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No Dylan, Santa Clause did not leave you anything last night

This is the weekend we Deck the Halls for the Holidays. Where the heck did we get all this stuff?  Every year we seem to depreciate the house and the decoration inventory just a little bit more with all the unpacking and packing. Every year we some how seem to get more decorations too. So get ready!

Now, the big question is…how do we keep a very curious and energetic 20 month old from ‘climbing up’ on the Christmas tree platform and racing the antique train or tramping on the villagers below? Dylan did surprise us the same year she was 20 months old. Cross your fingers! If anyone has any ideas here PLEASE comment.

Sadly, we do not have to worry about the enthusiasm of our wonderful greyhound’s tail sweeping the Christmas tree and reducing the ornament collection this year. With all the excitement of the Holidays Dylan mentions how she misses ol’ Cloudy almost every day lately.

But this year it is all about the kids, as it will be for years to come. Seeing the beaming smiles on these girls faces is worth all the depreciation and the time decking and undecking. Dylan made sure Santa knew what she wanted this year…she took the Target magazine with her as she sat on Santa’s lap. And then asks why Santa did not leave the toy for her in the living room every morning when we get up. ..Hold on Dylan, hold on!

I hafta go now…I need to find those replacement lights……..

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