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I’ve been tongue’ed

This morning, during Sunday morning cartoons, the Cat in the Hat was talking about how certain animals use their tongues to get their food. And then they went on to talk to a giraffe.

Then, at breakfast, we had these D-lish cinnamon buns with the cream cheese topping; not the low fat on these babies but the real sugary icing.

Skylar loved ’em. Dylan loved ’em and Mommy cleaned her plate. Really! Her plate was shiny after she was done.

So I couldn’t resist the giraffe analogy and how Mommy likes to get her food using her tongue. I said, “See? Look how shiny Mom’s plate is! And look at mine…I use my fingers. Mommy uses her tongue” And then I demonstrated for the girls.

The girls all had a good laugh. Mommy laughed the hardest. It was a good way to start what looks like a beautiful Sunday here in the Lowcountry.

And the stories reminded my of another beautiful day, the day last Christmas when Dylan and Skylar got to feed momma and baby giraffe at the zoo and got a first hand look at those amazing tongues (that mommy appears to possess)

So if you want some nice warm feeling this lazy Sunday, here’s a look at Dylan and Skylar feeding the giraffes last Christmas.

Have the best, lip-smackin’ Memorial Day weekend ever!

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18 thoughts on “I’ve been tongue’ed

  1. Too funny! I bet you both will remember that day. I didn’t know lions did that? We were at the Philly zoo once and dozens of people were watching a cheetah walk around. My oldest decided to give that cat her lion’s roar (she practiced a lot at 4). The cat heard it. Stopped. got down in its hunters stance and slowly inched over to Dylan, eyes staring directly at her. I told her,” Dylan we gotta go!” But no spray! Thanks Terry! Have a great week!

  2. This makes me remember when I took my son to see a lion. The lion looked at him, turned around and sprayed him. We had to wash him off at the nearest water pipe. He never forgot that incident and is wary of all lions to this day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a great memory making visit! It must be magical for a young child to be able to feed a giraffe.

  4. Did you see the clothes / jackets we were wearing? I remember it was a nice day to do so. I’ve been telling you, you need to move your butt down here! Warm air, the coast and no zombies! You would love it. Thanks for dropping by Sandy!

  5. Yea, I loved the giraffes. They were totally at peace getting fed by us. I don’t think my two girls could say the same there. Keep up your great work Cassye! Thanks for dropping by…

  6. Actually they aren’t that bad. It just depends on how many you eat. I think we burn them off trying to get the kids ready for church!

  7. As lovely as they are, I think Giraffes (and any animal, for that matter) have disgusting tongues. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But, I think it’s so unique that you got to go to the zoo on Christmas. Our zoo is closed in the winter because we’re usually buried under 80 feet of snow.

  8. Aren’t animals awesome?!? My small person is a total critter-lover so I really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing!

  9. How many miles to run to get rid of those cinn buns we love??

  10. The giraffes were a new experience for me when that happened. So now when the girls ask, “What’s your favorite animal daddy?” its now the giraffes. Glad the cinnamon buns helped…Cinnamon buns for everybody! ~Thanks for looking in Derek! Have a great week…

  11. I love when the giraffes are that close. I also love cinnamon buns. So, yes, I am feeling good after reading this.

  12. You’re an awesome dad!

  13. ahh, homemade! We (me, my day to make breakfast) are not that ambitious Sunday morning with the sleepies still in the eyes. Its Pillsbury for us.

  14. Touche! haha You definitely got my attention! I haven’t had a cinnamon bun in I would say 20 years! I used to make them homemade – yummy.

  15. Jenn, come and get ’em! They are the fare every Sunday morning. You are welcome to use fingers, tongues or forks. Thanks for looking in! Have a great week!

  16. Were you thinking along the lines of Hump Day Chronicles’? WordPress told me to do that you know, attention getting titles. Yes, anytime you are in the mood…we have plenty of cinnamon buns on hand; every Sunday. Have the best week Diana! Thanks for looking in…

  17. how cute!! i love giraffes. okay and cinnamon buns. who doesn’t?!

  18. I must say the title really grabbed my attention! Thank you for clarifying what you meant by tongue’ed! A very cute story and glimpse into your morning and now I want a cinnamon bun!

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