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Brrr, can someone get me towel?

I don’t know about where you live but it is starting to snow here in 3D. Similarly, it is finally looking a lot like Christmas in our real world as well as we finally finished decking the  Christmas tree and train village! (VodPod Video) Phew! It wasn’t easy.

Preparing the tree and train village below is one of our family traditions. Aren’t the traditions great? Another of ours is the holiday music during the season. So I wanted to share some of our favorites over the next 12 days of Christmas. Click on it for some seasonal holiday music in the background if you want.

I have to admit I became a Celtic Woman groupie a few years back when I saw their first PBS special. Accordingly, I have bought their Christmas DVD. The DVD has classic  carols, done with an Irish flavor, sung by angels.

True to the season, we were actually visited by 3 angels this past week. Its true! We are blessed with many angels in our lives that love us and our kids. These 3 helped to make this holiday that much more special for our girls. Thank you!

So in trying to be worthy we tried to get our two Cherubs fit for some Christmas pics this  weekend. Ha! Trying to get these girls to sit still, look at the camera, smile and not pull the hair bows out of the other’s hair is next to impossible! So, sorry the holiday pictures may be a little late!

Here is a glimpse of what I mean (darn flash delay!):





Have a great Monday!

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