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The Alamo!

Ready for Christmas? Here is the daily Christmas mood music!  I stumbled across this lively Celtic carol, “A Soalin”. Fancy a more traditional carol? Click here to hear one you know by heart.                    

Last night after dinner mommy and I were discussing a meeting of mine  that had occurred earlier that day. The only thing that I could think of  during the meeting was The Alamo!. I was out manned, out gunned, out prepared! I was creamed!

Mommy sympathizing said, “well don’t worry about it. I am a worrier and I am not worried about it”.

I agreed saying, “Yes you are. But you are also a good comforter too. And I appreciate it”. Warmly I followed, “and I would like to throw you over top of me right now”.

Mommy smiled back as she grasped my homonymic play on words. ~ sadly she did not take me up on the romance!

But Dylan said, while still looking down at her toy in her lap, “But Daddy you might hurt her if you do dat”.

I’ll take a daughter who fancies ‘care and concern’ over romance any time!

   Happy Holidays!     

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