closed the restaurant to join Jean-Pierre Silva at Le Vieux Moulin.

In 1994, he returned to the U.S. to work at the Wild Boar in Nashville. The restaurant received numerous awards.

In 1996, the Great Chefs television team showed up to tape Chef Bob for the Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of the South series. This led Chef Bob to his own cooking show on PBS and later Turner South, in part because of his cooking but also due to his large personality we soon found out. 

About the same time, the management of Great Chefs received a call from the general manager of the Charleston Inn, saying that they were in immediate need of a Great Chef. Chef Bob was put together with the Charleston Place Inn management, and the following week Chef Bob Waggoner became the new executive chef of the $1000 per night Charleston Place Inn in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our evening was marketed as a dinner party with 8 other interesting people. We were to create a 3 course meal, using fresh, local ingredients as well as the executive chef ways of preparing those items.

We mingled a bit at first, finding out about our other chef trainees and  coaxed on with bottomless glasses of a French pink Champagne. Bob mingled as well and we all got to hear some of his stories in a very down-to-earth manner (he is a funny guy)

Bob had everything prepped for us


Here are the trays of ingredients for a duck entree in front of us. The ingredients for a sea scallop recipe were on the other side of the U-shaped prep table.

I want to tell you what these recipes are called but…..

I don’t remember.

Call it old age.

Call it my beginning of dementia.

Call it the four glasses of pink champagne that I had before we started prepping dinner.

And Yes, I don’t remember what the name of the pink champagne was either but it was good!

I guess I should have taken notes.

Thankfully I did bring my camera.

First we made a dessert sauce reduction using 2 bottles of wine and a handful of fruits and spices.

This simmered the whole night while we cooked.

Next Bob had us prep the sea scallops recipe using the ingredients he already prepped for us

“Stupid Hot”

Here are a few cooking tips he gave us.

1) When slicing, cut with the back end of the knife. Keep the sharp end on the cutting board

2) He uses Grape Seed oil as his vehicle for seasoning pans. It gives off virtually no taste and you can cook with it at extremely high temperatures.

Not hot temperatures.

Stupid Hot temperatures.

3) If you are in a sea food store looking for scallops ask for the ‘Dry Packed’ scallops.

He tells us most scallops come off the vessels and are put into a large tank where they are iced down but also some preservatives are added.

These can be seen when you cook the scallops and a milky white liquid comes out from the bottom. As you can see above there is milky liquid coming out of these puppies.

Its just fresh fresh scallops and some seasoning.

No off flavors.

We seared the scallops on Stupid Hot heat then sauteed the vegetables prepped for the sauce.

We finished cooking the sauce, laid it on our plates and placed some prize scallops on top.


Yes, I made that.

Time to taste this treat we expertly made (thanks Chef Bob).

Bon appetit!

The second course was a fantastic Duck recipe.

I forget the name but its in his cookbook.

Well I have to be honest,

I can’t pronounce the recipe either.

It was in French.

We used some sugar snap peas, sliced onion, some fresh honey, blueberries, a kumquat, and about a cup of Cabernet.

We all stood at our amazing cooking stations, first searing the duck to hold in the juiced and then baking the duck with some duck grease (think bacon grease but better) to keep it moist and yummy!

The young couple there were getting married in 2 days in downtown Charleston.

We got to hear more stories and jokes while the product cooked.


Q. Why were we using metal spatulas on the high priced Teflon saute pans?

A. Because Mrs. Waggoner was not there to tell him he couldn’t.

The duck finished.

We dressed it and viola:

Our well traveled restaurateur prize winning host DID admit….

restaurants can / may charge $5 extra

just for drizzling the sauce around the side of the plates, like above.

Can you see in the sauce?

Cabernet, blueberries, a kumquat and some honey sweet onions.

Finally. we placed some fresh berries in a dessert cup. added some yummy vanilla ice cream over top and then the reduced dessert sauce of wine, cloves, and other ingredients that I cant spell.

So in the end, I made my wife a wonderful three course dinner including

” expertly” prepared dry-packed sea scallops as well as a nice tender slice of duck.


I made it for myself and she made hers.

But she DID have a fab birthday dinner overseen by a very talented Chef,

as well as Chef Waggoner.

and lots of wine.

Oh wait, that was me,

but she didn’t mind.

The dinner was a breeze.

The object was to please

my wife as she smiled and said

“car keys” please.

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

I’ll try to do a better job next time.

Until then be safe and show someone some gratitude.

What a wonderful world

It is with both joy and sadness as we celebrate the passing of my father this month. He was a great man, not great by fame or fortune, but great as a human being.

He always smiled, would think of others before himself, and never took a harsh tone.

He spent the last 7 years in a nursing home, suffering from the progressive effects of Dementia. Here are some pics from Dad with my family. Dad’s life can be seen in progression for those who care to see my hero as he grew through life.




Read more…


Have you heard about the change the Optometrist s are trying to make?

They want to change the term 20/20 to something else when you are seeing well.

Cause who wants to see 2020 again?

We usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, as some long time readers might know.

But this year…..Covid restrictions and all we decided to just stay home.

We decided to research our ancestry a little bit imstead.

Low and behold it turns out I have royalty in my blood some how.

I uncovered this picture in my research ….

What do you make of that?? Who would have thought?

There’s not a lot of information on the picture but what does my great great great great grandfather look like?

A Barron?

A Lord?

A railroad tycoon?

It’s crazy thinking what or who this guy was.

Christmas 2020 ~ the Quarantine Qwistmas

I know, I know… A little late.

Sorry, we’ve been a little busy putting an end to Christmas

…and 2020

…and getting jobs

in general this January.

Its been tiring!

(I still have one more gift to return)

It was tough being Santa this year!

Our Christmas spirit was waning with out all the fuss and relatives..

….it seemed like 2020 was even going to take a dump on Christmas too.

It started with some hardware getting inserted into one of Santa’s slay’s front tires..

Yep. that’s the inside of the tire.

But we shook it off.

We decked the halls..

Played stupid reindeer games (quarantine style)

  • Click

The 2020 Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming after all…

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day

or stopping Christmas Dinner

Thanks Cracker Barrel! They even had the WhoHash

It was a quiet, low-key Christmas in Whoville.

And, in the end, everyone got what they wanted.

That’s it for now Knuckleheads.

I’ll try to do a better job next time!

Which could be this week…


We found out last Friday that our youngest was exposed to a schoolmate with Covid the prior Tuesday.

So we are literally quarantining…



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