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the Missing Link

So last week when I was loading the two hurricane home videos on to Youtube Dylan spotted this oldie-but-goodie in my archives.

I think it a hilarious video AFTER I get over how lucky she was that she didn’t split her head open as soft socks meets hardwood floors.

I actually sent the video in to America’s Funniest Videos. No response yet


It kinda bothered me, as we watched this vid, how my laugh sounded.

Then I realized why it did. I sound like a Siamang!

A frickin’ monkey!

This is one video we took at the zoo that has these monkeys. See if you can tell us apart?

Hey, that’s not funny!

Maybe I am, or am related to the missing link?

I have been plagued with this issue all my life!

In Jr. High a particular roughian used to call me Cornelius after the famed talking monkey on the Planet of the Apes.

As a kid I could always “climb like a monkey”!

Now, my own daughters introduce me to strangers as Mr. Furry.   (sigh)

Heck, even some of my best friends are primates!

Monkeying around at the petting zoo

Say Hello to my Best Man!

But when I ask Dylan what she thinks, she says I am just bananas!


Have a great weekend everyone!





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