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First Grade for the First Week

Or is it, “First Week in the First Grade?”

I am in the process of finishing up the planning our summer family vacation coming in September. Yes, I know. I am late. We were busy…

Its more like ‘Cheap’ as the prices and crowds / lines go down after every other 6 year old is on school. Right? And since planning a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean during the height of hurricane season is kinda like planning Russian Roulette (you just can’t reason with hurricane season), I opted for Dad’s our girl’s tried and true vacation spot of summer vacations past, Ocean City, New Jersey.

Do you remember Skylar’s first adventure on a miniature golf course there…

So on the way to school today I was trying to see how stoked Dylan was about making this trip up to a kid’s magical Wonderland again.


So I asked, “Dylan, have you thought much about our trip up to Ocean City, NJ yet?”

She replies, “No.  Not so much, I would rather go to school instead.”

Wait! (sound of brakes screeching!)

Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Yes, it is the first week of school around here this week. Dylan started her first day of First Grade on Tuesday. She was a trooper!

Dressed for her first day of First Grade

Dressed for her first day of First Grade; complete with her favorite Tangled Diary

Even though all of her friends, I mean every last one of  ’em, was in a different class this year, she still was eager to start. And you know how hard making new friends can be sometimes for kids on the first day of school.

Sure enough, she did not even make it until 1:00pm on that very first day before I received an email from her teacher. It read:


Hi Dylan’s Parents!  I wanted to email you and let you know that Dylan is having a great first day!  She is such a helper! There was a child outside that was very scared to start first grade and apparently she knew him.  She told me she knew him and asked if I would like her to talk to him.  So sweet!  I’m looking forward to teaching her this year!  I’ll speak with you soon!

Looks like she is starting the school year off on the right foot. (Mommy was a teacher’s pet too. Not Daddy…. but Mommy sure was). I do hope she decides to join us on our trip I am planning to Ocean City and not stay in stinky ol’ school instead. Her grandparents will be so disappointed if she doesn’t join us.

“But Daddy, how else am I going to get to the second grade?

And get that college scholarship you keep talking about me needing?

I love school thiiiis much

I love school thiiiis much

 So next stop is Ocean City, New Jersey. I will let you know what she decides to do and what surprises I may have in store for her and her sister along the way. 


I have an important 1 year anniversary coming up too.

Stay tuned…


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20 thoughts on “First Grade for the First Week

  1. We thought the teacher sending that comment on the first day was pretty great too. But then we thought when would she have the time on the first day of school? Yes this year in first grade I have been nominated to be the car pool for D. and one of her best buds from school…(sigh) they laughed at me singing all the way to school today! They were in hysterics! D. never laughed at me last year by herself…and I didn’t think I was that bad.. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Ms. FingerPrinting! Always great to hear from you….

  2. I think all but one of those pics were taken by someone else with a real camera. I think you can tell which one was taken by my cell. OK that does it, I have to get a real camera before our trip… 🙂 (thanks for the props)

  3. I forgot to say earlier…
    The photos are beautiful:)

  4. Yeah for Dylan! I can see that she is loving first grade. Kudos to her teacher for sending you that positive note about her and the little boy. Have a great year in first grade, mom and dad:)

  5. She really is. She has a big heart, a great big sister and helper too. Thanks for looking in PIF! Have a great week….

  6. What a sweet heart.

  7. Hey Stranger! Great to see you here again! Yes, we are going there shortly. I found a house on the boardwalk this time so it should be fun. If you need a good donut intake, come and join us. I hope everyone is doing well in nest. Always great to hear from you Maria. Did school start there yet? Have a great week.

  8. Hello Stranger! Glad to see that all is good and that everyone is happy. I have been wondering if you were going to go back to Ocean City since you had so much fun there before. And the donut place. 🙂

  9. I know, she growing up fast. and while there is no denying how fast they grow up the depressing thing is there just went another year of my life gone by in the same whisk of a year. I try and I try to get her to stay 4 or 5 years old by she just laughs at me…and tells me she has to grow up, she can’t help it. thanks for looking in Karen. I hope your clan is doing great too. Have a great week!

  10. Ocean City was always my fav place to play when I was a kid….ahhh, a younger kid. there is so much good fun healthy stuff for them to do. One tub of caramel popcorn coming up! Thanks for dropping by SSM, its always great to hear from you. Have a great weekend!

  11. And look at what a perfectionist Marisha turned out to be! We think lil’ D will have a good year too. As long as there is recess and PE (still her two fav. subjects) She will be fine. She completed 2nd grade workbooks this summer and starting to read chapter books. Thanks for looking in Luanne! Have a great weekend!

  12. We went to a resort in Jamaica two years back and had the place to ourselves so I am hoping for something similar this year, although the weather may not be a s warm. But after this week, that’s a good thing. Brainwashed huh? She is compettitive (like her dad) and enjoys being tops in stuff weather it is reading or running. I hope you are doing well Ms. Aurora! Thanks for looking in!

  13. She really likes learning things and is real perceptive for a kid, plus a memory that puts dad’s to shame. I am sooo doomed in a coupla years! She had always been a good helper at home to. I can’t wait until she gets big enough to run the lawn mower…. Just kidding! I hope you are doing well Dianna! thanks for dropping by..

  14. First Grade, yikes ~ Go Dylan!

  15. Miss Dylan is an angel! Kudos to her parents for instilling such excellent values in her. Ocean City looks like a barrel o’ fun. Send me tub of caramel popcorn, please!

  16. I love Dylan’s first day! So true to her personality! After Marisha’s first 2 weeks in first grade, I also got contacted by her teacher. “If Marisha doesn’t stop wadding up her work when she makes one little mistake, she isn’t going to pass first grade. Can you do something?” hahahaha Yup, that’s what we had to deal with. Dylan is going to have a fabulous year!

  17. Its still August! its supposed to be vacation time!
    and then they brainwashed her…

    Sounds smart going at low season, I would choose it too, cheaper and not crowded.

  18. Ha! She will grow out of that ‘school love’ phase soon enough, don’t you think? It’s all new right now and exciting. I love how helpful she is, how she cares about other kids… You guys are doing something right! ❤
    Diana xo

  19. Yes! I hate to think how she will be out smarting me as a teenager…and my faculties continue to diminish. lol. I hope you are doing well Jessica! Thanks for dropping by…

  20. Great post. It seems you have a little scholar living in your house!

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