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DYLANism(s)…What a surprise!

I have never been around children too often before we had our own. So I do not know what is normal or what is amazing.

Monday night I just finished making dinner. I made dinner because Mom wanted to stay after work and go to the gym, with the New Years Resolution (atta girl!). Time was of the essence as the dinner was coming together, we had just gotten home from getting Mom a Sonic Reese Blast with extra Reeses, and Mom would be home soon. (I know, I am either a great husband, thinking of a Reese surprise for his wife or evil for bringing her a blast after her first attempt in the gym)

I put dinner on the table, without Mom being home. Dylan had just ignored my 4th attempt to get her in her seat, choosing to stay in my chair, stirring my water with my fork. Just then she knocked her chocolate milk on to the floor making a small mess. So I did something I should not have done. I yelled at her. I told her, “I have asked you 4 times now to get in your chair. Please get in your chair so we can eat!”

So Dylan quietly walked around to her seat without a word.

I had taken a few bites of dinner around a quiet dinner table when I heard Dylan tapping her index finger on her lip. I looked up at her as she asked herself a question out loud.

“Hmmm?”, she thinks. “What would make Daddy happy? What would make Daddy happy, while looking at me.

You couldn’t help but smile at her with her innocence and good nature.

She said, “Daddy are you happy now? You are smiling. Are you happy now?”

Just then Mom walks thru the door. Dylan runs over to give her a hug.

Mom asks, “Am I missing dinner?”

Dylan enthusiastically responds, “We just started Mommy, but you can’t have your ice cream yet. You can’t have your ice cream yet.”

Mom asks, “Why not?”

Dylan answers, “It’s a surprise!”     

Are you happy?

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11 thoughts on “DYLANism(s)…What a surprise!

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  2. …went there while dinner was in the oven! You can’t beat a Reese’s Blast with Dbl Reese’s!

  3. So cute!

    And I’m very jealous that you live close to a Sonic. Yum!

  4. She is a special gift and a never-ending source of amazement for me. A kicker is if you could actually here her voice as she says these things in such an innocent toddler manner. If you have time check out the Halloween video on the margin and her telling her mom, “hands off my candy”.

  5. Dylan is too cute! 🙂 What a lovely Dylanism!

  6. You are so right Derek, I should consider the ability of my kids to keep a secret but I do not. MY oldest plays hide-and-seek by hiding and then giggles saying, “you can’t find me!”..while she is hiding.

  7. Its like giving her flowers….Once in awhile strikes a great feeling. Too often and she wonders what you are up to!

    Its good to know these kids are fairly normal. I hope to get our oldest in a Montessori school next year. There, she can learn how to spell that word, Montessori. I am just trying to get her ready.

    Thanks for stopping in!

  8. All the things they say about kids are true: They completely change your life and you have never felt love like the love you feel for your kids. The love you feel for your spouse pales to the love you feel for these kids. When you are ready…

  9. That response makes me want children! How cute!

  10. As long as you’re not getting her the Sonic Blast every time she goes to the gym, I think you’re ok! Once in a while is fun, too much is a bad thing.

    I read somewhere about a study that found that children whose parents occasionally lost their temper were better behaved and better tempered than kids whose parents kept everything inside. Your kids just need to know that you’re human and you will lose it with them sometimes, and then everything will go back to being all right. Dylan’s response indicates that she’s pretty well adjusted!

    I read your earlier post about educating the kids…no ideas there, as I did a lot of early education stuff with my two older boys when they were young. I particularly remember a book about teaching your child to read, and you were supposed to get the kids to sit with you and repeat stuff. I think I got through two lessons and we both hated it. Mostly what was learned is that I don’t have the patience to teach early ed. I signed up Oldest for preschool when he was four and haven’t really looked back since. I think these things should always be child-driven, so as long as your kids enjoy the experience then teach away! My kids did best with things like manipulatives and magnets rather than flash cards.

  11. Two things I thought of. First, getting my wife some sort of chocolate is met with appreciation with a bit of anger wrapped in. It is hard to really get a good read on whether that is good or not. Second, you illustrate perfectly why I cannot tell my kids anything. They always say they won’t tell, but it just slips so easily out.

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