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Christmas 2020 ~ the Quarantine Qwistmas

I know, I know… A little late.

Sorry, we’ve been a little busy putting an end to Christmas

…and 2020

…and getting jobs

in general this January.

Its been tiring!

(I still have one more gift to return)

It was tough being Santa this year!

Our Christmas spirit was waning with out all the fuss and relatives..

….it seemed like 2020 was even going to take a dump on Christmas too.

It started with some hardware getting inserted into one of Santa’s slay’s front tires..

Yep. that’s the inside of the tire.

But we shook it off.

We decked the halls..

Played stupid reindeer games (quarantine style)

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The 2020 Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming after all…

Fahoo forays, dahoo dorays
Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day

or stopping Christmas Dinner

Thanks Cracker Barrel! They even had the WhoHash

It was a quiet, low-key Christmas in Whoville.

And, in the end, everyone got what they wanted.

That’s it for now Knuckleheads.

I’ll try to do a better job next time!

Which could be this week…


We found out last Friday that our youngest was exposed to a schoolmate with Covid the prior Tuesday.

So we are literally quarantining…



I gave my car to a Pop Star

That’s right.

A pop star flew into town (with his family) and needed a car,

so I gave him mine.


he returned it.

He also paid me,


for letting him use it.

That’s right, in today’s peer-to-peer rental society you can actually rent out your car, your home, your pool, or most anything.

Last August, when we traveled to the mountains, we actually rented some local’s Audi to get there. It was bigger than ours and we needed the space for the dogs.

So I thought, my wife works from home, and her car is just gathering dust in the garage, so why don’t we make use of it and let other people enjoy it. Covid be damned.

So we did.

We actually traded her car in for a nice SUV that others would actually rent.

And its worked!

The first month we had it, the car was rented for 24 of the 31 days in the month. That took care of the new car payment as well as some extra spending money for this MBA grad that still hasn’t found employment during this Covid thing.

The Pop Star?

Well, I hate to say it was someone I had never heard of.

But that is not unusual as I am frequently critiqued for not listening to music from this century

…..by my kids.

His name was Reese Brunke a 22 year old out of Chicago, with a huge following there. He does some pop, hip-hop and some R&B.

I asked my kids about him and they checked his youtube profile. Sure enough it had over 23 million followers so he must be huge….according to my girls.

Originally filled with a little anxiety about renting my property to a pop celebrity, as I had done that in my early years with some very tragic results. But my fears were soon relieved when I met Reese.

For 22 he was mature beyond his years, a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders.

He and his family wanted to take the car to the beach for the week. (sounds from the movie Pyscho in the background)

What if he decided to run up and down the beach with my car!

Not good!

Not good at all!

And this new generation might do anything, right?

But he was cool with everything and returned the car just as I had given it to him.

I didn’t let on that I knew who he was.

….until his Mom asked.

I said I actually did hear of him and was honored to meet such a fine and successful young man.

He asked if I had a FB or Instagram account in which he could give me a shout out on.


I said no, just a very unpopular blog.

I followed with how I already had a title for this post though, “I gave my car to a pop star”.

They all laughed and so now I am living up to my end of the deal.

And then, as Mom’s do, she asked if I had seen his newest video called ‘Blackout’?

Listen to it, its good

..and pertinent.

And now you all have seen it too.

Mission accomplished Maria 🙂

And so

that was my brush with fame.

…and my car’s.

Check Reese out!

He’s a great guy and I wish him much success!

I want to say something hip and cool here for a 22 yr old city guy but I am not that down I suppose.

Not at his level.

Reese, best of luck!

Come back to SC with your family again. It was great meeting everyone!

We have lots more beaches!

And I have a cooler and some beach gear you can use next time.

(for a small fee)

I could even fill the cooler with something you like.

Just let me know how you hip popular Pop Stars roll!


That’s about it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

Until then…..

Its time to exhale!

There’s a new sheriff in town with lots to do.

Don’t forget to wear your masks!

And show somebody some gratitude!

That way…

You can be a pop Star too!

Not all fun and games….

We learned in our Happiness class that one of the traps of social media is that you only see the best parts of people’s lives and not the tragedies and turmoil that make up our daily lives but don’t show up in FB or WP posts.

So before I let you in on my next post on our annual trip to the mountains to escape the heat and humidity on the coast, let me tell you, “it ain’t all fun and games.”

Trigger alert: pain and suffering…

Last week included getting a speeding ticket on our trip to the cabin, getting a flat tire, stop and go highway traffic jams, losing power in the cabin and no firewood in a cabin advertised with ‘unlimited firewood’.

But we did make it to our cabin rental in the Smokey Mountains of NC……

It was exciting settling in to our retreat.

The first day we thought we would rent a pontoon boat and sight see on a large resivor in TN. We brought both the dogs. We were gonna do a little fishing.

We were really looking forward to the fun!

Settle down everyone!

Settle down!

(it was a long drive)

So with things not getting too lively I thought I might liven up the day….

and toss Dylan overboard…

It was an overcast day in the Smokey Mountains.

We learned the smokey mountains get there name from the moisture rising right out of the ground and water.

… Chumley was excited when we did some fishing.

The next day we hit a mountain river for some slightly more excitement…

…for some white water rafting

It was alright

Then the kids got to go to the (tower of terror) zip line obstacle course…

that took about 5 years off my life the last time I tried it.

So I did some mountain biking instead…

.…not to be confused with trail riding

It was kinda intense at the time but this ol man, relying on his bike skills from his youth, made it to the top.

Our next day was an old favorite from our last trip, mountain trail riding on horseback.

It was a lot to enjoy…

..when our horse wasn’t brushing us against trees or trying to knock us off in the trees.

Then it was back to our cabin and the neighborhood ‘Riverwalk’ park that the girls enjoyed last time;

complete with their own zip-line…

..and for some more foolishness by the stream.

We also did the mandatory campfires with whatever wood we could find.

Along with the mandatory Blair Witch type ‘ghost stories‘.

It was kinda creepy.

For instance some ‘thing’ took this video.

It wasn’t me!

The night ended up producing the Ghost of a lost nittany mountaineer!!

‘Big John!’

Like I said,


And what trip to the mountains would be complete without doing some hiking trails

in search of waterfalls before heading home

Little did I know it was a set up for a new background in a Tik-Tok video

So our ‘cool’ trip to the mountains was a lot of fun.


Did I mention speeding tickets, no power, flat tires and traffic jams?

It wasn’t all fun and games!

(But still alotta fun)


That’s about it for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

Until then, we are going back to school around here, virtually.

So say a prayer for all of us.

I hope your week was a fun-filled one too!


Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome a young lady named ‘Truly‘ to our WordPress family.

(sounds of applause in the background)

Truly is a rescue greyhound just off the track.

We are fostering Truly for a week or so, until someone adopts her.

She turns 2 years old this month, so still a pup.

She is very sweet and potty trained.

She also has a gorgeous, exotic, pseudo-tiger looking coat me thinks.

She has been getting along great with my male greyhound.

Or I should say he has been very accepting of her.

They swap food and


She has a wicked scar on her hip. Lord only knows how she got that one.

My girls have fallen in love with her already. There is talk of our family adopting her.

What do you think?

Should we?


In other news….

We completed our first day long training session on becoming foster parents over the weekend.

There are so many tragic stories we heard but I will leave that for another time.

I also completed my training to become a Mentor or Big Brother last week.

Folks, this is so simple!

Being a Mentor, here in town, involves only one hour of your time per week.



I was almost disappointed that it wasn’t more than that.

And, given the signs of the times, that one hour is a virtual Zoom call.

How hard is that?

And ‘boundaries’ are very defined for both parties before entering into a Mentor agreement.

So its safe and private….for both parties

So do you think you have some good advice or support to give to a deserving child that might not have a great positive role model in their life?

Have you been a good parent


might you be a good parent when the time comes?

And do you have one (1) extra hour in a week, over a lunch maybe, that you could give some support or hope to a child that might not have so much as you had growing up?

If so, please consider looking into being a Mentor in your area.


Yes, you could make a significant positive influence in some disadvantaged child’s life.

Think about it.



That’s all for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

Until then,

be nice,

wear your (frickin) mask,

and show somebody some Gratitude.

Not Attitude 🙂

You will both be happy!

Cause everyone should be loved…

not just puppies


Social Distancing

I wanted to thank you for reading this post…

from your home…

and not mine…

so we can maintain our required social distance.

We have had a coupla crazy weeks, with lots going on and big decisions to be made,

last week and this week.

So between the 2 weeks we tried to step out and unwind and detox this past weekend.

If you know me, few things are as therapeutic as the beach and the ocean.

So come and join me…

Family Social Distancing in the ocean

I think I said before, to me, nothing beats walking in ankle deep water on a soft sandy beach and the warm sun on your skin.

I lose myself..and the rest of the world…

….and sometimes my only worry in the world is…

Is the tide going to reach my chair..

…while I’m gone.

But today its back to Staycation…

and the illusion of Travel and Freedom just remain an exotic fantasy.

.…and hoping the local reptiles in our neighborhood will Staycate too!

Good news!

Along the lines of being happy and bringing happiness to others, we had an orientation to become Foster Parents last week.

Its a long process, but we are happy to begin our journey….

and our version of

an ‘Instant Family‘.

Other good news is one of the other projects we were working on is coming to fruition…

….we are becoming foster parents of a young professional athlete….a retired greyhound on Friday!


The kids are excited.

Anyone care to adopt a greyhound?

They think they are royalty.

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

I’ll try to do a better job next time.

Until then….

Love someone and show them some gratitude.

Find an old friend or Mentor and give them some overdue gratitude.

It will make you BOTH Happy!


Eat some ice cream!

Its hot out there!

Ice cream will make you Happy too.

Be social,

but keep your distance

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