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I humbly accept this award…

There come a time in a person’s life, or at least there should, when everything you have been shown, everything you have been taught, the great instincts you have get validated as ‘the Best’. And that moment came for me tonight.

"I want to thank my family, my wife, friends who have been there for me and of course those two amazing girls...

“I want to thank my family, my wife, friends who have been there for me and of course those two amazing girls…

But first, the commercial for this weekend in a new season of 3D. I was planning on doing an update about my procedure this weekend. Briefly, so far it has been great. I feel great! I feel normal. I feel the same as pre-radiation seeds in my belfry.

Oh yes, there have been some moments. Graphic Ones! And you’ll get all them this weekend.

This procedure has put the thrill back in pee’ing. And when I walk past the refrigerator my belly has followed its urge to stick on the door. And you can get all this and more this weekend as I continue to butter up my doctors and to avoid paying that whole huge bill! ~You would think at 95 seeds I could get a bulk discount?

Back to my moment….

Yes, my validation of greatness came, in of all places, our area grocery store, the Bi Lo. Let me set the stage…

We arrived at the store and the girls immediately spotted a bright blue police car shopping cart in the parking lot. And it was clean!

So one by one I picked each one up and put them in their seats as fast as I could (i.e. radiation and holding the kids).

We were on a mission to obtain essential beverages to make it through to the end of the week; namely milk, orange juice and apple juice.

Well I put the girls in and wheeled the cart around in the parking lot outside. I almost encroached on an on coming car but she saw I had kids in the cart and waved me on.

Being appreciative of the nice driver, and not wanting to take up her time with my neglect, I pushed the police car / shopping cart into gear and ran to the edge of the parking lot, slowing up to make a graceful entrance into the Bi Lo.

The girls love this of course as every time I put them in  a shopping cart they say, “Daddy go fast!”

Once inside I reminded the girls of our mission and that we dared not take any breaks to look at ice cream, cereal, party balloons, or stickers.

The cold beverage aisle was at the far end of the store so we walked calmly down to that end, pretending to let the girls actually steer the police car with their steering wheels.

We make it to the top of the refrigerated section and ‘Bam‘ right there was some orange juice. ~shopping is so easy!

We secured some and then looked for the milk section, spotting it at the other end of the aisle.

But first we had to navigate a family that left a full shopping cart on one side and three heavy people looking at bread on the opposite side, completely ignoring there was another cart coming down the aisle.

I leaned down and whispered to the girls, “hold on, this might be tricky” as we steered slowly towards the shoppers.

I reminded the girls to “steer the cart straight and watch out for the other shoppers” as we slowly navigated the gauntlet.

I smiled at everyone as we drove past, gave a ‘homecoming queen’ wave to the little one stuck in their cart and then shifted up the next gear as we cleared the family.

Now the only things in our way to securing some milk and running home was 30 yards of open aisle and a young couple keeping to them self along the cheese section.

So I made some race car sounds and broke into a jog with the cart. I pretended to ‘fishtail’ the cart like a car on a dirt road down the aisle.

I told the girls, “come on keep it straight, keep it straight don’t hit anything” as we swerved closer to the milk.

The girls were laughing hysterically and I made more varooo- varoom sounds when it happened.

What do you think happened?

The young girl that was holding hands with the other long-haired fella in our aisle said to her mate, “There goes the coolest Dad ever!

Did you get that?


 I gave her a side glance out of the corner of my eye and a quick itty-bitty smile in an attempt to say “Thank you” after we found our milk and started for the registers.

Finally, after all that training, and all the reading, and coaching, and reminding….I had my validation (which I knew all along)….Coolest Dad EVER.

I’ll sleep good tonight…

I don’t know how I would have felt if I would have heard “Coolest Grandpa”..again

Riding in the back of a limo at 3 months...you'll never guess where we are going?

Hopping in the back of a limo at 3 months…you’ll never guess where we are going? I didn’t even know these guys!

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