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The Great Aunt Sue

Well,if you have been following many of you have mentioned the nice pictures lately. They are due to the Great Aunt Sue!

My sister Sue loves to come down and spoil the girls (and be a kid) as often as she can. She checked into our B&B about 2 weeks ago and every one had a blast! We love it when she visits as its kinda a vacation for my wife and I…

Catching some zzz's at the beach

Catching some zzz’s at the beach

as she takes over entertaining the kids (and we don’t have to pay her!)

Rather than bore you with my commentary, poor jokes and bad typing I thought I would just tell the story with a few more of her pictures.

First, Aunt Sue is an amateur photographer, with a camera that puts mine to shame. Her’s takes pictures when you press the button! She loves to take pictures and we are the benefactors of them. I mean she took 100’s of pictures! And that was just at dinner the first night.

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to the Great Sue!

Welcome to our house Aunt Sue!

Welcome to our house Aunt Sue!

The girls got to practice their dancing…


And they also went to the park a few times.


Dylan literally climbes like a monkey…


…dress or no dress!

The girls also got a chance to go to the local pool.

Being the beginning of summer Dylan had lost some of her nerve in swimming that she had from last fall in Jamaica…


But it didn’t take long to get it back!


It wasn’t long before that fearless, crazy girl showed up again!

Five years old an Fearless!

Five years old and Fearless!

You do remember that fearless girl from Jamaica last fall, right?

Skylar had never been the water lover Dylan is, although she loves it too!


She just hasn’t had as many opportunities to practice her swimming, being 2 years younger.


But with the help of our Great Aunt Sue new Nanny she found her inner fish too!


The girls also got to play dress up!


Then! Dress up like divas!


Don’t know who to blame for this, Great Aunt Sue or the new nanny!


There was even a Gladys Knight sighting….

Her Supreme's imitation: "Stop! In the name of love..."

Her Supreme’s imitation: “Stop! In the name of love…”

The girls were all smiles and hated to see her go!

"You're the BEST sister ever!"

“You’re the BEST sister ever!”

Everyone kid should have a Great Aunt Sue!


That's all folks! Come back and see us....

That’s all folks! Come back and see us….

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24 thoughts on “The Great Aunt Sue

  1. Well I thought we talked about Aunt Sandy coming down at the same time so you could get warm and work on your tan? Yes the girls do embrace their diva-dom. I know they get that from their Aunt Sandy! Have a great weekend Sandy. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Can you send Great Aunt Sue to Aunt Sandy’s neck of the woods….looks like y’all had a great time. And the girls are so cute. Embrace the diva-dom.

  3. Yes, she can be fearless which can be scarey as she really doesn’t know how to swim without the floaties. Aunt Sue and all her pictures are one reason my computer is running slow. Have a good weekend Terry!

  4. Great pics of the little ones! Five year old is pretty brave in the water!!!

  5. Thanks Luanne. Yes Sue had some pictures that were too cute not to share. She took some pics of the house, now that we are getting out of boxes. I didn’t know if a blog was the right place to show them though. If you are interested I can email you some so you can pick out your room when you come and visit. πŸ˜‰

  6. Pretty girls and pretty house! The girls have so much personality!

  7. OK then, the que for visits is started and you two at the top. I have to tell you that aunt Sue and I come as a package if you are going on those hiking trips. Somebody needs to carry her equipment! It seems you have no trouble taking great pictures though. Have a great weekend Jess! Thanks for dropping by…

  8. You should let Aunt Sue know your readers are available for visits and would gladly sign up on a waiting list…or is that just me? It’s good to have family that you can have fun with!

  9. Thanks Karen. I know you have some super cuter pics of your kids too. Some here were just too cute not to share. I hope to post some more in Pictures in 3d later this week. Thanks fro dropping by…

  10. I think I want to invert the pics in 3D as some go back a few years now. It would be a way to see their development. Some day maybe. Yes they had fun with their aunt sue…the life of a child!

  11. Oh I am sure you are a great aunt. Sue just like taking pictures. The rest is sort of their weekly routine (oh, to be a kid again!) Thanks for dropping by Cassye!

  12. Super cute!

  13. What fun they were having with their Aunt! I had missed the opportunity to click on “Pictures in 3D” earlier, so I got to see your little cuties in lots more poses and adorable clothes today. Fun!

  14. You are so lucky to have such a great family member. I was a terrible Aunt at first! Sue puts me to SHAME…

  15. Yes, she spoils the kids like they are her own…until it comes to changing them. We’re trying to get her to move in so we can relax more often! Thanks for dropping by SSM!

  16. I have an Aunt Sue, too – she is THE BEST!!! Everyone should have an Aunt Sue. Kudos to yours…

  17. Yes, I think these girls smiles are one reason Sue keeps coming back. Its about a 9 hour drive! So you have a big kid in the family too, huh? Give Aunt Cindy the kids and some lunch money and you can have the rest of the day free. ~ I hope you are doing well and feeling stronger every day. Your courage inspires me. πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by…

  18. I’m not too good either. A digital camera just can’t keep up with these girl’s pace. So when she comes down I can literally steal some photos. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Beautiful! Have a great weekend…

  19. Yes, she’s good and the girls love her. Ya gotta get some good pics in there with that mix!

  20. What beautiful little girls! We have an Aunt Cindy who seems a lot like Aunt Sue. She’s just another big kid herself.

  21. i need a great aunt sue to take pics! I’m hopeless at it. Lovely to see little kids having such a good time.

  22. What a great aunt and I love the pictures!

  23. Thanks Ms. Brickhouse! I actually needed a vehicle to show off some of these pics that were just too cute not to share. Check out the Pictures IN 3D at the top of the page in a week where I can show off the rest that didn’t make the story. Have a great weekend!

  24. Precious pictures! Everyone needs an Aunt Sue! πŸ™‚

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