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DYLANism: Was that a trick question?

The other day at the book fair mommy bought Dylan and Skylar one of those discovery books, The X WHY Z Book Of Understanding. It is a cute book designed for youngsters to help them understand why certain things work the way they do but also foster the understanding that for everything there is a reason. Make sense?

For instance, on one page it talks about why we get goosebumps, why we have eye brows and why we have boogers…Yes, it says boogers!

So Mommy likes to read these to  the girls but sometimes will ask them why FIRST just to get them thinking about it. So she asks Dylan, “Why do skunks stink?

Dylan enthusiastically chimes in right away with the right answer, “Its because Skunks don’t wipe their butt! No animal wipes their butt and that’s why they stink! Hey mommy, was that a trick question?


Thursday morning I was getting ready for work and Dylan was sitting on the chair where I sit and tie my shoes. She was playing with those foam, skin colored cups that mommies sometimes where when their shirts are too thin and someone may see through them.

So I explained to Dylan what the cups were for (or at least what I THOUGHT they were for. I still can’t figure out all this girlie-girl stuff). So Dylan gets a grin and decided to put them in place under her shirt.

I smiled and went along with the idea, looking at my little girl growing up. She maneuvered  them in place, kinda overlapping each other and said, “Nah, I don’t like them. I don’t like the way they look.”

Disappointed she felt that way I helped her take them out from beneath her shirt, sensing some chagrin about attempting this in the first place.

But being the happy and optimistic kid she always has been, she places a cup on top of her head and quips, “But they sure do make a nice hat!


Like Daddy, like daughter!

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4 thoughts on “DYLANism: Was that a trick question?

  1. She is getting a good dose of hygeine right now, like brushing her teeth twice a day (which she doesn’t!) She marvels at our dog’s own lack of hygiene. And yes, she does have her own unique fashion sense, which apparently matches your Ms. Ruby Toes. Thanks for dropping by SSM. Always great to hear from you….

  2. I’m with Miss Dylan…I’d rather use ’em for a hat. I love her sense of style! And I think she’s on the right track with the animal hygiene issue…

  3. The book says boogers are made by Mucus (sticky stuff) in your nose used to catch germs, dirt and dust.

    Dylan just shrugged her shoulders, disappointing as I know mommy picked this one to go over the first night…pardon the pun. She says, I just know they make it hard to breath at night.

    Thanks for chiming in Luanne! I hope you are doing great! Have a great week..

  4. Luanne on said:

    OK, I’ll bite. Why do we have boogers? I’ll take 2 answers. One from the book and one from Dylan.

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