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A Beautiful Surprise!

Surprises can be good. And sometimes surprises can be horrible. It has been awhile since I received any sort of good surprise from my writing or blog. However Nadia, at “A Little Bit Of This And That”, changed all that as she included and surprised me in her handing out her “Beautiful Blogger Awards”.

Yes, I was surprised, delighted, kinda amazed, embarrassed, flattered, and ever so grateful to know someone likes what I am trying to do in this blog. Thanks so much Ms. Nadia!

If you have never visited Nadia at “A Little Bit Of This And That” please check her out. She is a fairly new blogger. She is younger (than me) and writing about all the new, fresh observances from her part of the world, the UK. It’s amazing how much we still have in common. ~ After all, she’s a “Beautiful Blogger” herself 🙂 . Check her out!

So now there are some obligations I need to take care of in order to fully embrace this award. These duties, as I’ve been told are that I must:

A) Write ten interesting things about myself, B) Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve this award, C) Let them know about the nomination!

First, I understand the word “Interesting” is a subjective term, so please bear with me. You really don’t want to know what my favorite movies, songs or artists are, do you? Second, I now need to come up with 7 ‘interesting’ things about me that you don’t already know (I’m such an open book). So let me think about this a second…….hmmm. Let me get started:

10 Things about me:

1)     I love to travel. So it was with great joy when our two daughter’s Passports arrived in the mail this week. My next project might be a travel blog.

World travelers

2)     Yes, I am a beach bum. I love the coast. I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love the sun on my skin and a cool breeze running through my hair. I love the colors of the ocean; and the sea / sand combination. I love the coastal way of life. We have traveled to many scenic places and loved everyone. Ireland was unforgettable! But we always find time to travel to the Caribbean each year.

3)     I am actually an Introvert. I rate INTJ on the Myers / Briggs Personality Test. Conversely, I love to cook and write as some of my creative outlets which some would call extroversive. I love creativity in any size, shape, or form. That’s why I read your blogs! They are really the only thing that I actually read as I hate to read. Reading is like work to me.

4)     I used to make my own beer, which goes hand in hand with loving to cook, as you had to follow detailed instructions. It was closer to a chemistry experiment. Honey Raspberry, Belgium Wheat, and Maple Oatmeal Stout were my favorites. Now, with two young ones, my hobby has turned to making ice cream. Oreo Cookie Mint is my new favorite along with a lemon sorbet in the summer.

Part of the set, carboy and returnable bottles. Everything has to be sanitized

5)     I would love to be a standup comedian but I have the same problem with speaking in front of crowds as most people.

6)     I had 4 high school track records when I graduated high school. I also played football and wrestled in high school.  I think wrestling is the best sport in high school and kept at it until my shoulders started to go bad.

7)     In 1998 the Bone Doctor said I had the shoulders of a 70 year old man. I have no cartilage in them now and my rotator cuff has to navigate through a channel of bone spurs. If it sounds painful it was. He said my shoulders would need replaced but I was too young to do it at the time. He told me “my days in the gym, as I know them, were over”.  I was crushed! I was never to lift anything over my head again. Never being one to listen to authority, I continue to go to the gym but listen to my body. I don’t lift anything over my head but can still do 35lb front dumbbell raises and push 225lbs on a seated bench-press, which I am kinda proud of with these old man shoulders. ~ Glucosamine really, really does work!

8)     As far as a ‘Beautiful Blogger’ goes, my feet have been a well-kept secret! I have a beat up big toe on my left foot from work. I have a monkey-looking small toe on my right foot that was broken last year while I was cleaning up the kid’s toys. And an arthritis knot behind my big toe on my right foot that makes me buy shoes a size bigger than what I need. In a word ‘scarey-looking‘. But these feet ‘of a 70 year old’ are the only thing I have that keep me running!

I thought I might ride my bike for a while

9)     Personally, I found being a parent is the greatest joy you can experience. It changes you. It really does. I cried more the first month of being a father than I ever did. For no reason! I was never like that….about kids. Things that used to matter to you aren’t as important any more.

We’ll keep you safe…

But it isn’t all fun and games! It can be very bi-polar at times.

Eating the lip gloss again!

But our two really are gifts from God. They found us. Literally.

Kids are a gift!

10) I am soooo not hip anymore. I thought they said in the song, “I got the moves like that, I got the moves like that” in that one new song. My wife explained to me they actually sing, “I got the moves like Jagger. I got the moves like Jagger”. I am so not hip anymore!

I have been doing this blog for going on 9 months now. I have ran across many blogs that I enjoy reading and following myself along this time. As I said, they are the only thing I read.

Some of the reasons I follow some blogs are that they parallel my interests or hobbies, mostly around fitness. I follow others because the writers are just very fun, interesting people. A few others are some great people I am cheering for or otherwise trying to support. Also I find there are some very good writers out there that  have a great command and creative use of the English language, where they can offer blogs that always are fun, optimistic and upbeat.

All these (you) bloggers are great at what they (you) do. You are All Award Winners for your great writing skills you have! But I wanted to recognize a few of my favorites (it’s the Award duty) from that last group symbolizes Beautiful Bloggers to me. They are the ones I look forward to reading each day. So here are some of my choices for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I bowel down to their awesomeness :

Life, Underestimated & Overanalysed: written by a talented young lady that loves to travel, jot down her own ideas on writing, and even writes some original material…when she’s not buying shoes. Her blog flows like a professional of paperback novels. This Brown-eyed miracle girl first caught my attention when she was describing some daily activities while in Italy last year. She literally made me feel like I was there…and want to visit sometime soon! This is who I would like to do a travel blog with!

Southern Sea Muse: One click shows why I enjoy this blog. She is another take on coastal living. She’s fun, upbeat, always scenic and helps take me to her little part of the coast. Its just the blog for me when I want to get away.

idrankthecfkoolaid: actually has parts of all the reasons I follow blogs I listed above. It is done by a young lady doing the Cross Fit Challenge. Additionally, she is a wife and mother and still finds time to do the fitness and then write about it. Phew! What I like is it’s not all  peppy and cheery all the time. She has her up days and down days just like the rest of us. And she’ll let you know. What I like most about her blog is that she finds 101 ways to be awesome, reminding us we all have our awesome moments. A more recent gem: Sweat is just liquid awesomeness! Check her out and find YOUR Awesomeness!

Taking The World On With A Smile!: Is a blog I think I honored once before. She does a great blog in her part of New York; her observances, thoughts, pet peeves, and kids. She writes every Sunday. And then, every week, everyone one of her ‘Commenters’ literally wants to give her a hug. Really! I do too! But then people would talk.

Lolabees: One click on her web site and you can see why I like it. But the coastal pic isn’t it. It’s like looking out an open window on a spring afternoon. Lola enjoys traveling, great dining and a tequila connoisseur  (more passions of mine). Plus, she is in search of a new career path, which I can empathize with too. She’s fun and fresh, upbeat and optimistic. She leaves a Dental background and has lots of fun with that topic, i.e. “Ten Reasons Why Your Dentist Hates You”. Or “Ten Reasons Dental School….ahh….was not for her.”

If  / when you check out any of these blogs tell them 3D says Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Thanks again to Ms. Nadia for this honor. I hope everyone has the best weekend yet! Keep up your beautifulness!

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12 thoughts on “A Beautiful Surprise!

  1. Pingback: Of a Gazillion Flights, Beautiful Things, & Mishappenings « Life, Underestimated & Overanalysed

  2. Thanks Janice! Well deserved? You, and everyone else do a better job I think. No I never considered myself an Introvert, although I don’t do well in crowds. I think the result came from conservative answers to some of the questions. Going through highs school I was more of the class clown than an introvert. How’s that musical career coming? When do you go on tour? We are getting ready to take our vay-kay in a few weeks. Hope you are doing great Janice!

  3. Congrats, Andy! Well deserved 🙂
    Haha, I love the details of your feet, thanks for sharing =P
    And did you consider yourself an introvert or were you kinda surprised at the test results?

  4. We went to a wedding in Prague, which is the perfect excuse for me! My friend lives out there, and I have wanted to visit for years, but never made it happen. I guess he needed to pull the trigger to make me pull the trigger! Love the Caribbean!
    Definitely email me. You should have my email.

    I just asked my trainer about the certification. You have to be a trainer first, but he would be a great person to contact. He’s doing really amazing stuff in the field.

  5. Yes we are going to try take those passports for a spin in a few weeks to the Caribbean (surprise). What made you two chose Prague on your latest trip? I haven’t brewed in awhile either. It was fun manipulating the recipes with the added sugar (honey & molasses). Need some bottles? And Thank You for the link to your friend’s website (Faster) I bookmarked it and will take a look at it this week. Does the program give certified designations? And would you mind if I contact you via email to follow up? …I needed some of your nutrition tips to lose some weight for our next trip coming up. Cardio just doesn’t get it so much anymore! ~Thanks for dropping by Lola!

  6. I have been feeling bogged and blocked too, that’s why this came as such a surprise. I have a hard time thinking about anything to write about lately; its way down on the priority list. I know you will do well. …you and your Beautiful Blog.

    I wanted to try your idea of reblogging some of my old stuff that I thought was pretty good, that lots of new readers haven’t seen. Again, one of your great ideas! Have a great week…

  7. Congrats and thanks for thinking of me here! Now I know your name is Andy too, so that’s good. My hubs and I brew beer though we haven’t done it in a while. I agree– it is like cooking. Your children are beautiful! How lucky are they to have passports already!

  8. WooHoo! Good for you Andy. Indeed, you are a beautiful blogger with a beautiful family. Ditto on #9 ..being a parent is the greatest joy you can experience… although honestly, Andy, while this is interesting, anyone who follows your blog with any regularity at all, knows that, tout de suite! 🙂 And thank you, Andy, sincerely, for bestowing this beautiful blogging award upon me! Thank you for the kind words about my blog. This comes at a moment in time when I’ve been feeling bogged and blocked and am wrangling with my writing. Much appreciated.

  9. The Oreo Mint is a perfect dessert for the holidays. It is begins with the decadence of Oreos and ice cream and finishes with a minty taste on your breath. Mmmm. I broke my toe on the corner of the foot stool as I navigated around the kids toys. It put that baby toe out at a 45 degree angle to stay! Ouch! It lifted me up off the floor. Darn those kids toys! And the travel blog I would need to depend on others to add their experiences in their holidays. kinda like Trip Adviser but add in tips for traveling and things to do and avoid. I could use someone of your writing skills too! ;). Thanks again Nadia. Have a great weekend…

  10. Great post,had me grinning from ear to ear by the end of it. I love those photographs! Making your own beer and now ice-cream-impressive! I never would have thought Oreo and mint would go together. Will give that one a go!
    Broken toe,sounds pretty painful! Who would have thought kids toys could be capable of such atrocities! 😉
    A travel blog would be a great idea,I’d love to have a read if you do get round to it one day.

  11. I think my Myers Briggs scores come out that way more because of conservative anwsers than introverted ones, if there is a difference.

    Shhhhh, I have been putting this post together in bits and pieces at home all week and basically just needed to proofread it before posting. It was quieter here today at 4:45 then it will be at anytime at home tonight. Thanks for looking in!

  12. smccleaf1@comcast.net on said:

    2 things: If you’re an introvert, then I wonder what I am????  And, what are you doing writing a blog at 4:45?

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