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In a day of surprises

Last night, while we all were all eating, a UPS truck pulled up in front of our house. It was apparent they had something for our house. But what was it?

I joked right away, “oh that’s some Big Beer from Texas. Laura Hayes said she was going to send some in a comment just after I posted about buying and selling our house. “

You know what? I called it!

One of my original followers and long-time friend of the family, Laura Hayes has a heart the size of Texas. She sent up 6 beers that were made in Texas. Plus a bottle of (Texas) ‘Rangers Home Run Red’ wine, only available for sale in Texas. Home Run red wine, eh? I gave my wife a wink and hoped I could score a Home Run some night this week.

If I can give a shout out here, Laura is actually the mother to our very first nanny, Jessica Hayes. Jessica came on at a very special time in our lives.  Not only was she a great nanny but she was an great amateur photographer and filled both ours and her mother’s house up with adorable pics of our very first child, Dylan.

Laura took our miracle daughter to heart. This lady sent gifts to Dylan in the mail, including some great educational books and learning materials for our daughter. And you may know the results of these investments!

Laura quickly became part of the wonderful list of  ‘grandmothers’ to Dylan. We had a grandmother type name for her. Dylan would try to pronounce Laura but it came out, ““wa wa” . And the name stuck. Ms. Laura became Grandma Wa-Wa.

We had the honor of meeting this nice lady one time in a visit that was too short. But we thought it would be one of many more. Her daughter, Jessica, has moved back home to Texas to continue her photography and go back to school I believe.

Jessica, was awesome in her own right. She was great with Dylan and completely relieved us as parents as to how good a teacher and role model a nanny could be.

However, what I really remember and truly miss, and unfairly to Jess, was her ability to make her professional looking videos for us. FLIP video is such a drop off compared to the magic an creativity Jessica possesses…

Here is a sample of Jessica’s work (in case any of you would like to hire her)

A video summarizing Dylan’s first year:

A video showing Dylan’s 2nd birthday and the present of a new baby sister, Skylar:

Or get your tan oil and and your favorite boat drink and travel with us on  our getaway to someplace warm on Valentines trip:

Ms. Laura sent a cordial letter with her intoxicating package that stated she also sent us something from Target. I felt bad, as we have never received any gift from her for Target. What should I tell her?

And then I opened the days mail and there was a gift card that would just about cover….ah…

Well, I better hold off. I don’t know if I wanna tell the misses about this yet…its that nice!

Thank you so much Laura for your kindness and generosity! We love you!

I will soon be playing “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” upstairs this week!

Other good news, my parents are still in town this weekend and opted to get us a new patio table and umbrella for our anniversary…which isn’t until September. Thank Mom and Dad! Make sure you use it while you are here!

The weather is warmer and we are planning trips to the beach in the weekends to come. Come with us if you are in the area! We would love to have you with us! And our summer vacation is right around the corner. Hello summer!

See? I told you I would try to do better the next post?

To be fair, the prostate results didn’t go as hoped for this afternoon. I have a few more tests to see if the cancer spread anywhere else and then they may have to remove it. So I guess its imperative I ’round the bases this week’! As another blog friend Susie said in her Wild Ride, just more obstacles and U-turns. So with a deep breath I say, “Let’s do this!” Life is short! Opps….sorry… bad saying….Howabout “Its better to burn out than it is to rust”.

That doesn’t really fit either. Oh well, I’ll figure that saying out. Anyone else have one that fits? Does anyone want to hear some poor prostate jokes with little to moderate bad taste?

No, I have these girls to live for and that’s more than enough for me, looking forward. More than enough….

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17 thoughts on “In a day of surprises

  1. Everyone should have a Grandma Wa-Wa in their lives! Lucky you!!

  2. What a surprise! Thanks for your kind words Ms. HH. I enjoy your work and optimistic outlook on things too. ….can’t get enough of those! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. It is always such fun to get surprises and also very touching too. You family sound really special and so do you.

  4. She said you would have to meet her this side of the border for the Texas Tequila; tariffs and such. Amen to family Aunt Sandy! And love fills our cups..or sippies I guess. Thanks for stopping by Aunt Sandy!

  5. It sounds like a great prognosis!
    Thanks so much and the same to you!

  6. I can imagine – hang in there (((HUGS)))

  7. Don’t you love surprises? (Feel free to tell Laura that I, in Nova Scotia, would love to receive free alchohol.) 🙂
    And there are certainly special people that make up a family. People don’t have to be blood/marriage related. I am “Aunt” Sandy to my best friend’s twins as well as Aunt Sandy to my actual nephews. Love is love and family is family. 🙂

  8. Hey Jessica-the-nanny! I wish you could see Dylan now. She has just grown into a beautiful little flower, still the same happy kid she was as a toddler. You have every right to feel proud! She’s super smart, kind, caring, and funny. I would love to take you up on the video offer. Your work was superb! Maybe for our summer vacation. I want to invite you to call some time and talk with Dylan. She would like that but probably not talk too much as that is the way she is on the phone…usually. Now Skylar will talk to you though! 🙂 I hope good things continue to happen in your life. Stay in touch!

  9. Thank you so much Laura! I hope you didn’t mind a little spotlight? You are a gem and we are lucky to continue to have you in our lives! Dylan continues to be the same happy kid she was as an infant. Skylar can be the sweetest kid too wwith a smile that melts hearts. ~ Without Jessica its hard to show you to them in their true light. Dylan is reading so well. Kindergarten will bore her! She’s working on her penmanship know, upper and lower case. And all her education is due in a large part to you and Jess. We have been blessed! Thanks again Wa-wa! xo

  10. Thanks Susie. You are right, I do have an amazing family and the picture of the smiling faces of our 2 little girls is leading me down this path. So together we go! If you get in that hole please email me. We can trade bad cancer jokes. 🙂 Between prostates and breast it could be quite amusing! Your surgery is coming up quick, eh? My doctor seems to be full steam ahead as well. I have some more tests Thurs and review them next tuesday. So you know, he took 12 samples and only 3 had canceer cells in them and thhose 3 ranged from 3% – 10% of the sample. So its not hidious. Like yours, I trust, we just have to address it. Best of luck to you! Are you taking it easy on your doctors? ~ You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  11. Thanks Luanne! the last few weeks were kinda crappy posts, huh? Wait until the prostate joke post! ~ Its the time of the year for changes though. Full speed ahead! Thanks for dropping by!

  12. Thanks Diana! I think you are one of those ‘good people’ too. I really do. I am working on the positive attitude. Like I said earlier, my resevior for handling bad news needs replinished currently. It has been challenged oveer these past two months.The doctor sounds very hopeful. So I am just trying to take it in stride. Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

  13. I’m so sorry about the test results, Andy. I’m keeping you in my prayers. I like what Diana wrote above about your positive attitude and good sense of humor–so true. And you wrote a great post that makes up for the past few weeks haha.

  14. (smiling) there are some real good people in this world. I love the surprises you got and my thoughts and prayers are with you… I hear a positive attitude and good sense of humour can get you through anything…and it seems to me you have both in abundance!

  15. Jessica on said:

    I received a text from the mother not to long ago, “Look at http://ourlifein3d.com, it’s about you.” I signed on. Read the post, watched the videos, and cried. I love you all so much and miss the family dearly, especially Dylan. I can’t imagine how grown up she is, how beautiful and smart she has become, but to know that some where along the way I helped with that, gives my heart peace. I wish I would have gotten the chance to know Skylar and watch her grow into the beautiful one she is now. I am so happy to read about all that is happening and how your family is just growing in such wonderful ways. Not a day goes by that I dont think of Dylan and the time I got to spend with her, to watch her grow, to teach her. Having the opportunity to be her nanny was such a remarkable honor. If you ever want another video made, send me some pictures and the details (you know the drill). I will make one up and send it your way! Love you all so very much. May God continue to bless you with the family you deserve.

    The Nanny,

  16. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you Andy. This is Laura and I’m glad that you got everything. My name from Dylan was “wa wa”. I miss hearing that. I’m glad you are finally in the house. Get Dylan and Skylar a little something from me! -Enjoy and thanks for the kind words.

  17. I am sorry to hear your results, but with your positive attitude, you’ll nuke it in no time. You have an amazing family and support system which is everything.
    Whenever I have gone down “the hole” I think of the Boston Marathon and how some were maimed while others never came home. And now we have Oklahoma. It puts it in perspective.
    We’ll soon be on the other side of this and will be stronger because of it.

    We can go through this together. My surgery is the 31st. Hang in there man!

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