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Irish Blessing….

I wanted to offer all my friends and followers and those just passing through an Irish Blessing on St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you have a ton of  fun today and celebrate in your favorite way.  ( Take pictures) And I hope to see you next week with fun stories to tell. Let your Green out!

If you have, or have not traveled to Ireland, this Blessing is worth watching just for the picturesque scenes of a beautiful country. This is the real Ireland

~ Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~

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5 thoughts on “Irish Blessing….

  1. Hi, I have never been there but would like to. It is actually on my list of one of the places to go. I heard it rain a lot and have sheep always blocking the road. Neither the rain or sheep would bother me. For me it would be a picture moment. Hope all is well.

  2. Yes we went there a few years ago before we had our kids. It was beautiful and very unlike scenery here in the states. I actually recognized many fo the sites in those photos.We went over to pursue my family heritage only to find out my clan came from Scotland, just like the AMX commercial. So now we want to check out Scotland as well. People tell us it is even more of the same in Scotland.

  3. So you’re an Irish Lasse? Did you make it over to the Aran Islands? Yes we spent a week in Galway and Doolin, for the Irish music. It was incredible and why I enjoyed this video so much, just for the scenes. We stayed in a few B&B’s and just took in the sights. We didn’t want to spend the whole week traveling to try and see everything. One afternoon we just took a drive along the coastal highway and stopped in a pub in every small town along the way to get to know the locals and way of life. We always say, “They are a hearty people”. Its funny we went over there to run down my family heritage only to find out we are from Scotland. So now we have to take a trip there too. But we will go back to Ireland!

  4. I’ve had the pleasure twice; once as a child & once again w/ my mom who was Lborn in Galway & my sister about 12 years ago. Love! Love! Love!

  5. Have you been there? It looks nice.

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