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Catching up

And now for something completely different.

Godzilla terrorizing downtown this week:

“We saw a dinosaur walking down the street,” Gary Shelby said.

“A person dressed as a Tyrannosaurus rex (Godzilla, right?) startled a pair of carriage horses in downtown Charleston on Thursday, injuring one of the horses and the driver.

Shelby Salvador and her husband, Gary, watched the scene unfold from their corner table at Tommy Condon’s Restaurant.

When the carriage got to 160 Church St., the dinosaur stopped and began making growling noises at the horses. This spooked the horses and they began backing up. The carriage then struck an unoccupied vehicle and caused minor damage to its bumper.”

The driver lost his balance and was thrown from the carriage during the incident, he said. One of the carriage’s wheels rolled over one of the driver’s legs.

Gary said he decided to confront the costumed carnivore and noticed that the person underneath was a female.

According to Phil Bailey, a public relations representative retained by Palmetto Carriage Works, the carriage was nearing the end of its tour route and the driver shouted at the T-Rex, warning that its antics would scare the horses. But the theropod’s alleged snarling spooked the horses, causing them to back up and jackknife the carriage, Bailey said. One horse, named Yogi, fell, and the driver was thrown out of the carriage. The other horse, Boo Boo, was not injured. Source: Post and Courier

For more info click Here

And that may have been the most blog worthy activity around these parts since our ill-fated Disney Cruise.

With apologies, I and we have been busy. My new job is a real challenge and the girls are getting busier and busier. But the words that fly out of their mouth these days are not nearly as cute as they were 4 years ago.

Still, a lot has happened. For instance, we all got a year older over the last 3 months. Its been a birthday parade, one after another about every two weeks. It has been confirmed, I am now old as dirt.

But, instead of giving you a lengthy play-by-play after the news clip above, let me ‘catch you up’ in pictures over the last 3 months.

Dylan had her birthday in March, It was her turn to have a party this year

She wanted a skating party at the local ice rink again.

She’s getting bigger!

Do you remember her when….

When this was as old as I wanted her to look..

Some of us think it is ‘scary’ how big she is getting!

Gosh, this 3rd grader invited more boys than girls!

Skylar’s birthday was next. She is turning 7.

And while her birthday was not as extravagant this year Aunt Sue and Grandma made up for it on their visit for Easter.

Getting Bigger too!

Yes Easter… and the girls got spoiled all over again. Like ‘multiple’ Easter Baskets?

Skylar also earned ‘Student of the Month’ in April

Look at her, “I’m so cool’!

While Dylan won a bike at a Science night that same week.

Dylan also earned a Daddy Date Night after her excellent report card and blowing away her reading goals.

She chose a place where they have a chocolate fountain.

We even caught a movie or two.

This one really rocked. It was a good, funny, ‘family‘ movie; after you got past all the bad language

Then it turned May and it was Mommy’s birthday and just recently Daddy’s birthday. But Dylan could only think of one thing:

How soon would the pool be open?

Has it been 30 minutes yet?

And it has been for about a month now.

I have been working hard on putting in more tropical landscaping, trying to make this a tropical escape.

A place where the kids can play without looking elsewhere.

To do something nice for them that neither Mom nor I had growing up.

Where every Saturday or Sunday it feels like a vacation around 4 or 5 o’clock.

Washed in the ocean; dried in the sun

So that more and more Saturdays can look like this for Mom and Dad.

Life in the fast lane

And that is it from the Spring. Consider yourself Caught Up!

We are now getting ready for summer and sadly this self-proclaimed beach bum may not see the beach any time soon as the pool gets warmer and warmer and a heck of a lot closer.

Have a great week knuckleheads!

I’ll try to do better this summer!

The Story Behind Your Thin Mint Purchase

…OK I am new to the Girls Scouts.. so lots of this stuff is new to me.

No, I am not in Girl Scouts, silly person, Dylan is!

But every year those cute little Girl Scouts come to your door with smiles and batting their eyes in hopes of selling you some over priced Girl Scout cookies. They are a cultural icon I guess by now, right? When someone says the word ‘Thin Mint’ what do you think of?

Have you ever wondered what the Girl Scouts do with all that cookie plunder money?

Lets take a poll:

Without giving away the answer, here are a few pictures from last weekend at our local Girl Scout’s year-end party.

First off there was some food! A lot of it for a little Girl Scout troop…

GS Buffet

There was this buffet table, complete with 30 Papa John’s pizzas at the end of it.

There was the colorful and inviting Cup  Cake table

GS cupcakes There was also an equally colorful Candy Table  behind the buffet table filled with colorful gum balls, lollypops, Skittles, and Pixie sticks!

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Maybe that is not enough sugar for our little princesses, er, brownies you wonder!

How about a Sno-Cone table?

GS sno cones

Now with all this sugar in their system these young ladies surely needed a way to burn it all off, right?

May I present Big Blue:

GS big blue

Now it wasn’t this Big Blue…..

..but is was more than enough to entertain Dylan for a while!

She seemed to enjoy it going down a few times…

GS slideIn fact, she got real good at going down the  slide, she went down so many times….

GS slide down

..in fact she spent most of the next 2 hours going down the slide…

GS sliding

Have another sno cone Dylan!

But it wasn’t ALL fun and games!

There was some business at this cookie-funded year-end party sugar-bash!

…and Dylan got to ‘Bridge into Brownies’

GS Bridging

Cool stuff!

She had a ‘Certified’ great time on my birthday weekend!

GS brownie

Oh my birthday weekend you ask?

It was nice!

No big deal!


Same ol’ same ol’

Have the best holiday weekend knuckleheads!

You all rock!

Thanks for looking in!

Can I interest you in another Thin Mint or Samoa?

Follow your heart…

Skye High!

 Happy End of the Week Everyone! It appears you survived another one.

We were Skye High here last week. We celebrated Skylar’s 5th birthday week. Yes, our littlest girl is getting older.

I hate to say this post doesn’t have as many pics to help commemorate our week-long celebration. I am trying to be more ‘part of the moment’ and less the paparazzi outsider taking the pictures. Being in the moment is so much more fun than trying to capture a moment it seems.

So, yes, Skye is getting older. She just finished her inaugural attempt at basketball with surprisingly good success.

 team photo

Her naturally aggressive tendencies severed her well.

So next she asked to try play T-Ball in the local town rec league.

This will be her first attempt a T-Ball and still trying to work out the kinks…

t ball
Both her an Dylan are working on their throwing and batting. Again, Skylar is all over the place trying to pic up grounders hit her way. So we will see how this progresses.

But they do have the world’s most greatest baseball coach!

giphyWhat do you mean, “Who”?

We celebrated Skylar’s birthday Easter weekend when her Grandparents and the Great Aunt Sue were down with truck loads of birthday presents for both our girls. Again, sorry no great pictures here in 3D from the mounds of unwrapped wrapping paper

…trying to stay in the moment

…and pick up a bit.

We took little 5 year old Skye to her favorite dinner for her birthday. The Outback was her choice this year.. She appeared to have a good time and was all smiles.

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Including the presentation of the bloomin birthday sundae… skye outback
And the Outback version of the birthday song, sure to make any bloke, or blokette happy!
skye b day song

We had a little bit of a birthday party for her on the weekend then at her favorite place, Skylar Zone!

Flying Skye High!

Flying Skye High!

She enjoys jumping and flying and dodge ball at this Skye-High zone.


Happy Birthday Skye!

Maybe one of her biggest thrills during her birthday week came in the mail from her absolute most favorite celebrity;

a mutual fan of hers it appears and my 300th follower! (Thanks Miss Nina!!) Nina b day gift 001

….Thanks so much for adding to the birthday celebration and helping to make our little Skylar feel special!

 Ms. Nina pointed out that Sprout.com is featuring a Be In The Moment contest for Mom’s. They are running a month-long contest where Mom’s submit candid pictures of themselves “Sharing the moment of being a mom” with their children leading up to Mother’s Day.

It’s a great contest, honoring the most important and deserving person in each of our lives.

Check out the celebration here. Or on Instagram at #MomIsHere and #NoFilter30

I know what you are thinking, and YES, I have put them in touch with Hans On Marketing Company to help ensure their promotion is a success!

So that’s about it from 3D-Land this week. We are moving through the birthday season here. Only two more big ones to go!

Then it’s time for the beach, vacations and running out doors again…

or all three...

or all three at the same time…

Have a great weekend! I’ll try to do better next time!

I may need some more rest…..

Hello everyone!

How is your winter going?

If I hear one remark about ‘global warming’ this summer I may choke someone!

Yes we have been bundled up, like the rest of you this winter, and not being as busy as we would like.

But finally this past week we had a wee bit of good news. Dylan received her 3rd report card for the year.  That’s right, all A’s again. She did great! She even received the highest marks in PE and Music.

Possibly the best news on the survey though was on the back of the report card where the teacher rates everyone on Personal and Interactive skills. Dylan received all A’s there as well. Her teacher goes on to mention, “Dylan is at, or above grade level, in all areas. She shows leadership daily in all activities in the class room.”

You go girl! We are so proud of her! ~There’s some new news, right?

So Friday she asked if she could go to Chucky Cheese and help ‘celebrate with her sister and a few of her friends from school. Sure we thought? She’s earned it and she also has a big day coming up.

She had a great time! She played with her friends. Ate some pizza. Collected a gazillion tickets from playing the games. It was a lot of fun…

Its like old times here..in this ride...

Its like old times here..in this ride…

Dylan's first time to Chucky's just before her first birthday

Dylan’s first time to Chucky’s just before her first birthday

Carrying on and having fun..


girls being girls

girls being girls

Saturday she invited those same school friends to our now monthly ‘Vacation’ Bible School at our church. Again, they had a good time, making crafts, playing games and decorating cupcakes I hear. (Skylar was using the icing for lipstick). She was worn out!

Sunday was Stingray Hockey night again! Dylan had won the ‘trifecta’ by reading 3 books in one week, good enough for free tickets to the local hockey team. So she and I spent Sunday afternoon at the hockey game. Dylan claims she is getting to be quite an expert at getting around our local coliseum with so many trips that she has made there recently. .(2 hockey games, the circus, and helping daddy with an American Lung Cancer event there.) She insisted I was going the wrong way in the parking lot at one point

All in all it was a pretty fun, busy, and rewarding weekend for me. Ahhh, I mean a fun weekend for her! Lots of good clean fun! Now, the only thing she has left to look forward to is her BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

…I may need to get to bed early tonight!

Some of my favorite things…

Tonight I saw something that I had never, ever seen before.

I got home and my girls both tell me my favorite show is on TV. Coming through the door, and curious, with high expectations I asked, “Oh yea? What is this?

They both scream out “Football!


Only to walk in the living room and find its some college baseball. (sigh) Not even close.

But here is the thing, the game was on…are you ready…channel 1679. Yes, well into the 1600’s in channels.  Who needs 1600 channels? Please list your jokes at the bottom of the page about this.

Well I have been telling you about a few of my favorite kids and their birthdays over these past few weeks. I finally got around to viewing some pictures from all the various events this past month. So I wanted to share some of them here. I hope you enjoy them. And thanks for dropping by…

the b-day month started with seeing their cousins, which they haven't seen in 2 years. They were a little shy at first...

The b-day month started with seeing their cousins, which they haven’t seen in 2 years, at the O.G. They were a little shy at first…

Both of their cousins are dancers in high school. Here they are teaching D. how to stretch the right way

Both of their cousins are dancers in high school. Here they are teaching D. how to stretch the right way

They taught our girls some dance moves...

They taught our girls some dance moves…

They taught them some gymnastic moves

They taught them some gymnastic moves

I think everyone had a great time

I think everyone had a great time

It looks like somebody's birthday ~ but who's this time?

It looks like somebody’s birthday ~ but who’s this time?

Playing dress up ~ this is Ariel at her marriage to Prince Eric

Playing dress up in her new dress~ this is Ariel at her marriage to Prince Eric

Future Charlie's Angel

Future Charlie’s Angel

She's growing up WAAAAY to fast!

She’s growing up WAAAAY to fast!

The famous Princess Castle. How many Princesses do you see?

The famous Princess Castle. How many Princesses do you see?

Looking for an Easter basket after the Princesses had an Easter blow-out party

Looking for an Easter basket after the Princesses had an Easter blow-out party
The girls racing at the beginning of their Easter Egg hunt

The girls racing at the beginning of their Easter Egg hunt

Somebody needs a bigger Easter basket.

Somebody needs a bigger Easter basket.

She just couldn't wait until the end of the hunt

She just couldn’t wait until the end of the hunt
Dylan! Where did all that candy go?

Dylan! Where did all that Easter candy go?

Its where Easter Eggs come from!

Its where Easter Eggs come from!

Playing Air Hockey  with Grandma @ Chucky Cheese

Playing Air Hockey with Grandma @ Chucky Cheese
She's giving her big monster roar to Chucky Cheese

…trying to scare  Chucky Cheese

Skylar had a birthday too...

Skylar had a birthday too…

Playing Peek-a-boo

Playing Peek-a-boo

Better than Easter candy AND lip gloss!

Better than Easter candy AND lip gloss!
Wrong opening there Skylar ~ Happy Birthday-month girls!!

Wrong opening there Skylar ~ Happy Birthday-month girls!!

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