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Halloween 2018

I know, I know… Halloween was so last month.

I am sorry.

I was either out of town mentally or physically these last few weeks but I did want to try to squeeze in a Halloween post for friends and family before I get a holiday behind…ahhh….

I mean, get behind one holiday post when another  holiday comes.

I am such a procrastinator.

Anyway, here are fun, happy, sweet pictures of my two little delicate flowers…


How embarrassing.

They seem to be beating up my Halloween decorations.

At first they were both going to be Greek Goddesses. You know how I like a Greek Goddess. But after wearing her’s for 3 days in a row, Dylan decided to make her own outfit by combining a Super Girl top with a Wonder Woman bottom.

Skye, and her goddess self (she is Greek after all), stayed home this year to hand out candy with mom while lil D and I hit the pavements in search of some treats.

Again the neighborhood did not disappoint as far as the decorations.

These people really go all out!

When I was little all we put out was a jack-o-lantern with a candle inside…that never seemed to make it through the night

This house, D and I both thought the Lord of the Rings looking guy was part of the decorations. But the stolic relic moved!
And handed out some candy..


And as the sun began to set, the neighborhood began to come alive with lights and tricks and treats…


One of my fav houses actually had a sign out front “Trick Or Drinks” in which they had a picnic table set up with cold local microbrews..

It was a popular house with the adults!

So since it was at the end of our walk,

…and we were headed home soon I thought I might try a Lowcountry Lager,

prostate be damned! (cool Halloween pun)

I did not go all out decorating at our house this year.


Come on!?

Its football season! My weekends are tied up!

But I did get lots of rav-reviews for one decoration, my fountain of blood.

mawah ha-ha-ha-ha (scary laugh)

So you wanted to know what I was dressed up as?

I know what you are thinking….

This year I dressed up as a parent

…and a 3-headed monster…

mawah ha-ha-ha-ha

No really cool videos this year, but I did reminisce  about one from years gone by as our little D went door to door. And then at the end of the video the little 3 year old divides up her candy booty and organizes it.

She separates it for a special surprise celebration….her marriage.

If you can stomach family videos the end is too cute! But I have to say that.

The video actually starts out at a Halloween 5K I was in, then moves over to our local Texas Roadhouse where the manager had a fondness for our girls ( I do not mean that in a creepy way)

Trick or Treat everyone!

I hope yours was scary and sweet.

That is all for now. I will try to do a better job next month when we highlight our Thanksgiving..

Enjoy your holiday!

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