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I sea you!

OK, by now you have probably noticed I have not been posting as much as I have last year or so. The truth is, I have been in between cameras. Our girls trashed my last one a few years ago. My cell phone can only handle so many tasks. And unless Aunt Sue was in town, I have been hurting for decent, blog quality photos.

Enter American Express! I finally squirreled up enough reward points with American Express to earn a new camera. After doing some research, I settled on a Casio EX-Z2000. It is a small, pocket sized digital that earned some good ratings in its category.

So I packed my new camera away and decided to learn and experiment with it on our vacation last week.

My main goal was picture clarity; picture quality of that of a much larger camera. The Casio EX has that capability but what it makes up for in quality it desperately lacks in picture speed. That’s why you WONT see pics of our girls riding the rides in Ocean City. But if you want to judge how well the Casio does in capturing pictures of nature stick around. I have a picture or two of the beach in Ocean City to show you.


Now I am not claiming to be much of a photographer, maybe an amateur amateur photographer. My sister is much better. But I do enjoy trying to capture some scenes, details, textures, and colors. But in prepping this post I realize you will have to click on these picture themselves to get the most appreciation for the photo I took.

Like this pic of the beach at dusk.  To me the camera captured some of the texture of the sand through the depth as well as shadows up front. The clouds are in such a pattern that it looks like they are being sucked out to sea or rolling in like invading aliens (yea, I watch too much TV).

Ominous clouds at dusk

Ominous clouds at dusk

Do you have an eye for detail? What can you pick out in another photo at dusk?  What do you see? .

CIMG0004Yes, there are two surfers approaching the beach on the left side. Some picturesque yellow umbrellas against the ocean blue sea in the middle. that is too much like a post card. There are the manicured rows of sea grass for dunes, planted similar to the biggest fields of corn, as well as a few couples soaking up the last bit of sun and sea for the day along the waters edge.

What about here? Can you pick out the two surfers slicing up waves amongst the rolling ocean spray? How about the surfer advisory flag?

CIMG0012Yes the flag tells you you better be prepared and an excellent swimmer if you want to go out in these fall waters. In fact, if the life guard was there these two would probably get whistled!



But I will be quiet now and just offer a few more of my favorite pics of nature on our recent trip.

Tell me what you see?

Sunrise... sadly on the best day weather wise on our getaway

Sunrise… sadly on the best day, weather wise, on our getaway, the LAST day ~ I was told I better get a sunrise pic!

And later that same morning…

CIMG0009Kinda ideal for a jogger, huh?


If you can’t tell I just love the ocean spray blowing off the top of the waves. It is my ideal day on the beach and in the water.

…if the water was 80 degrees… and free of shells….and seaweed… and..


doing some curls

Doing some curls

She is completely unaware of the power behind her. She only knows her sand castle is going right there!

The waves are sneaking up on her, getting closer

The waves are sneaking up on her, getting closer


Thanks for indulging my new part-time, if-I-only-had-time, amateur hobby photos! I will try to dig up some fun pics from our trip tomorrow.

Have the best day everyone!

SMILE for the camera!

I have one now…

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