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Everyone Should Marry a Nerd…

Go, go, go…I look up at the calendar and the big day is almost here! Which has led me up to the two biggest days of procrastination…today and tomorrow, i.e. “It can wait, it can wait”. There is so much to do today now! Add ‘lazy’ on top of ‘procrastination’.  I just had our carpets professionally cleaned (I had a coupon!) So there are 5 rooms I do not have to vacuum today! ~cross them off the list!

Speaking of lists, I crossed a big one off last night, wrapping the kids presents. We have this deal in our family, my wife buys (shops for) all the Christmas presents each year and I am the wrapper of her pillage. I don’t mind the wrapping because it gets me out of shopping on some key college football Saturdays in November!

Thanks to one or two of our Angels I had quite a few gifts to wrap too. But what to my wandering eyes should appear? Educational toys instead of footballs and other sporting gear!

My wife went out and bought lots of, dare I say, “cool” toys for our girls to learn things at their level. I would have bought balls and bats and other ‘fun’ things. These girls are going to grow up  and find the ‘fun in learning’ ( a contradiction in terms), be smart, and be a nerd; just like their mother. That’s OK with me, (See Tight Wad Tuesday post) we’ll be prepared.

Our friends say these girls will cause me to lose a great deal of sleep when they hit their teens. If I can push those moments back a few years because they are running a with a smarter crowd, dare I say, ‘nerdier crowd’ it is alright with me!

And why wouldn’t they? Their mom is a self-admitted nerd, that caters to ‘Sheldon’ and the other geniuses on The Big Bang Theory. She’s turning me into one! It may be in these girl’s destiny! I have no regrets. She’s made me a better and nerdier (vs. naughtier) person.

Are girly nerds still all fashion focused in high school? We’ll see.

Speaking of Angels, we were touched by another one of the very special Angels in our lives again yesterday! Thanks so much! We love you! Did you see that very bright star they left in the sky last night? Now we will be looking for some wise men. My wife insists they don’t exist.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Everyone Should Marry a Nerd…

  1. Dylan STILL enjoys ‘extra kisses and hugs’ from you Wa-Wa! Merry Christmas!

  2. Laura Hayes on said:

    PS. Out of our 3 girls, the “nerdiest” girl is a high fashionista!!! Good Luck.
    Laura Hayes

  3. Laura Hayes on said:

    Merry Christmas Andy, Sabrina, Dylan, & Skylar. Please give Dylan an extra Kiss for me. I know she will not remember or even know who I am, but I will never forget her.
    Laura Hayes “Wa Wa”

  4. After 3 boys we just had our first daughter a few months ago, so anything I can do to make her nerdier now I guess will pay off? Also, good one on the wise men…very witty.

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