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DYLANism: Those meddling kids!

First, I have to start off by saying that the girls go to the local library every week for story time. Then they come home with a handful of videos. Well for the last two weeks or so they have brought home a Scooby Doo video, full of small episodes from the Saturday morning fame. In fact, when she plays pretend now she sometimes asks me to call her Daphne and she calls me Fred. 

So this past Sunday we were going to get some ice cream. I ducked in my closet to get some shoes. Dylan, following me on my tail, sees a plum red (awful IMHO) cocktail dress of my wife’s. It was a Christmas present last year. Dylan looks at the dress and says, “Daddy, when’s Mommy ever gonna wear this dress?”

She’s into dresses now. 

I shrugged my shoulders with a chuckle, “I don’t know Dylan.” 

So Dylan chimes in, either getting, or not getting my smirk, “Halloween? She could wear it Trick or Treating.” 

I laughed to myself and said, “Maybe.” 

So I went out to get my keys. They were not at the usual spot. I asked, “Dylan, have you seen my car keys?” 

No Daddy” she responds. And so we went to look for them in my car. Dylan ran ahead. 

We got to my car, Dylan popped in the front seat and said, “I don’t see them Daddy.” 

I looked in the ignition switch and sure enough they were not there. I said, “OK Dylan lets go back inside. I have to see if I can find those keys if we’re going to go. I don’t know where they can be now.” 

Dylan hops out of the car, and looks at me, shrugging her shoulders and offers, “looks like we got ourselves another mystery on our hands!” 

Now if we could only find the keys to the Mystery Machine!  

Does that mean there’s no ice cream?

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10 thoughts on “DYLANism: Those meddling kids!

  1. I watched it a lot too. And now I am watching them all over again! I had no idea there were so many versions of them! Thanks for dropping by Angie!

  2. Aww adorable 🙂 I remember watching Scooby when I was a young’un, good times.

  3. Well as the mystery unravelled the keys were hidden in a very mysterious place….”Mommy’s Hand Bag!” Jinkies! Yea, Scoobies been around awhile. Too bad the same can’t be said for the “Justice League”. Stay tuned for the next pearl to leave these kid’slips….

    ~Thanks for looking ing Karen!

  4. Very cute! Ahh, the things kids say. You gotta love Scooby’s staying power! My kids were/are avid fans! Nice post Andy. Hope you found the keys!!!

  5. Yes there was ice cream in the end. If I don’t ruin too much of the mystery….the keys were in Mom’s purse….she would have gotten away it too…if it weren’t for those meddling kids. ~sorry I had to put that in there. Have a great holiday weekend Derek!

  6. As long as there was ice cream, I would say it was a happy ending.

  7. She really is and an amazing memory (I’m so jealous) It just blew me away that came out of her mouth. First, that she even knows what a ‘mystery’ actually is and then put two and two together there. Kinda makes you wonder how many episodes of Scooby Doo she’s actually watched. ~ I know you are wondering…no, it didn’t deter us from the getting of the ice cream. Thanks for looking in Diana!

  8. What a bright and witty little girl you have there!

  9. Its funny you mention that Jessica. I found a clue to the mystery of the missing keys on the passenger car seat and some finger prints left on the driver side rear window. I think I know who took them but first I have to set a trap. And I need someone help. Interested? …..stay tuned!

  10. I hope you were able to find them. I thought Dylan would end the mystery by finding the keys where she hid them earlier, but it seems this story will keep me on the edge of my seat in wonder. Well done!

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