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Feel My Pain..

First, I want to stop and give a shout out to all my friends and followers along the Caribbean coast and especially Houston. My prayers go out to you good people. I hear a lot of good stories of all sorts of people helping each other out amid the flood and destruction.

Second, I want to try something I have never tried before, writing a blog post on drugs.

You see I just am shedding my sedation from a scheduled double hernia repair this morning. It seems all went well in the out-patient surgery. I have about 3 days worth of pain medicine to take yet, including tonight. So if this post gets a little loopy or not proofed well, after I chased the meds with a Bud Lite, you know why.


No beer will be consumed this week in my house it appears. But I did get these stylish hose as a parting gift from my hospital.

If I only had some white flats to go with them. 

Sooooo, with lots of time on my hands this week I thought I’d crank out an overdue blog post or two; and maybe leave some sordid comments around WordPress to kill some time.

Looking back to last week, I guess you all heard about our Total Solar Eclipse?

And we almost had one here.

And I was all prepped for it too! Here I am at 9am, ready and raring to go!

And then again around 11pm…

But you see the sky was starting to get crowded

By the time the Solar Eclipse was ready to take place, this is all I could capture with my handy-dandy android camera.

And we were about to get some real weather by solar eclipse time (with all due respect to Houston)

I don’t think the solar eclipse visitors saw this storm coming!

By the time the actual total solar eclipse took place in our area you could not even find the sun! Ah, in more ways than one.

Didn’t I tell you it would rain?

Still, it was pretty cool as it got completely dark  eventually. Two minutes later all the nighttime creatures came out (toads, crickets, owls) and you could hear them singing their happy nocturnal songs.


Two minutes later, it was over.

Those toads and crickets must have been so confused.

It was really something to witness, from the eerie nighttime darkness in the middle of the afternoon to the rare celestial event to those poor confused nocturnal animals. It was sad that it didn’t last longer

But.. one of my peers did fare better with the weather up the road and captured these great photographs of the eclipse.

You know, if I had not witnessed the solar eclipse starting to happen I might take these pictures with a grain of salt. I mean we have all seen similar ones, right?

But there was something very, very special watching it happen through our fancy glasses that did make it really miraculous to me. You got to witness part of this great creation of God’s.

Anyway, that was my most recent overdue post. Stay tuned this week for more outdated events 🙂

Its about time for me to dose up again so I must go.

There were a few fun stories from my celestial hernia event this morning, like the nurse who wanted to give me a numbing shot….so I wouldn’t feel the prick of the IV needle go in….and then she couldn’t get the needle to stick, but not nearly as funny as my cancer experience.  And, while I entered the hospital with a double hernia scheduled, I actually left the hospital with three hernias repaired. I begged them for a Bud Light in the recovery room after hearing that news!

But no deal.

So tomorrow I have some movies planned in the morning and then in the afternoon head out to my favorite chair

….with my margarita…

Thanks for dropping by 3D knuckleheads!

I will try to do better next time



Back To School already? Our summer seems to have been eclipsed…

Well my friends, we have been singing a lot of this song below in the car this week, going  Back To School (que the music)


Yes Domino College…Back To School

C’est la vie!

Tell me, where did the summer go?

So with my girls going back to school on Thursday it had me thinking about,

“Did we do anything fun over the summer this year? it seems to have come and gone too fast.”

waiting for the bell to ring

I don’t know why they look so sad, I have to get up 45 minutes earlier everyday now! Geez!  🙂

Good bye summer vacation!

Well they were a little happier than they appear above. It looks like poor Skylar is dreaming about her time zip lining this summer..

While it looks like Dylan wishes she would rather be hiking and exploring new small streams…

Can you hear it?

She also did some hiking and camping that week.

That same week we did some white water rafting down the Nantahalla

After we took a train ride to the top of the Great Smokey Mountains

And that was after we saw some big old house…

that had gargoyles

and exotic palms

and fancy  trees

The girls also met some good friends at Bible School this summer.

And caught butterflies on their toes too.

Truth is we had a hard time keeping up with the girls this summer.

One day they were here and the next day they were gone…

But you know what?

Summer vacation isn’t quite over yet!

You see next Monday they tell us we are getting a Total Solar Eclipse in our town?

I mean, come on!!

Some people will think up ANYTHING to make some money in this town!!!

Yes a “once in a lifetime” “chance of a lifetime” TOTAL solar eclipse is rolling through our state next Monday. The hotels are packed from stem to stern.

And I hear they are all coming HERE to watch it!

Some 2 million visitors are expected this weekend.

The place will be packed!

Malls are advertising it on their marquees, to what, watch it in their parking lot?

Well that is all well and good.

Schools are closed. Banks are closed. Beaches are closed (sorry NJ)

And leave it to someone (or one hundred) to try to make some money off this event.

Yes there are Solar Eclipse parties,  specialty drinks, grocery store displays (Moon Pies and Blue Moon beer), t-shirts,


Specialty souvenir glasses (!!)

Why even a local semi-pro soccer stadium is having a band, kids and adult water slides and refreshments and


Selling tickets to a natural occurring event that takes place up in the sky?

“Join us at MUSC Health Stadium for the best eclipse tailgate in the path of totality! We’ll have fun for the whole family including live streams of the eclipse as happens, astronomy related activities, kids zone, local food, full bar, live entertainment, and more! Tickets are $8 for adults.”

(le sigh) Anything to make a buck!  🙂

I guess if I were younger I would be thinking about partying there too.

But, yes, it’s a big deal in South Carolina. There are even those electronic message boards on our highways announcing it,

Total Solar Eclipse August 21st; Be prepared!

I guess that could be a real mess on the highways for our state police.

So what is going to happen?

Is the afternoon day going to turn dark? That is pretty neat I suppose.

I might just take the afternoon off too!

Want to join me?

While there are no hotels available in town (a fancy hotel just off of the prestigious Kiawah Island… that faces a grocery store is renting rooms for $600/nt this weekend) we DO still have one bedroom open at our house if you want to witness this event.

The standard fare for the room is dinner out and a case of beer.

Oh, and here’s one more piece of news for the event….

Its going to rain!

It seems to have rained here everyday since the 4th of July. Boy, that would, ahhh, darken everybody’s spirits.

I was planning on working that day. My team should have their jobs rolled up pretty tight by noon next Monday so they can get out of the traffic.

Know what, I might just pop a Blue Moon that afternoon too (while its dark). It is a special day after all. Come join me! Celebrate with 2 million of my closest friends.

I hope to capture what everyone else is doing during the solar eclipse and report back to you sometime next week.


As for my girls, while their school did dispatch solar glasses at orientation, they have the day off.

Thats all they care about.

That suits them just fine!

As for you, come join us!

Sleep in our spare room or camp in our backyard. I predict there will be a party or two going on somewhere close that afternoon…

And watch, celebrate, photograph and blog about the day in its Totality as the day turned dark

(que the music)

Have a great weekend knuckle heads!

I will try to do a better job next time.

If there is one… 🙂











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