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What’s Your Blues Name?

The Winter storms give you the Blues?

Tired of being stuck inside or all bundled up?

Your kids need  a break?

This post has always been one my favorite posts. It silly fun and  down home bluesy.

This table tent comes from my favorite local restaurants, Sticky Fingers.

We would match our initials on thenames on the flyer to find our true Blues persona and then procede to call each other our Blues Name the rest of the afternoon


My Blue’s alter-ego is “Fat Sugar Lee“.

 “What Is Your “Blues Name?”

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11 thoughts on “What’s Your Blues Name?

  1. Jailhouse Legs! Perfect! the way you like to Salsa your legs around like a jailbreak! 🙂 I am not getting fatter, maybe more sugary! ….sweetie 😉

    Have the best week Maria! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. I wish but those are too expensive, so I bought a cheap app for my 2ds that has virtual instruments, I havent tried it much yet.
    and you fellow Fat, what instrument do you play?

  3. Jailhouse Legs Allison reporting for duty! Hope you are not getting fatter of more sugary.

  4. I like it! What instrument do you play Fats?

  5. Thanks Surprise Big! Have a Fun weekend! Thanks for dropping by 3D

  6. Fat Davis its ok.
    Now we need to make a band and play.

  7. So what should I call you …Boney Parker or Fat Davis? Neither is boring when you put one of your drawings of your self with one of those names. Kinda amusing if yo think about it…as it should be ~ Thanks for playing along Ms. Aurora. I hope your day is a great one!

  8. I have a bunch of names, but lets see, the boring legal one I just renew the id for… “Boney Gumbo Parker” meh, even that one gets boring, “Fat Bones Davis” sounds much better.

    This game is fun.

  9. Perfect! ….part of the Jefferson Gang. ~thanks for dropping by and playing along Pretty! 🙂

  10. I love all these silly things…mine is Pretty Killer Jefferson! LOL

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