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Bath Time!

I guess my newly assigned roles, besides ‘Daddy’, are nanny, home-school professor, cleaner, utility manager and playmate. Sooo,  it seems inevitable that I must take on the role of giving baths.  : (

Now I don’t directly avoid the giving of baths. We are really lucky as both the girls really love water. They play and splash and don’t fuss. Its just that this old fart’s knees and back want to argue with me while I bathe the babes sometimes.

Tonight was no exception. As I showed my wife this new web site’s look (me stalling)  the kids were laughing and carrying on in the bath. She knew, as good mothers do, they were making a mess back there. And so it was. BUT, turning lemons into lemonade, I took an old towel and mopped up the floor with it and then folded it under to pad my poor ol knees. Good Job Girls!

Here are a few pics of Bath Time over the years:

















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