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Thank goodness for the Justice League!

Did you hear there is a good size meteor heading our way today? Yes, a meteor, about 150 yards in width will travel within 17,000 miles to our planet. That’s closer than our moon is and within the satellites belt that controls every way we talk to each other on this planet. 


This calls for the Justice League! 


This is just the sort of thing we have come to rely on the Justice League for.  To make a decision. Take action. And keep our world safe from harm. 

Because the Republicans say doing any sort of action would cost us trillions of new jobs. 

The Democrats say sending any sort of resources to deter the meteor would cost our economy’s GNP zillions of dollars and increase to the spending budget deficit. 

Thank goodness for the Justice League to take care of us!

At least we have one real group we can have faith in to look out for us. A group we can count on to do the right thing and get the job done.


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14 thoughts on “Thank goodness for the Justice League!

  1. which one are you? 😉

  2. Alfred! Actually I have always been told my super power is my clap (not in the STD way). Its super loud and can crumble buildings and glass. Howabout you Super Di?

  3. And it hit in Russia today, where they don’t have the Justice League!

  4. It was hard to find an image without that 2nd part. So which one are you?

  5. Haha that was awesome! 😀
    I see somebody has been watching a lot of cartoons lately?

  6. Ha, Ha! Andy you are turning out posts faster than I can read them! Well done. Did you happen to hear that part of a rogue meteor actually hit Russia & injured 500 people the other day! Yikes!! What is this universe coming too???

    • Karen I had been following this story most of the week and every newscast said it no chance in coming near earth; that it would fly most closely to Indonesia. So I don’t know if this is the whole meteor or a part of it. I can’t imagine any one in the town that got hit was expecting it. Can you imagine that to start your day? ~ sorry about the post velocity here. I actually got this idea on the way to work as this story was followed by our legislature battles in the Senate. That soo frustrates me how they don’t do anything. I mean, how long did it take to get $$ to NY after the storm? I promise to back to a zombie pace after this week! 🙂

  7. When I grow up, I want to be a member of the Justice League. Are they accepting applications?

  8. I don’t know if their rosters are filled or not. They have really stopped talking to me after that one bad month last fall when they had to keep on dropping by to save somebody or fix something. What is your super power?

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