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Hold On Tight

In contrast to the past two weeks in my Shrek series, where I had to ‘Boo Hoo’ a little, we had a GREAT weekend this past week!

We had our house deep cleaned top to bottom. It looks great! We had a pressure washing crew come out and give our house, driveway, sidewalks, and curbs a bath on Sunday. Now, the driveway is white, the bricks look like new and our siding is back to its original color. I was giddy!  Then my wife and I put some mulch over all the tree and shrubbery beds.

From the street, our house ‘Pops’ for all the potential new homebuyers that go driving by. We are finally ready to put our house on the market! The time has finally come!

That is what we are going to be doing as you read this. I set up Wednesday as the day we sign the papers. Thursday we take all the home photos for the listing. Then Friday the sign goes in the ground and we are holding on tight to our dream of a grand new house.

What a great feeling! 

Adding to this new found euphoria was the warm temperatures. The flowers are beginning to undress and flash some of their colors. The pollen is in the air….and all over my car!  Cats and dogs are getting along! Our dream of buying a great new house is coming to life!

Do you know the feeling I am talking about? ….when you are realizing one of your dreams coming to fruition?

Yes? No? Humor me with a click on the video and read on….

This song came on yesterday and reminded me back to our last trip to Jamaica.

I had just flopped down in a lounge chair in the sun facing the clear blue waters off the beach. Our precious girls were being entertained by a nanny at the resort. I had a tall Tanqueray and Tonic by my side. Relaxing, I shut my eyes and slipped in my Ipod earbuds and this song came on…..Hold on tight to your dreams. I made it!

After a tough year of changing jobs, being unemployed, learning new jobs, wondering how we were going to make it….we DID make it….made it back to the tropics.  And that lounge chair in the sun, where the rest of the world didn’t exist, was my validation.

A view from my lounge chair in our hidden sanctuary

A view from my lounge chair in our hidden sanctuary

And so I wanted just to remind you…..

Hold On Tight…to your dreams!

Whether your dream is to build your new house or parent the best kids in the world…..hold on tight!

Or a dream of graduating…with honors or get that perfect job…

or simply to understand or be understood….hold on to your dreams!


If your goal is to run a 7 minute mile or deadlift 150lbs. or simply be in the best shape or your life….hold on!

If your dream is to marry John or get a Law degree….hold on!

If your dream is to write a book or sell a book…

If you want to finish first in your category, class, or age group…hold on tight to that dream!

Prizes for winning my age group

Prizes for winning my age group

“ And when you feel so tired that you can’t stand up or you keep trying and trying but you’re all out of luck”…..Hold on tight!

Because nothing worthwhile is easy. Nothing valuable comes cheap. Nothing anybody has ever attained came without sacrifice.

“So when you feel down hearted and misunderstood..

Just keep telling yourself over and over and over and over to….Hold on Tight to Your Dreams”

If you want to travel and travel and travel…or take that dream vacation…

or cross off those very important items on your Bucket List….Hold On!

Or be the best leader you can be, whether at work or home or helping others…Hold on…

Hold on tight if your dream is to learn to fly or learn to sail the seas.

Or finding the perfect sunset….


Hold in tight to the dream of finding your perfect soul mate…..

or finding the perfect sunset with your perfect soul mate..


Or that perfect pair of shoes.

..that perfect look..

Or catching the perfect wave…

Sabrina 002

Or whatever else is most important for you to attain…Hold on Tight!

Hold on to those dreams of finding the perfect house….

or padding that home nest for days without an employer (anymore)

Dreams of putting four strangers together to become a family…. 

Or finally finding our most precious little girl…. 


And then one more… 


Or having a family when the odds are against you.

Watching George

Hold on very Tight to your dreams! 

Dreams can come true.

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15 thoughts on “Hold On Tight

  1. Interesting blog..thanks for sharing n visiting my blog

  2. Thank you, Andy. It is always good to be reminded to continue on and pursue your dreams especially when life is in test mode! It really does all work out, the way it should. 🙂

  3. i just laughed out loud about the glove comment 🙂 and i would love to hear what worked for you! i’m thinking of shaking up my training after i finish the derby half. i like the plan i’m on now, but i’d like to explore some new things!

  4. Could I give you some tips on breaking 7:00’s that worked for me sometime? I spent several years trying to break 7:00’s on runs too, eventually challenging myself to run 7:00 miles until I was 50. Of course you would need to listen to the suggestions, not like that glove tip I gave you… 🙂 Yes the house hunting is the fun part. I hope to have more good stories there. Maybe create a reader survey on the post…a sweet 16 elimination tournament?

  5. i did indeed notice that! : ) much appreciated – and VERY much needed after having saturday’s race! looking forward to hearing about your house-hunting journey!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful message! Sorry to hear about your setback. Yes bookmark that song someplace for the difficult times as well as the happy ones. It works for me. I know if you are a friend of Nadia’s you are a special person. Drop by here anytime. If you want to write out some thoughts about your setback let me know. Thanks for dropping by…

  7. I hear that song on the radio from time to time and it does just that, along with that great feeling of attaining your dream. Good uck to you and your writing! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Thank you Jenn! I actually dedicated this post to you and a few others on WordPress pursuing their own goals. Did you see yourself? Yes, we feel like we are on the downward slope right now for the house. I hope the journey brings more ‘fun’ posts, as does yours. Thanks for stopping by….

  9. Hello I found your blog through Nadia’s and I am so glad I did. I really needed to read this today, well maybe not just today but for awhile. I have been carrying pain and grief for a dream that perhaps has not died completely and may still come to life, but one that has at least as of now, suffered a great setback. When much cherished dreams, which you feel have been realised and which you have enjoyed for a while, suddenly evaporate, it is hard to come to terms with it and it leaves you with a deep hole in your heart and a lot of grief.
    I would like to share the story on my blog but it is someone else’s story as well and I cannot out of respect for their pain and privacy and so I go around carrying this huge big ache in my heart.
    So I needed to read this and your words reach out so strongly from human heart to human heart, that I forget we are strangers and find it is easy to write this here. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration. I am so glad your dreams have come true hope that life just gets better and better for you and your family.

  10. what a lovely post!! : ) and congrats to you and your family – i’ll be rooting for ya!!

  11. What a beautiful reminder to hold on to our dreams.

  12. That’s two votes for ELO now! They were an original.Yeah, that was the feeling of overcoming that seemingly mountain of obstacles life kept handing us. It felt so good just to be moving on with the potential to get that new house. This post was also dedicated to many of my regular followers, with what I saw as their dream or calling. Did you see yourself in there? Thanks for coming by our beach SSM!

  13. ELO needs to make a comeback! Congrats on spiffing up the house and overcoming so many other obstacles. This was a truly inspiring post! The newborn pics are adorable…

  14. Yes, I’ll never look at that song the same after that day in the lounge chair. Its special now! And I know you know what it feels like to accomplish a goal or dreams but who would have thought you old enough to like ELO? 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Fantastic post! Congrats on making it! Yay! And I’m a HUGE fan of ELO…so fun to hear them here : )

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