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Progress so far…

This is a post originally published 12/24/2011. Yes, Christmas eve on my second month of blogging.This was one of the bright spots amid all the stress of preparing for Santa…reliving Christmas past once again:

Yesterday we had to traverse the Mall-WalMart-Best Buy triangle gauntlet on the way to Target. Its our local version of the Holiday frenzy that keeps you from getting to anywhere on time.

The cars waiting to get in the Wal-mart parking lot (let call lot A) were lined up back to the Best Buy parking lot. Cars waiting to get in the Best Buy parking lot (lets call lot B) were stacked up all the way back to Wal-mart. And then there was the mall traffic making traffic come to a standstill.

As bad as it was my wife pointed out trying to make it to the Target today, the 23rd, would not be as insane as Christmas eve.

She’s probably right. I say probably because I am not going to find out.

I rounded up items off the list we needed at the Target with no incidents and headed back.

We got behind a pickup truck with a bale of hay in the back of it while wading back through the MWBB triangle.

Dylan’ say’s, “what’s that in the back of the truck?”

I said “a bale of hay.

She asks, “What’s the bale of hay for Daddy?”

Feeling like a sitting duck for a list of 20 questions while sitting in traffic I said, ”I don’t know Dylan. What do you think?”

Dylan thought, “Hmmmm.” Then she blurts out, “Maybe it for the baby Jesus in the manger!” ( she is only 3 years old this particular year)

I am making progress with this girl. Last week she couldn’t make it past the sheep and the donkeys in the baby Jesus story. Maybe she is listening after all?

She walked in my bedroom this morning and said, “Santa didn’t come last night!”

One more morning of this! Progress.


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2 thoughts on “Progress so far…

  1. Merry Christmas Derek! Take care of that clan of yours!

  2. Look at that progress…amazing. Merry Christmas.

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