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“The world is similar to a large book. To own it and only read the first two or three pages is such a waste.”

One of the things we love to do is Travel. With two kids now its been a little bit more challenging. But it doesn’t mean we still don’t like to get away!

I wanted to create a collection of our travel stories as well as YOURs in my mini Travel blog in my Table of Contents. I got the idea from a great traveller, Terry at Travel, Treks, and Quests.travel header

I hope to fill the Travel page with stories and pictures of our adventures. We are not the biggest travellers however, nor have been every where is the big beautiful world of ours. So if you have a favorite travel post you would want to share please let me know and I can reblog it here.

If you live in a beautiful part of the world that doesn’t get all the attention of a Paris or Hawaii I would love a guest post from you to share it in the Travel section.

If you had a kid-friendly vacation in the past, I need would love to hear about it here.

The world is an amazing place. It has so many beautiful places, historic landmarks, and incredible wonders.

Thank you!

The view I want to enjoy in retirement

The view I want to enjoy in retirement

If you are looking to do some traveling, here are some excellent Travel Tips below, borrowed from Travel, Treks, and Quests.

If you have some Travel Tips you live by, I invite you to add them in the comments below and help keep this trip alive!

Where have you been?


Travel Tips

Passports and Visas

Your passport is valuable, especially in third world countries.  Keep a photocopy for reference in a secured and easily accessible location in case yours is lost or stolen.  Note if your passport expires in 6 months, some countries may refuse you entry.  Some foreign immigration can spring a surprise on you and charge you for an entry or even an exit visa.

Consulates and local contacts

Before you go on a trip, locate and keep a record of addresses and phone numbers of consulates close to your destination.  Also, if you can establish a local contact or hire a travel guide, do so.

Medical Insurance

If possible, consider medical insurance coverage for overseas travel.

Maps and Phrase books

I’ve found these invaluable.  Also become familiar with phrases and words such as, ‘I’m lost, I need help, food’, water, bathroom, hotel, restaurant, etc.  I also travel with a compass.

Local holidays and business hours

Familiarize yourself with holidays and local customs.  You might travel for miles to get to a destination, only to find the place closed.  Observe local custom especially if there is religious significance involved.


Traveling in certain regions can be unsafe because of political unrest or crime.  Be careful and vigilant.  Always be friendly with the local law enforcement, and keep within the law. Research the area conditions before traveling.


Have access to ready cash, either hidden on your person or kept somewhere safe.  Look into bank transfers or other local access to cash in case of emergencies. Sometimes, accessing the local currency via ATM machines is cheaper than the rates charged at currency booths at the foreign airports.

Contingency Plans

Transportation can be unreliable in certain parts of the world. Your driver, bus, or taxi may never show up. Learn local routes and have a backup plan.  I never imagined that my first horse riding experience would have been the result of a stranded trip.

Trip Advisor

~ I would like to add one more tip: When planning your next trip it pays to research. We use Trip Advisor to research resorts, restaurants, cruises, customer service, you name it. Its a great resource by getting ratings, opinions, and stories from people that have already been there. You can find ‘What to See’ or what to avoid. We use it to plan every trip.

15 thoughts on “Travel

  1. I am heading there right now. I am sure I will! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Did you see any of my Travel stories under the Table of Contents on the right side margin? https://ourlifein3d.com/category/travel/ I have a few from islands in the Caribbean to Ireland to some in the US..

  2. Thanks for sharing these valuable travel tips. 🙂
    Your may like reading my post on voyaging on your own – http://goo.gl/OknXHC

  3. So here are the titles of my favorite 3 posts about Taiwan from my blog. You can decide if they are worthy for your Travel page 🙂

    It took 2 months to notice it, 6 months to understand it and 10 months to finally do it.
    Today I took life’s balls to the gorram rodeo and showed Taiwan what Cowgirl Up means.
    It bit me on the chin

    One of my favorite things I did when my kidittos were in their pre-teen to early teens (you know age difference and all) was go on a Food Around The Country road trip. It was SO much fun. There are obviously lots of things to see all over the US but our only “agenda” was eating food named after a place or specifically denoted to be “what that place is about”…

    Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia, Boston Creme Pie in Boston, Chicago Dog in Chicago, California rolls in California, Red and Green Chile in New Mexico; you get it.

    If we happened on a museum or historic landmark or some other popular touristy thing and wanted to ,ok we did, but food was the main attraction. That and jumping on hotel beds at night to work off the food of course.


    You 4 have a lot of fun in store! Keep up the great work !

  4. I love that…and need to to find one of those ‘backpacks’. If you are like me, you have had more than enough bad experiences with lost or damaged luggage that gets handled by the airlines. Thanks Sue! Maybe we will run into you two sometime…

  5. My best tip is carry on luggage only in the form of a backpack but opens like a suitcase. We even do this for three week European cycling vacations. No worries about lost luggage and you can run for connections on trains,buses, etc. takes some clever packing but so worth it.

  6. Thank you Ms. Sue. if you have any favorite travel tips we would love to hear them! Thanks for traveling by 3D..

  7. Sound advice in this post!

  8. Yes, please keep in touch! Wish we could ‘Travel’ with you! It sounds like quite an adventure. I could carry your bags and make your bed….be the cabana boy…I’m just sayin’ ~ Good luck! Be safe…

  9. ruby cooper on said:

    Let’ keep in touch. ontheroadwithgrandmaruby.blogspot.com/

  10. Thanks for your kind words Cape May! I am actually taking these curious and energetic little girls to their second trip to Ocean City, NJ this summer. I loved that place when I was a kid! Any hidden gems around there I don’t know about? And I was thinking I need to do more with this Travel thing with more stories. So would you rather hear about St. Lucia, diving in Curacao or Ireland in an upcoming Travel post? And, as always, if you have a nice travel story you would like to share I invite you to share it here in 3D! Tell us / show us some hidden gems. Its what Traveling is all about! ~ Thanks for stopping by!

  11. what a great idea! first of all great read, i don’t travel far but the hidden gems I’ve been to in New Jersey are magical! I love reading about people’s experiences rather than what a brochure tells you, I’ll be looking forward to reading more here!

  12. Thanks for dropping by! Send me a story of one of your favorite trips and I can share it here in 3D. 🙂

  13. Thanks for a lovely post 🙂

  14. I know there are many resources but we live by the Trip Advisor when planning trips, from the ratings to the candid reviews. If you ever want to add on of your travel stories I would be honored Lady Fi! Thanks fro stopping by….

  15. Trip Advisor is great.

    Nice shots.

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