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It’s Book Launch Week!

One of my favorite writers and funniest lady I know, Leeanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom)


has a book being published this week, “Don’t Lick The MiniVan” and Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say To My Kids“.

How many out there have some children, raise your hands.

Now those of you with hands in the air, how many of those kids can be the cutest thngs you’ve ever seen? Keep your hands up.

And how many of you with your hands still in the air have kids that have done, or said some things that have you scratchin’ your heads thinking these kids can’t possibly be prodigy of mine! If so, take a look at Leeanne’s book. She’s a fun read (I hope I can say that about her) and maybe, just maybe, she can remind you of some of your own stories with your own Minivan Lickers!

Have fun! If you are looking for a fun (ny) read this weekend, or this summer, check the Ironic Mom out and her book. She also does blogs for NickMom and others. She gets around! She’s funny and she knows how to use it!


..and have the BEST Memorial Day ever…


PS: I already have my copy!! Luv it!!

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