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My girlfriend

I have a confession to make.

I have a girlfriend. (shhhhhh) Yep, that’s right. She is thee Best! In fact we even went out on a date last night and I am not to afraid to tell you about it because we had such a GREAT time! We always do! Actually, we had a few rendezvous’ Saturday. Our dinner date was just the topper.

We regularly share a special moment each morning on my way to work (and her way to school) and I always try to make some time for her at the end of the night and ‘give her a kiss and tuck her in.’ She smiles when I do this of course and tries to think of any and all reasons for me NOT to leave her and say good night at the end. She is quite good at this actually.

Here is a copy of the last precious mail she sent me earlier this week:

daddy's card

Can’t see it too good? That’s because she is generally soft-spoken in nature. A real jewel but soft-spoken.  She is asking me if I want to share an ice cream sandwich with her. Can you make out a ‘I love you’ there towards the bottom?

Earlier in the day we had talked about upcoming summer getaways, where we would like  to go, when,  where and we also looked at some pictures of some paradise, envisioning her and her other two favorite girls coming along with us! Nice! It was fun to imagine. The plans are still in the works.

So, last night Mom’s stomach was full at dinner time and she said “why don’t you all fend for yourself”. Seeing a golden opportunity, I quickly asked my girl friend if she would like to go out on a date. All smiles, she nodded her head Yes!

Our youngest wanted to stay with Mom so off I ran out the door for a cozy date at her favorite watering hole.

We had a great time! No, the best once-in-a-lifetime time! So good in fact that I couldn’t keep this special time all to myself. So, if you can keep a secret, here are some pics from our date:

date 3


date 2

All this while we were waiting for our dinner to be served. We had a blast. Everyone should have a girlfriend like the one I got!

And this date was just the topper for the day. I mentioned how we went on another outing or two Saturday. One of our dates was to the Circus in town. We had a special time there at’ the Greatest Show on Earth‘. It was Ok!  (future blogs are in the mix).

Yes, we hit the circus on a prearranged date, along with my other girlfriend:


One can only wonder, ‘How good can this get?’

After the circus we went out to my favorite BBQ spot, the succulent and saucy Alabama BBQ of Jim and Nicks. It was D-Lish! (shhhh, it had been my secret wish to go there the whole time!)

We had such a good time everyone went home to bed afterwards…. And took some naps. I can really tire my ladies out!

Have a great week everyone! Pencil in a date with your special someone(s)!

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20 thoughts on “My girlfriend

  1. That was the sweetest message ever. What wonderful memories! You have beautiful girls!

  2. Yup she is so cute 🙂 same to you!

  3. Oh certainly their being happy has a lot to do with my mental health and well being! I just love cutting up with them and they are great sports with a high tolerance for Dad too. Yes, we all benefit! I hope you are doing great! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The truth be told, my oldest does try to keep it a secret from her mother when she is planning a date with me. It is too cute. Mom doesn’t mind of course. I see what you mean where somebody pointed out that this sets the stage for future dates. I may have to set the standards a bit higher…hmmmm? Thanks for dropping by our lil date Ms. Aurora! Always great t hear from you!

  5. Thanks Ms. Lulu! I was lucky with the pics. I am not usually a good ‘selfie’ or good smiler. Yes, these dates with my girls are very important to me! I hope you are doing well! thanks for dropping by…

  6. Thanks Sandy! We had a great time. So much so that the old lady sitting beside us had to comment on us having fun too. ….it was kinda creepy! But she scored a balloon for Dylan at a nearby birthday table. Lots of fun! Come join us next time… I hope you are doing well..

  7. Thanks Karen. I cherish making the memories too. I hope ol WP stays around long enough so we can come back and reflect on these years for now. Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by…

  8. Isn’t she so cute? I take her everywhere with me. Thanks for your kind words! Have a great week!

  9. Oh I am the lucky one Ms. Jessica, to have two young ladies that are such great young gals and easy to love. I hope you are doing well! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks Maria! They are precious, huh?And I was kinda proud that I was able to catch them on a decent ‘selfie’ or two. I hope you are doing great! Sorry I haven’t been out and around lately. I always enjoy hearing from you mi amiga! Have a great week!

  11. (Sniff, I am thanking you and sharing your tears) Thanks for your kind words Diana! I appreciate it. These girls are easy to treat nice. And they better be treated nice like this by future males! thanks for letting me know. I may have to set the standard higher now…thanks for dropping by Diana! I know you are a proud parent of some great kids too!

  12. So incredibly sweet, I love it. Your girls having a great relationship with their dad is so wonderfully healthy for their over all mental health and future well-being. Very happy for them, and for you.

  13. As said in a comment before, dads are the first and a base guideline of how things should be. Youll see as they grow up, and if you observe carefully, you can find the differences with other girls. Maybe they will go their own way and it will feel like they contradict you, but its not really like that.

    I hope they dont get jealous of each other, wife and two girlfriends.

  14. Daddy daughter dates are very important for little girls…the pics are great!! Loved this!!!

  15. Adorable story, Andy. She will remember these dates when she’s older. 🙂

  16. Sweet! Cherish the memory!!

  17. Your girlfriend is tooo sweet and cute 🙂

  18. She’s really cute, too! Your girls are lucky to have such a great dad. 🙂

  19. How incredibly precious! Daddy’s little girls!

  20. I love this story Andy because I believe that Daddies are the first men to love their daughters and thus teach them by their actions how they should expect to be treated by men. (wiping my tear away) You’re a good Dad.
    Diana xo

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