The Home of Daddy's Day Dare! ~ I am just trying to stay above water


Its finally at that dreadful moment. The time has come.

The holidays are over. The resolutions ignored.

Well, there are still some leaves to rake.

But it has come time to pack up and say good bye! 

It seems like we have called this place home for a long time now. It’s hard to  leaf  leave!


We have had our share of fun here. We have made a lot of friends. 

made somefriends 

We have seen this point coming for awhile now. We tried to prepare ourselves the best we could, even with everything going on. We have post-poned, ignored, and then prepared a bit.

But, just like the tides, we have to leave this place behind.

out with the tides

There’s really no getting away from it, the girls are getting older. Dylan will be in school next year! So saying good-bye is our only choice.


This place has been beyond riches and so has everyone we have met here. 




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18 thoughts on “HOME SWEET HOME

  1. A door closes and a window opens!

  2. I can’t slide anything past you Canadians. Your schools are too good! In the summer our ocean is actually warmer than tropical, bath water. I’ll see if we can’t wait to move until then. OK?

  3. amazing pics indeed and although it’s warmer there than here you can’t trick my frozen canadian brain into thinking it’s tropical!

  4. Derek, there is something about our area of the east coast. I know from where we are all the way down through Hilton Head you can find a lot of Sand Dollars certain times of the year. We actually have a basket full of wholde sand dollars as an ornament inour house(that I now have to pack) But I always would tell myself, when I couldn’t find any, where there are S D pieces there are whole ones out there somewhere. We rarely see Horseshoe crabs here. I remember the Jesrsey shore had lots fo them. Ugly lookin’ buggers!

  5. We are on the coast of South Carolina. Its 55 degrees F.here today! did you see those pictues? That’s out our backdoor, so to speak. 🙂

  6. Do you live somewhere tropical? If so, yes I want to help!

  7. We live close to the ocean, but have not been able to find a sand dollar in tact like that. Well done. We do look for horseshoe crabs a lot, though.

  8. Oh it will be. Its a great time to buy. We’re looking at house prices that are the same as 10 years ago, based on what our realtor told us we could sell ours for. So, we’re looking at houses with pools for the kids. …I just don’t like the boxes and depreciation to the furniture as we load it on the truck…. Want to help? 🙂

  9. It’s possible the new place will be even better – chin up!

  10. Yes, the picture was from a few years ago when we took our neighbors 5 year old to hunt for sand dollars. I love that picture of the white one gleaming in the water. I’ll get into leaving in the next post but it has to do with our school systems. Our local one is crap and the neighboring county is far better. But we will still be close to the beach! Thanks for dropping by our beach! Come on up sometime and we’ll fill your pockets with these things. Or maybe a bag instead. 🙂

  11. Isn’t it. When I was single I worked for a restuarant company or two and I moved about every year it seemed. We bought this house and I swore I wouldn’t move again. Then came kids and crappy school systems. Thanks for dropping by & chatting Dianna.

  12. Thanks Mei. Actually it was not a holiday just a Sunday afternoon out our back yard….so to speak. We live about 10 miles from the ocean. I love the beach and the ocean and so we took our oldest (at the time) out to learn to like it too. We took our 5 year old neighbor out to ‘hunt’ for some sand dollars. Certain times of the year they are not so rare at low tide. I know you are surrounded by water (it seems) where you live. Do you see the sand dollars there? If not, come on by some weekend this summer and you can look with us. 🙂 Have a great day Mei! Thanks for dropping by..

  13. Just getting ready to move. We found a Realtor and she put us on the path.

  14. She got the sand dollar intact!! Way to go. Great pics. Why leave?

  15. It’s always hard to move…

  16. It’s fun to read this …. what a wonderful holiday.

    Warm regards,

  17. smccleaf1@comcast.net on said:

    I’m confused, what are you saying goodbye to???  The beach, or current house????  Did you find a new one???

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