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Help Dylan Catch Some ‘Virtual’ Snow

Well if you are reading this I guess there are some things you should know about me  …besides my love for classic Christmas music.

Dylan wants to catch the virtual snow on her tongue

First, I am the WORLD’S worst Candyland player! Mommy and Dylan beat me 3 games in a row last night. And adding agony to defeat, I was ‘corrected’ by my 3 year old as I uttered, “Crap!”

Dylan immediately chimes in and says, “No daddy you must say ‘Oh my goodness’”. That girl!

Second, we all wonder how we will react in an emergency. See the pic of my 18 mth’er. Well You should see the other kid!

I wanted to say that. The truth is a chair at the Chic-fil-a got the better part of her yesterday as she ran out of the play area and slipped. Her head hit flush on a chair leg. Her eye swelled like it had a marble beneath it. And then it started bleeding at the crease. This girl has some lungs on her! Wow! It felt as though the emergency red lights should have been flashing with the intensity and volume of that wail.

I ran her up to the counter to get some ice on it. The counter employee wanted to know if I wanted some ice cream for her. (??~ Can I say WTF in a blog?) ) I tried to imagine applying the ice cream to her eye. Then I realized she was trying to get her to stop crying. Wasn’t gonna happen!

So, as the manager was walking up with an incident report to fill out, I searched for my 3 year, who was oblivious in the playland and then I darted for the door, seeking some emergency treatment for her eye.

I called mom to get some insurance info. Mommy calmly replies, “Oh that’s normal. She’ll be OK.”

I looked in the back seat, ignoring the busy holiday traffic ahead of me. Sure enough, she’s in her seat playing with a push-buttony toy, completely at ease. (!) Now, about that ice cream?

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2 thoughts on “Help Dylan Catch Some ‘Virtual’ Snow

  1. Or maybe just a big handful of vanilla ice cream rubbed on it!

  2. Fave Sister In Law on said:

    Ouch! Poor baby! She needs a booboo bunny

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